Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Customize It!

We are now offering a special new service where you can pick from some pieces we have on hand to be custom painted for you. So many times we have been asked if something could be repainted, or we've heard "I love that piece, just not the color" or "I wish it wasn't distressed" and so on! Well, now is your chance to have a piece painted just the way you want it! Look at our online gallery at our new "Customize It!" album and you will see some pieces available with price ranges as prices depend on what you want done and what hardware you prefer. The thing is, you must act fast because we will be working on these pieces, so they may be painted faster than you can say "Paint it RED!" Here are some pieces you can have custom finished NOW!

Friday, August 7, 2009

West Annapolis Green Market This Sunday August 9!

Sunday August 9th is this weekend! And do you know what that means? It means that on that very day 31 years ago, I met the world for the first time, and on that very day 4 years ago, I met my son Sawyer for the first time. Looking back on the 4 years since he was born, so much has happened in my life to lead me to where I am now. We were living in Slidell, Louisiana when he was born. A short two weeks after his birth, we loaded up our dogs, our newborn baby, and our worldly goods (which didn't amount to much) and headed out of town as Hurricane Katrina made a beeline for us. We thought we would be gone a few days, but a few days became a couple months. Sawyer and I stayed in Maryland with my parents while my husband Chris went back to our house to assess any damage and work. We were very forunate to have not lost anything as flooding stopped a half mile from our home. We lost some trees and had to get a new roof, but we were the lucky ones. I remember driving home finally, and seeing as we travelled along the highway the way the landscape changed as we drew closer. I also noticed how much the landscape of Louisiana had changed. Driving back through town, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I knew at that point that our house was ok, and our family was ok, but seeing first hand the devastation in the town we lived in, the loss that so many of my friends and their families faced, it was heart wrenching. That experience taught me several things. Most importantly, I learned that home is where your family is. When we had the chance to move closer to my family, we took it! We moved to Severna Park, and have worked on making our house more homey, but the bottom line is that with my family here, I am home. And of course in a very roundabout way, all of this led to the early days of Primitive & Proper. We believe that your home should be a place you love and should reflect your family, and strive to create pieces you will love because they remind you of home, or give you some nostalgic warm fuzzy feeling.

But I digress..... Boy do I! I planned to post an advertisement for the Green Market this Sunday as I will be there, and meandered a little off the beaten track. Anyhow, here is the information....

I will personally have lots of great painted door panels, hook racs made from architectutal salvage, burlap pillows, and more! Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We Want Candy!!! Daily Candy!

A huge thanks to Daily Candy who wrote a cute little article about us! We were so excited when they contacted us and aked if they cold feature Primitive & Proper. Of course, we let out an emphatic "YES!". You can see the article here....

We have had a huge response from this article, so many thanks to Daily Candy and its readers for their support. We hope we can help you bring that bit of down home comfort to your glamorous city digs!