Thursday, September 30, 2010

POWW Favorites

Hi guys!  Hope you are all ready for the weekend... I know I am!  My parents are taking the kiddos after Sawyer's soccer game on Saturday, and my husband is away, so I will have the day to myself!  Then Sunday I am heading with a girlfriend to the West Annapolis Oktoberfest which is a big craft market.  I am really looking forward to enjoying some fall weather and fall activities.  Just as soon as all this rain stops.
Anyhow, on to my favorites from this week's party.  And as usual in no particular order....  OH AND I WANT TO ADD, IF YOU ARE THE OWNER OF RUSTIC WHIMSY DESIGNS, I CANNOT SEEM TO OPEN YOUR LINK.  HELP!

First is this adorable table from Lenore at Lather.Write.Repeat..  Lenore is a doll, beautiful inside and out, and is pretty handy with paper and Mod Podge.  Just look at this creation she customized for a client- classic, beautiful, but with a touch of paper whimsy!

I couldn't resist this buffet from Kathleen at Between Blue and Yellow.  I love the dark stained top and the painted finish on the base is nicely executed.  Simply divine!

And last, this dresser from Dial M for Minky (Moo).  I died when I saw this because I just finished its twin a while back, and we went in completely different directions, and I love the way hers turned out!

And to refresh your memory, here is what mine looked like.... and yes, they started out life the same!

Alright, that's a rap!  Thank you so much to all of you for linking up your projects this week.  I am having so much fun going through all of them, and so much trouble picking favorites!  You all are way too talented and so diverse!  Keep it coming!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lazy Dollar Store Halloween Decor

First of all, if you haven't entered a furniture project into my Piece of Work Weds linky party, please go to the next post down and link up!  You have until tomorrow night!

Last week I took a trip to my local dollar store to see if I could find any Fall or Halloween decorations.  I found some great little fake carveable pumkpins, and also some eerie black crows.  I bought 3 of the pumpkins and 2 of the birds, and had no plans yet what I would do with them when I got them home.  I have a beautiful wreath I purchased last year at Homegoods on the door, and I wired one little black bird to that.

The other one, I wired to my railing by my entry where my fall banner hangs.

The pumpkins I spray primed and then spray painted with a flat white paint, both of which I had on hand.  I wanted a little extra something, but I didn't want to invest much time.  I had just the thing to jazz them up- a good old sharpie!  And here they are now!

 So for a total of $5 plus tax, I got some cute new decorations!
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Piece of Work Wednesday Link Party Number 3

Wow... has another week really gone by? Fall sure is a busy time. It is my absolutel favorite time of year, and yet it flies by me! Anyhow, onto this week's project from me before I get to see what you have been up to. I picked up this dresser at a yard sale right on my street! I even had Emmy in the car with me at the time, so they brought it to my house. Gotta love neighbors! It was priced at $60, but it was literally up the street- no gas or mileage required-, and they're neighbors. And besides that, isn't it just so pretty with that curvy serpentine front and beautiful mirror? Ok, so you just see the mirror posts in this pic, but trust me... the mirror is pretty!
I sanded it, primed, it and had to find a replacement pull in my stash.  I had one that was a close enough match.  I hemmed and hawed over the color, and decided to keep it very feminine since it had such lovely cuves, pretty carvings, and a mirror.  And what is more feminine than pink?  Here it is now in its new pink loveliness!  I will admit, pink is not my favorite color, so I always hesitate to use it, but I figure some people like pink, especially those with little princesses.

 Ok, and sorry for the poor layout of photos- I really don't like this blogger update at the moment.  So, whatcha got?  Remember the rules!
1. You must be a follower of this here ol' blog.

2. Make sure you post a permalink and not just a link to your main blog page.


4. Please link back to my blog as a courtesy; I will have a blog button soon!

5. Not required, but please be kind and go visit some of the other links.

6. Party on!

Alright, get this party started!
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Emmy's New Dresser

Maybe you remember the dresser Emmy had in her room.  I loved everything about it- the color, style, everything!  I had painted it a while back to sell, and it didn't sell.  So I decided it would be perfect for her room and we used it as a changing table, and it has lasted with us for over 2 years.    But now, thanks to hand me downs from friends and neighbors, and my affinity for yard sales, the child has too many clothes!  We began to run out of space!  Here is a picture to refresh your memory... Isn't it cute?
So I began searching for something bigger.  Last week I went to the auction and found this lovely dresser, and decided to bid.  Lucky me, I got it for $20!  And pardon the sideways picture... I know I could rotate it, but I heaved it out of my car without any help, so the side view just lends to the authenticity of the photo.

I loved the gorgeous hardware.... see?
But as luck would have it, I LOST ONE OF THE BEAUTIFUL PULLS!!!!  I have searched everywhere and cannot find it.  Luckily I save all hardware I remove, so I had something on hand I could use.  I wanted to go a little more blue, and a little brighter with this dresser.  I also wanted to leave it undistressed and just have it very fresh and happy feeling.  Emmy actually wanted blue as well, since "Sawyer has a blue dresser, too!"  Lil sSs wants what Big Bro has.  She and I went to the paint store together and selected Benjamin Moore's "Fairytale Blue".  Actually, I picked several that would work, and then read her all the names.  "Fairytale Blue" was just right up her alley.  I also primed the hardware with Zinnser oil-based spray primer, and then used a glossy white enamel spray paint.  Here is the finished product in her room.  I love how bright and happy the room looks now!  And I apologize that these are not the greatest photos, but it was a rainy day here, and I wasn't getting great light.  And Emmy only has one little window.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

POWW Favorites

Hi guys!  Are you ready for the weekend?  I am!  I have been working on a dresser I hope to show you soon.  I planned to use it in my daughter's room as she needs a little more storage, but the knobs are too far apart and she can't reach to open them. I painted it for her room, but at least now I have the paint color, for when the right piece comes along.  Anyhow, I bet you are all dying to know my favorite projects that were linked up this week!  Aren't ya?  There were so many fabulous projects, and it was hard to choose, but I picked a few I loved.  Without further delay and in random order....

This beautiful striped sideboard from Kacey at A Life of Blue... I don't think I need to say much.  The picture just about saiys it all!
Next, check out this rustic farm style table from Christa at Stories of a House.  She did such a wonderful job making the top appear time worn and rustic, and the painted base is also beautiful.

Last but not least, is this gorgeous chair from Shannon at Hase Haus.  Shannon is relatively new to the blog world but has been working magic for wuite some time with wonderful vintage finds.  She and her husband work as a team, which I think is so sweet!  I actualyl had the chance to meet Shannon a while back when I purchased an awesome glass dark room sign as a gift for my brother who is into photography.  She is super talented when it comes to upholstery, and cute as can be.  Just check out this chair!

Ok, that's it folks!  We are having friends over for a pizza night tonight!  Tomorrow I plan to hit some yard sales before soccer games, and then I have a weekend full of organizing and cleaning.  Not too fun, but it needs to be done!  Adios, Amigos, see you on the flipside of the weekend!