Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Day Down!

Well, if you didn't come to the Luckett's Spring Antique Market today, let me just begin by saying that you are missing out! There are SO MANY awesome vendors this year with such incredible goods. I got a chance to go shopping for a bit when it slowed (leaving my husband to fend for himself!) and there was a lot I wanted to buy. I ended up purchasing an old yellow watering can, a letter "S" from an old movie theater for my son Sawyer's room, an old metal cherry picking bicket (I am a sucker for buckets and old metal goods with bright fun colors!), and a garden doodad for my mother and father, who are watching my kids for the weekend.

And if you were one of the attendees today, let me just say thank you! We had a great day with awesome weather and tomorrow is expected to be just as nice. I am posting some pictures from today before we started so you can see that I brought way too much stuff. Thanks again to those who came as I will get to travel home with much less! Hope to see you there tomorrow!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Favorite Shopping Companion

I love to shop- not in the mall, but I love digging for treasures at yard sales, flea markets, antique shops, what have you. It is in my blood. I learned from my mother. As a child growing up in Massachusetts, we ventured to the Brimfield Flea Market (one of the nations largest) usually once a year. My mother always found various pieces of furniture and treasures for our house, while I found little doo-dads and pieces of vintage jewelry. Now that I have a daughter of my own, I am happy to pass the torch!

Back in April, my daughter Emmy came to the Barn Sale with me ( I told her we were going shopping, and I would meet her at the front door as soon as I was ready. She is only 2, so not sure if I was expecting her to go start up the car or what. When I came down to the front door, there she was, dressed and ready to go shopping. She had donned her pink feather boa, pink hat, pink sunglasses, and had her pink purse in hand, and all by herself! She is definitely my blood, and I love her. (This photo was taken by my friend Gail, one of the barn girls, and was taken at the barn sale).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lucketts Spring Antique Market- This Weekend!

Well, the fair is almost upon us and I am READY! over the past few weeks I have posted some pictures of the more colorful, fun, cottage-like pieces. But if you aren't a fan and prefer the classically shabby chic, then have no fear....

Check out this simply gorgeous chest on chest with beautiful original hardware. This is a large piece offering ample storage.

And what better way to shabby chic your living room than with this set of shabby chic lyre tables? White, lightly distressed, curvy, and pretty!

Last, if your little princess needs a sweet little dresser, what about this soft pink petite piece? It has white porcelain knobs and would be perfect for a little girl.

Well, that's it for my attempts to lure you to the fair. Hopefully I have succeeded and will see you there! Remember, Primitive & Proper will be the first booth on the right when you walk in the gate (at least that is what I am told). If anything changes with location, I will post it on the blog Friday night. The fair hours are 10-5 Saturday and Sunday. There are so many great vendors and so many reasons to be there. You may find that oone piece you are looking for, or find that piece you didn't know you needed! Whatever you do, just come, have fun, shop, and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Bee-autiful New Wreath!! Thanks, Kelly!

I ordered a fabulous wreath from Kelly, who lives in the Alexandria, VA area. She custom designed it for me with green hydrangeas (hydrangeas are my favorite flower!), pink roses, cherry blossoms, and for a pop of color, green apples! I actually painted my bench apple green to coordinate after I ordered the wreath. The box arrived Friday and I was so excited to put the crowningglory on my front door. Thanks so much Kelly- I love it! If you like my wreath and would like to order one, you can contact Kelly through her etsy site....

and also check out her blog...

I will enjoy my new wreath all season long, and will be placing another order come fall!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Final Stretch....

10 days left until the 10th Annual Lucketts Spring Antique Market May 30 & 31! I am so excited and so ready- are you? I have to admit I have been having dreams where I am there and no one buys anything. I have to come home with a truck full and cram it back into my little house again, much to the dismay of my husband. So please come! Help ease my anxiety! I don't want to have to bring it all back home with me.....PLEASE!!! You will also be saving my marriage from potential downfall. ;)

This week's featured item that will be making the trip to Luckett's with me is the cutest set of 4 dining chairs. They have been painted a soft celery green, and lightly distressed. They actually are part of an entire dining set (the china cabinet was already featured). If i didn't already have dining chairs I loved, I would be keeping these! They are so unique with their zig-zag ladderbacks.

See you soon!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

17 Days To Go!!

But who's counting? Not me! I am so excited as the Lucketts Spring Antique Market is just over 2 weeks away now! I've just picked up a couple of GORGEOUS dressers that I will be painting to bring with me- they will be classically shabby chic! But I will also have plenty of the quirkier, fun pieces as well. For example......

Check out these 2 brightly colored, petite pieces that both offer storage, function and a splash of color! The green petite chest of drawers is perfect to use as a bedside table, or add a sink to the top and you've got yourself one unique little vanity. The bright beachy blue cabinet is an old radio cabinet, and opens to a shelf, offering great storage for books, arts and crafts, or any other junk you don't want your friends to know you have hidden! Or if you are like me, before you have friends over you can toss all the junk that was on your countertop into it so that you can uphold the appearance of a good housekeeper, ahem. No matter what you use it for, it will be sure to make a statement!

See you in 17 days!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

24 Days: Lucketts or Bust!

Yes, I am on vacation, but I wanted to share one more reason why you should come to the Lucketts Spring Antique Fair May 30 & 31.

Check out this sweet little dresser, just perfect for a nursery. It has been painted in a baby blue, with buttercream accents. A soft and sweet combo, which actually reminds me of a baby shower cake. Cake? Did someone say cake?? Sounds yummy! My sweet tooth has surely gotten the best of me this vacation....

Monday, May 4, 2009

Seabrook Island

After a 10 hour drive in the car, and 2 days with a sick daughter at the beach house, we FINALLY made it to the beach as a family! I know this isn't related at all to work, but I couldn't resist sharing some pics of the people I love most in the world. My children are now 2 and 3 1/2, and seeing the world through their eyes is amazing. My son, Sawyer, is a mile a minute and loves the beach- jumping the waves with Daddy, digging holes, finding seashells with me, and running every which way. My daughter Emmy, loves playing in the sand and accessorizing properly for the beach with her tote and sunglasses. The entire ride to the beach today, a chorus of "We're going to the beach" rang out from the back seat. It requires a ton of energy to keep up with them, but to capture their innocence, even just for a teensy glimmer of time, is truly a miracle. Hope you are all well and dreaming of your own vacations to come!