Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Becky's Baby's Dresser

Becky was looking for a dresser that could be used as a changing table for her baby (Coming January '11!). I had just picked up this guy from craigslist for $30... including the fantastic huge mirror which will be painted at some other time.

Becky send me some pictures of the decorative accents that would be in the room- lots of fun and playful colors. We settled on "Reflecting Pool" by Sherwin Williams. I got right to work, painting, distressing, and antiquing, and here is the dresser for Becky's bean!

And yes, I know I promised how-to's. My little one goes back to preschool next week and I will have more time. I feel like I need to really concentrate and out everything into those types of posts, rather than just showing you some fun pictures like I am now! So it's a-comin'. Good things come to those who wait!
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Swiss Mocha Dresser

I had my husband pick up this dresser last week on his way home from work (so glad the new company car is a Ford Escape, just like mine, and can fit furniture!). It was gorgeous, solid, and heavy, just needed some refinishing. Here it is before...

I sanded it, primed it with my new favorite KILZ Clean Start (leaves a VERY smooth feeling finish!), and painted it with a Behr mistint that I am dubbing swiss mocha. It reminds me of my favorite Swiss Miss hot cocoa, once I have stirred in my milk. Can you tell I am ready for cool Autumn nights? (And I know the color appears gray green on some of your screens, but it really is in the milky brown family!) Anyhow, while the dresser was being painted, I primed and painted the hardware white. It was in great shape, and silver in tone and pretty as it was, but I really wanted it to pop against the Swiss mocha color. I left the whole piece undistressed for a more modern vintage feel. This one is going to be hard to part with. Even though I don't have much of this brown tone in my house, I am loving the color. What do you think? It was a first time for me using this color, so I would love your feedback!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Target Giftcard Winner!

Ok, so the time has come to announce the winner of the 500 followers giveaway... the lucky recipient will get a Target gift card as well as some fun knobs! And the winner is... as selected by random.org....sorry i don't know how to paste the random.org image here, but you all trust me, right?.... where was i? what are we talling about? oh yeah, the winner is none other than...

JAIMEE of The Accidental Crafter! Jaimee, please contact me to claim your prize!

I hope the rest of you don't feel unappreciated because you didn't win! I appreciate all of you! Thanks so much for all your positive influence and inspiration!

Cottage Charmer

Well, my husband has been away this weekend, so I have had a busy weekend with the kids. After they have gone to bed I have stayed up drinking wine, and watching sad movies... The Last Song on Friday night, and The Time Traveller's Wife last night. PMS is here, too, so you can imagine that I sobbed my eyes out both nights, under the influence of wine. Sometimes it's good to get a cry out though, ya know?
Today, my mom and I took the kids to the Lucketts Community Fair, and I visited with Marian, aka Miss Mustard Seed, and oohed and aahed over her fabulous booth. She is so talented and so nice as well! My little Emmy took a big liking to her! Unfortunately with the kids there it was difficult to shop much, but I did get some cute brown glittered acorn and squirrel shapes I plan to use for some Fall project!
Over the weekend, I also managed to squeeze in some time to work during out afternoon quiet time and just after the kids went to bed. I finished a custom order that I hope to get pictures of soon, as well as 3 dressers. Only one was light enough for me to carry by myself, so that's the one you get to see since my husband won't be back until tonight.
I found this cute little guy at my local Goodwill store for $15.

It had a great scalloped skirt, but needed a little minor woodwork. I had to remove the skirt, and then remove some old nails, glue the skirt back on, and used trim screws to screw it into place. Trim screws are made to recess into the wood you are working with so that you can cover them with wood filler and never know they are there! They have a special square shaped head, so you need a special drill bit to use them, but they are fabulous to use on chairs andother pieces that need sturdying up. I also had to add a drawer support where one was missing. Luckily I had a piece of wood just the right size on hand. I save pieces of wood from all projects, because you just never know when you might need them! Once all that prep work was done, it was sanded, primed and ready to paint. I chose a couple oops colors from my local hardware store that carries Benjamin Moore paint. I chose a white for the top, and an aqua for the base. I painted the knobs out in the white, but once that was dry, I dipped my finger in the aqua and filled in the raied circle of the knob. Then the entore piece and knobs were distressed by hand, and golden oak tain was rubbed all over the piece with a rag to give it a warmer glow and a little vintage charm. Here it is now! It would be perfect for a nursery, wouldn't it?

