Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We love a good deal, so much so, that we will stand outside at auction freezing our buns off so we can come home with some good finds! Katherine, who consigns with us, and I went to Crumpton last Wednesday. I wore 3 shirts, a sweater and coat, plus long john style pants under my jeans, wool knee socks, fleece lined boots, hat, gloves, scarf, and mittens over my gloves..... all in the name of good finds! I came home with a truck full, and scored a great dresser, a nice chair, some mirrors, an adorable vanity stool and some other odds and ends. Katherine got 2 gorgeous French style twin beds for her guest room. Here is a pic of us someone was kind enough to take.... It was hard to tell if we were smiling because our faces were frozen!!! Oh, they also have the best PA Dutch restaurant there with some good food, plus home made ice cream (which I partake in during the summer!!) and candy, so I was able to bring my kids home some smarties and swedish fish!

More pics from Deborah!

I couldn't fit all the pics in the last post, so here are some more!

Deborah's Custom Order

Back in November, I completed the largest custom order to date. It included a dining set, dining hutch, vanity, desk and chair, filing cabinet, and some other odds and ends. Deborah was kind enough to send me pictures of her home before and after.... Check out the difference a little paint can make! Her place looks fabulous and so fresh, and she found the greatest chunky crystal knonbs for her pieces!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hall of Photos!

If you are looking fro a great way to display some more family photos, you need to check out fragment freaks on ebay. They are an ebay store and have some of the best frames made from old molding with old chippy paint, in a variety of colors. They also have frames made from ceiling tile, candlesticks made from old ballisters, and more! I happen to know that they sell to the most famous Shabby Chic-er out there for her boutiques, as well, but you can find it at their ebay store for a bargain price. Here is the hallway in my own house, plastered with their frames! Also, if you saw the icy blue sideboard in my dining room, the candlesticks are from them as well.

Dining Room

This room is probably one of my favorites in the house! Our dining table has a nice rustic feel to it and gives the room weight with its dark finish. It's from Crate & Barrel. I paired it with some chairs I painted white and distressed and upholstered in a celery green and linen colored damask as well as a bench made of barnboard on the opposite side. There is also an icy blue sideboard, green dresser, and green and white bookshelf that I painted in here. I also have a few pieces I purchased already painted, such as a blue child's windsor chair paired with an old coffee table that houses some vintage quilts and a neat doll dresser. In the corner is a child's vanity paired with a chair I painted, an old shutter, another great painting by Carey, and a petite cupboard made from barnboard. I love the mix of colors and items in this room. We like to hang out and play play-doh here as well!

Living Room

This room boasts the only nicely and properly refinished vintage piece in my house! My brother refinished the gorgeous drum table that has belonged to my aunt as a wedding gift to my husband, Chris, and me. The white slipcovered chairs and ottoman are from IKEA. I painted the secretary as well as the funky green and white dresser with the tree on it. The funky dresser once had a mirror but it was broken, so I used magnet paint to make a magnet/message board for my family. I also framed some family photos in some old windows which makes a great way to display your most treasured memories.

My bedroom

My master (if you can call a teeny bedroom master???) bedroom is kept in blues and whites, which I find to be utterly relaxing! We ordered our bed from, and after much cussing, I got it put together myself. The washstand I use as a nightstand was my first purchase from Luckett's Antique Store in Virginia (now a favorite place of mine!). The blue dresser I painted and decided to keep and just love it. I was also able to repurpose an old mixing bowl stand I had for toiletries right outside our little teeny bathroom door. The white dresser is, dare i say, IKEA. I have a replacement I am working on though, and will post pictures when it's ready and in place! We also have a vintage Bates-style bedspread that is great in the summer, paired with a down comfortor covered in a duvet cover from Pine Cone Hill (Thanks, Emily, for introducing me to their stuff!). I've also included one picture of an antique medicine cabinet I purchased in Crumpton for 5 dollars! What a steal- I love that place! On top of it, there are some really cool numbered bottles my parents gave me for Christmas.

Sawyer's Room

Sawyer's room was kept much more boyish than the rest of the house, and has less painted furniture. It still holds many vintage touches such as the maple bedroom set that belonged to my grandparents, the old painted oars, the antique painted schooldesk we use as a nightstand, vintage styled Lionel train signs, and of course the awesome Mickey Mouse train sign I purchased from Brumwell's Flea Market, in Pasadena , MD (a favorite place!).

My House (and my kiddos!)

I decided to get the ball rolling, I would take pictures in my own home. We would love to receive your own photos to place on our blog of our pieces in your home or even your own creative ideas! Think "rate my space" but on a much smaller scale! I just finished painting my daughter's room, so I am adding that first. As you can see from one of the pictures, she is happy in her pink cottage style room! Also, please note the custom artwork I had made for her room- If you are interested in having something similar made, just let us know! We can contact the artsit and prices start around 100 for the 16 x 20, which is the size that Emmy's is.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We have decided to start a Primitive & Proper blog, just for those out there who might be interested, and for our own good as well! We'd love to get feedback on what types of things you'd like to see on our blog, and hopefully this will also help keep you up to date on the happenings at Primitive & Proper, such as the upcoming Lucketts Spring Antiques Market! Thanks for checking us out and more to come soon.... as soon as I can figure out this whole blogging thing....