Monday, June 29, 2009

Our First Press!

We were thrilled when Apartment Therapy Dc contacted us to do an article about little old us! I am attaching the link below....
After you have read the article, and if you have read the comments, I would like to take this chance to respond.
The very first comment was posted as such:

"Really, I was excited when I read the words before I clicked through the pictures. It doesn't look like they sanded at all. If I wanted a piece of furniture that looked like that, I would pick one up free off of Craigslist and half ass it myself. Except it appears they are also camping Craigslist, so I guess the question of why all the free furniture is already taken has been answered.
posted by desertacacia"

Well, desertacacia, here is what we have to say. The pictures you saw in the before shots are called "before" for a reason. The photos were taken before any work was done to them. If you have never painted furniture before I will be happy to outline the steps.... First you remove all hardware and fill any holes or cracks or scracthes that need filling. Also if repairs are necessary that should be done at this point of the process. Once everything is filled, repaired, you must sand the piece to remove the old finish. You can also strip the piece, but sanding is just as efficient when you are painting the piece. I would highly recommend using an electric orbital sander. Once the piece is sanded, you may prime it. Oil-based primers are our choice as they are much stronger and more durable than latex primer. After the piece has been primed with 1-3 coats of primer, you may paint the color of your choice, with at least 2 coats. Once it has been painted you may distress if you wish, and antique if you wish. Sealer or protective wax is also recommended to make the finish more durable and easier to clean. So, desertacacia, if you'd like to "half -ass it" you may do as you wish,m but if you'd like to paint professionally as we do, then I would recommend you follow the above steps.

On a side note, I am not a bitter person, but bitter people get my goat. Why must you rain on someone's parade simply because you yourself haven't gotten up the nerve to participate in the parade yourself?

To all others, thank you so much for your immense support and kind words! We are thrilled with the article- thanks to Colleen for writing it!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let Your Imagination Run Wild....

.... and let your budget stay in tact!

Every once in a while I realize I have so many projects that I just don't want to even think about it! I tend to buy a little too much sometimes..... just ask my husband! I am out of control! So we've added a new gallery to the website full of do it yourself projects. Get your creative juices flowing and make them what you want! Release your inner artist!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time for Business

As many of you know, Theresa (my partner) and I are stay at home moms. Primitive & Proper was born out of passion for recycling antiques, and a need for playdates! We had a "meeting" today to discuss some of our business issues (more on that soon!) and decided to take a picture of what our meetings look like, so you can see. We each have 2 kids pictured above. And if you notice the laptop in the left of the picture, that's where we discuss our important business matters, amongst the ruins of toys, crumbs, maybe some spit-up. We just thought you might get a laugh when you saw what it was really like on this side!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Months of hard work all lead up to one whirlwind weekend! Now it is over, and boy am I tired?!? So now what, you may be wondering. Well of course our website will be continually running, and we will be having a sale in July in Severna Park, MD. So keep an eye out for dates, times, and details!

Again- many thanks to those who came out this past weekend to the Lucketts Spring Antique Market and helped to make it a great success for us. We will definitely be there again in the same spot so you can't miss us!

OK, I am off to put my feet up....