Friday, May 28, 2010

The CSI Project Paint Challenge Top Ten!

Recently, I entered The CSI Project's Paint Challenge. The CSI Project is the brainchild of a few creative and talented bloggers out there, and it's meant to be a plase to "create, share, and inspire". I entered this sideboard was picked by guest judge Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick to be in the top ten! I am so excited! There were so many awesome projects, so to be in the top ten is really special. Check out this amazing and truly special project from the winner, Julia. It is a heartfelt and sweet project.
Also in the top ten was a room by Londen, who I follow and is a follower here. Check it out here! And below is a glimpse at her project! Congrats, Londen!

If you haven't visited The CSI Project, check them out! Next week's challenge is "Hardware Store". No idea what I will do yet- Emmy and I will be headed to our favorite local hardware store on Tuesday looking for inspiration!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

I am SOOOO excited about this project. I may just pee my pants before I get through writing! Ok, so I am 31 and do have control of my bladder so maybe not, but I am T-H-R-I-L-L-E-D!
My parents gave me this old pine stereo cabinet to paint and sell as they didn't have any need for it anymore. I wasn't sure what I would do with it, so it sat in storage waiting for the light to hit me.

Now let's backtrack to Christmas '08, when Santa gave Emmy an adorable retro red kitchen, that was just perfect for our playroom. Apparently the elf in charge of quality control was sleeping on the job the day this baby was made, because just a year and a half later, 3 doors had broken off beyond repair. I was devastated because it had looked so perfect, but just couldn't withstand normal kids play. I really didn't want to purchase a plastic kitchen, as I just don't like to have too much plastic in the playroom. We are getting ready to paint the playroom this weekend and do some other work on it, so it was the perfect time to introduce a new kitchen. (Enter Pine Cabinet Stage Right).

The pine piece is actually a little taller than the other stove top on the red kitchen, so hopefully it will grow with Emmmy. I stripped all of the "kitchen-y" hardware off of the red kitchen and reused it on the cabinet. Here's the sad red kitchen.... Buh-Bye!

Meanwhile, I painted the pine cabinet to coordinate with the new color scheme of the playroom- turquoise, lime green, and red. I painted the panels of the doors with chalkboard paint just for fun. Since the playroom has to stay gender neutral, I painted the inside pink so that Emmy could have some of her favorite color in the room. The only thing left to add is the kitchen sink, but I need a jigsaw for that, so I am waiting for my Dad to come Saturday morning with that and it will be complete. Here is the cabinet now (and it fit perfectly in the same spot!) plus one picture of Emmy's ecstatic face with her new kitchen! And yes, she is wearing a Cinderella ball gown on a 90 degree day!

Updated: Jen asked me to post this to the CSI challenge this week. I already entered. so not sure if I can, but I will. This is just my disclaimer! :) The items purchased for this project that came from the hardware store were the chalkboard paint, as well as the painted used on the exterior and interior, and the primer. everything else was on hand! Also, since these photos were taken the jigsaw was used to cut the hole and add the sink. yay! So linking this to....
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Curtain Dilemma

My neighbors behind me have a light they like to keep on at night.... a bright light.... a really bright light. So bright in fact that Sunday night I was ill, fell asleep at 9, woke at 11 and thought that I had slept 13 hours because it looked like daylight in my room. It took me a minute to realize it was their uber bright light. My husband hung a towel over the window that night just so we could get some sleep. Though the towel was functional, I am not sold on its aesthetics. So, a-shopping for some curtains we will go! Right now we have some shades and then a crinkly voile panel on each window. I love the look, but clearly it's not working. We need something with a lining. Here is what the room looks like now with its new crisp white bedding.....

I am considering a few options for the curtains and will be painting the room at some point this summer. At least that's the plan! It will be painted either a soft gray or a neutral white if I can find "the right white". So that being said, I would love to hear your opinions. Another thing to consider is that our windows are small- only about 24" each. So I am wondering if I should stick with one panel per window like I have now to save money, or just go for it and get two per window and a long curtain rod to make it look like the windows are bigger. Please comment with your thoughts!
I love these curtains from Anthro (I really love the beach bucket ones with the seahorse!)....

And these from West Elm (my husband prefers the solid color panels, but told me to do whatever I want)....

And these from Pottery Barn...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank-You to Emmy's Teachers

Emmy, my 3 yr old, had her last day of school for the year last Thursday, and a program to wrap it all up. She goes to school at a local church, so some of Jesus' teachings are Incorporated throughout the lessons. My daughter, clearly loves the song, "Jesus Loves the Little Children" as it was one of the songs the class sang at the program. Emmy has a very high pitched and squeaky little voice and she pretty much took it away on this one! She was front and center for the program....

She has thoroughly enjoyed her first year and especially loved her teachers. I also loved her teachers- they were so sweet, and so personable with each of the children. We contributed monetarily to a group gift from all the families, but since these teachers were extra special to us, we wanted to do something special for them. Remember these candlesticks I got at the flea market for $1 each?

Well, I asked Emmy what color she'd like them to be for her teachers. Naturally, she chose pink. So i got to work sanding, priming, and painting them, and found an awesome teacher quote to go with it. I tied a tag onto each with the quote written on it....
"A teacher is like a candle- it consumes itself to light the way for others."

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(Linking to this party though I think it is more the power of words!)

Lucketts Whirlwind Weekend

I survived my third Lucketts Spring Antique Market this past weekend, and what a wet, but wonderful time it was. This year, my pal Emily who consigns with me, was there to help, sell, and keep me company. Here we are pictured in front of our booth. (Pardon the picture- I think I asked the wrong dude to take it for me...).