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Check Out My Curves!

Before I show you a picture of this dresser, let me just tell you that when the bus rolled away this morning with my son on board, a little piece of my heart broke off and went with it. I didn't know it would hit me so hard! I went to the gym and had a very hard cardio workout which made me release endorphins and feel better! And then when he came home and got off the bus, elation!

Anyhow...I picked up this dresser earlier this week, and it was clear to see this one had been around for a bit.

It had watermarks along the bottom from an evident flood, and needed some serius cleaning. I used some bleach inside the drawers, and then sprinkled baking soda in each of the drawers and let it sit overnight. Then I dusted out most of the baking soda, and wiped the insides of the drawers down with vinegar and water. Since it was already a little rough around the edges, I went with a more distressed finish. It was missing a pull, so I filled holes in the top and made the top two drawers knob-ready. I sanded it, primed it, and painted it with "Reflecting Pool" by Sherwin Williams. I generally prefer the lightly distressed finish, which I do by hand. In the case of this dresser, I decided to really rough it up. By hand that would have taken forever and I may have passed out due to exhaustion, so I decided to put my orbital sander to use. I sanded it all over the edges, curves, and then gave it a general once over to expose the primer in spots. Then I used Minwax Golden Oak stain and wiped on lightly with a rag, replaced the pulls and added very dark red Anthropologie knobs. And here it is now! All roughed up and ready to go!

And don't forget to enter my 500 followers giveaway... if you like Target, that is.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How Do I LOVE Thee? Let Me Count the 500 Ways... and a Giveaway!

Well, I have reached 500 followers, so it's about time for a giveaway! More about that in a minute...
First I did tell you all that I was chopping my hair... again... inspired by Alice Cullen. I am going to show you a picture, bearing in mind that this picture was taken at night with a flash by my husband who cannot take good pictures (he excels at lots of things, but photography is not one of them!), and after a long day of getting ready for Sawyer's first day of Kindergarten and first day on the bus. So I am a little tired, a little nervous, and anxious, but I wanted to share anyhow. So just imagine me on a better day with this 'do. Thank you kindly.

Be honest, but don't be mine. Like I said, I am on emotional edge, so anything you say will be taken personally and could make me cry. ;) Honestly, I love it- it's so much sportier and suits my lifestyle!

And now to the giveaway... THANK YOU THANK YOU for following this little blog of mine. I am honored that each of you takes a few minutes a day to share with me, and to thank you, I did a little shopping. One winner will be chosen, and will receive... drumroll please...

A $25 DOLLAR TARGET GIFT CARD (my most favorite-est store in the whole wide world ever all the days- Emmy says that about things she loves!)
and a few fun knobs from my own personal knob collection! (this was Emily's idea; thanks Emily!)

So, all you have to do to enter is leave me a comment letting me know you are a follower, and I would also love to hear what you'd like to see more of on this blog. I know I need to do a huge how-to post so that will be coming one day soon, but anything else you want to know or see- tell me! I aim to please! And if you can't think of anything, then tell me about your favorite piece of furniture in your home.
Contest closes at 7 pm EST on Sunday August 29. Good luck!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Going Gray

I am not yet going gray luckily, but this little cabinet is! I bought this old music cabinet at the most fantabulous yard sale a couple weeks ago for $2. I mean, really, what can you get for $2 these days? Not even a gallon of milk!

I loved its original hardware and sweet curvy legs, and great storage. I wanted to give it an edgier feel, so I went with Sherwin Williams Peppercorn again. I wasn't sure if I would distress it, but decided that if I did the hints of white underneath (from the primer) would really highlight its curvy legs and drawer. Here it is now... I love it and hope it goes to a good home, because if it doesn't, I may find a place for it!

Oh, and in unrelated hair news, I do have a haircut tomorrow night (no color as I am not graying!) and this is the cut I am going for. (Thank you Alice Cullen from Twilight for modeling the 'do). I can't wait!

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