Sunday, September 27, 2009

Retail Therapy???

I have known many people in my time who head to the mall or online shopping when life gets rough. I am quite the opposite- I feel the need to clear out, purge, and organize! This past weekend, my husband was out of town, my daughter got the flu, our roof that we just had fixed started leaking again, and we had a power outage. Of course the power went out while it was already dark outside and I had my 4 yr old in the bath! So in all this mess, I had this overwhelming desire to rid myself of some of the clutter.... I have just posted a few ads on Baltimore's Craigslist for lots of shabby chic accessories, rugs, a table, and more! Check them out and maybe you will find yourself a bargain!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Get Inspired!

We want you to send us pictures of your decorating projects, and show us how you used furniture or home decor purchased from Primitive & Proper! We are just hoping to give our clinets a chance to showcase their own personal flares for decorating, and in doing so, inspire others! So please send your photos to

Catherine recently purchased a blue vanity and a white dresser from us. Check out the stenciling she added to the dresser- what a great way to personalize it! She was also nice enough to send pictures of her bed (the headboard is piece of iron found at The Old Lucketts Store), and her nightstand (also purchased at The Old Lucketts Store). She also has a fantastic display of vintage fashion ads which add interest and color to the room. This room is so soothing, and relaxing in a soft shade of blue from Benjamin Moore. I know I could fall asleep happy if that were my room! It looks fabulous, Catherine! Thanks for sharing!

We look forward to many more client photos to share!