Emily has been a long time-client, recent friend, and more recent consignee. This market was her first, but at the end of it, she was already planning for next year, and repeating, "I can't wait!". It was so great to have her by my side, or be huddled under an umbrella with her! Here are some pictures from our set-up before the customer rush was allowed through the gate Saturday morning.

Saturday was beautiful. We couldn't have asked for better weather until about 4 pm when it started raining. It didn't stop raining until Sunday afternoon, but that didn't stop the customers. They still came out, even in the rain!
Another highlight for me, was meeting fellow bloggers and some of those who actually take the time to read this little ol' blog. I was so excited to meet Marian, aka Miss Mustard Seed, and see her work in person. Her work is amazing, as I am sure you all know, but she is just as warm and adorable as you could imagine! Here is a picture that her dad took for me of us. That's me on the left, and Marian on the right. She was so funny- she thought the weather was bad for her hair, but it looked so adorable in her do-rag with a little curl sticking out in the back. My hair usually is pretty flat and straight, so the humidity actually gives it more life! It was so awesome to meet one of the most creative and inspirational furniture bloggers out there!

I didn't get a chance to take pictures around the show, and I wish I had. There were some amazing sights to be seen, and it was jam-packed full of awesome vendors. I did manage to get a little shopping in, and will have to show you my purchases later.
Thanks to all of those who came out, rain or shine, to do a little shopping, spend time with friends, and enjoy the Lucketts Spring Antique Market. And thanks for making Primitive & Proper's third year there our greatest success yet! I am sending you all big virtual heartfelt hugs! Oh, and also, thanks to my parents for watching my kids, and my husband for putting up with me and being the manual labor of the operation. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Outta Here! and Thanks for the Awards!!

Just wanted to take a quick moment to thank Rebecca of This Present Life, and Jen of Piney Flats Style for for the Versatile Blogger Award and the Trendy Blog Award!
With the Versatile Award, I am supposed to list 7 things about myself, and with both I am supposed to pass on. There are too many blogs that I love and bloggers I adore, so I am going to skip passing it on, but I will list some things you may not know about me....

1. I watch Ghost Whisperer on a weekly basis. I just found out CBS cancelled it, but thank goodness ABC picked it up!
2. I live in a small house with hardly any workspace, and no garage, and dream one day of owning a refurbed old house complete with a garage and barn or carriage house.
3. I wish American Idol had been around when I was 17. Oh yes, I would have tried out!
4. I was named after a witch in "Dark Shadows". For those young folk out there, it was a soap opera about vampires and witches that was around in the early 70's. My mom watched it when she was young, and saved that name- when I was born in '78, I inherited it.
5. My favorite food is Mint Ice Cream from any creamery like Maggie Moo's with Oreo in it. YUM!
6. In highschool I used to wear vanilla perfume and some friends nicknamed me "Cupcake" because I always smelled like cake. I am not sure if that was good or bad.
7. Now that I am a mom, I understand what it means to love someone so much it hurts.

Now, I am heading out of here tomorrow for the Lucketts's Spring Market! I hope to see you there and I promise to take lots of pictures! And I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Get out and do something you love with someone you love!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Protecting Our Children

This post is completely off subject for me, but last night I had a meeting at my church for VBS volunteers (I am helping out at VBS this summer) about sexual abuse of children. We watched 2 videos, and I just was so bothered by them. Did you know that 1 in 8 boys and 1 in 4 will be sexually abused by the time they reach 18? As a mom, this fact breaks my heart. The video we watched showed actual children who had been victims talking about what had happened to them; most perpetrators were friends from church, babysitters, and family friends. Two actual perpetrators talked as well about how they used to get to the children they molested. I found myself in tears watching this video, my heart breaking for the children who had been harmed, and for the parents who felt such horrible guilt that they had "let" their child be abused. As a parent or anyone working with children, there are warning signs to look for, and steps you can take to stop and prevent it from happening.
I am no expert in this matter, but I found this link.
I am fortunate that I was never harmed as a child in any way physically by anyone I knew. However, when I was 19 years old, I was raped, and by someone I knew. I was a virgin at the time, as I had planned on "waiting til marriage", so in a way, much of my innocence was taken from me. I was in college at the time, so not at home, but when I did go home, my mom, who knows me so well, recognized my signs. I was so angry and I was taking it out on my family. No longer the happy girl I had been, I was sullen, and anti-social. I stopped eating, and lost about 25 pounds. One day she just said, "I don't get it. Why are you so angry all the time." We were standing in the kitchen and I will never forget this moment- it is still so clear to me as the day it happened. It was like a light went on and my mom gasped, "Oh my God, Cassie, were you raped?" I just burst into tears, unable to answer her. But that was answer enough. I never went to therapy or anything like that, and I never pressed any charges because I blamed myself. It took time for wounds to heal, and what got me through it was the love and support of my family. I also met my husband a couple years later, and right from the start he loved me unconditionally, no matter who I was or who I had been in that dark point in my life. I share this story with people now, because I am not ashamed or embarrassed, and I hope that no one ever has to go through what I went through, though statistically I know that is impossible. My hope is that this experience has made me stronger, and will make me more aware of signs of distress in my own children. I felt so alone, and I just couldn't get out of my dark place by myself. I don't ever want my children to feel like that.
I know this post has been extremely personal and totally off subject, but last night's meeting got me to thinking about it. I knew that if there were people out there reading this, they would start to be more aware of signs in heir own children and children they know.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lucketts' Teaser

So this post is going to be short on words, long on pictures! Just giving you a glimpse of what you may find this weekend at the Lucketts Spring Antique Market at the Primitive & Proper space! Enjoy! Can't wait to see you there, and if you are attending, Link up to Miss Mustard Seed's Lucketts' Linky here.

See you this weekend!