Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Piece of Work Wednesday Link Party Number 12!

Hey there!  Hope you all have been enjoying your fill of leftover turkey!  And sweet potatoes.  And green beans.  And pumpkin cheesecake.  I know I have!  Hope you have made some time during this busy holiday season to work on some furniture projects!
I got this cute waterfall desk for free off craigslist a few weeks ago right here in town.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it.  I had several thoughts running through my head, but when I looked through my hardware, I came across a set of pretty gray-blue knobs from Hobby Lobby.  I contemplated gray but I thought it would be very particular to my taste, and maybe not someone else.  I contemplated mustard yellow, but wasn't sold on that.  I came across a dark brown mistint I had bought at my local Benjamin Moore dealer, and I loved the way it looked with the blue knobs!  My husband actually contributed to picking this color combo, so if you don't like it, you can blame him. ;)  I never take his advice, but I did this one time.  I gave it a slight distressing on the edges, and here it is now!

I think it would be perfect for a young boy's room or a fresh out of college office.  Or add a mirror and make it a vanity!  And boy, someone should rake those leaves.

Looking for tips on how to paint furniture and accomplish other decorative finishes?  You should check out Mandie's E-books.  They will tell you everything you ever wanted to know and then some!
Click here to visit Altard Furniture.

Ok, so show me what you've worked on this week.  FURNITURE ONLY PLEASE!!!!  I don't know how to delete links and I really hare having to leave people comments telling them so.
Rules Schmules....
1. You must be a follower of this here ol' blog.
2. Make sure you post a permalink and not just a link to your main blog page.
4. Please add my button to your post or sidebar.
5. Not required, but please be kind and go visit some of the other links.
6. Party on!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Easiest 10 Minute Snowflake Garland

When I was going through all my ornaments today and decorating the tree, I came across these white glittery snowflake ornaments.

You can get ornaments like this at the dollar store, even Walgreens., and I sure a plethora of other retailers.  My Nana had bought them a long time ago, and when she passed 14 years ago, my mom had pulled them aside for me.  Over the years, we have used them on the tree, or just hanging from curtain rods, but this year as I looked at them I realized I could make a simple garland.  So I headed to the local Michael's and purchased some silver wired ribbon for $1.05 with tax, as it was 50% off holiday ribbon.  All I did was wove the ribbon through the holes of the snowflakes and spread them out as evenly as I could on the piece of ribbon that came on the spool.  And of course then I cut off the original strings that hung them.  This project was super easy- no creativity, talent, or patience required!  When it was all done I tied it to my railing.  Here it is now!  Oh, and the other side of this railing/bench is where our stockings hang, so if you are wondering why "NOEL" is spelled backwards, it's spelled properly if you are looking at the stockings and stocking holders that feature the letters. ;)

And now just for kicks, here is a picture of my children loving each other.  See how the tree inspires mutual affection in the young humans.  Note the arms around one another as a sign of love.
And here are the dogs, enjoying their cozy bed by the tree.  Jake is the white doofy looking one, and Charlie is the brown curmudgeony old man hiding his face from the camera.
 They are spooning.... he he.
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Hi, My Name is Cassie and I am a Vintage Ornamentaholic...

We bought our tree yesterday from the local fire department, where we have gotten our tree the past 3 years.  It's a beautiful Fraser Fir and it smells amazing!  I walk in the front door now and just take in a deep breath..... aaaaaah.  Our kids were SO excited to decorate the tree, and had a hard time letting it rest its boughs overnight.  So today, we got all the ornaments out of the attic, and I strung the lights and the red and aqua beads, and then let the kids go to work.  We have so many ornaments that have made over the years as well as others that have been given to us.  I realized that I had loads and loads of vintage ornaments, not all of which fit on the tree.... I placed some in my china cabinet, and had to put 3 of those plastic ornament tubs full of vintage ornies back in the attic.  I had way too many!  Anyhow here is a look at our tree, with its parly white star that I bought at a vintage boutique (though it is not a vintage star.)  I would love one day to have a tree that is all vintage, but all of our ornaments carry memories of Chrstmases past, and photos of our children in various school years.  I will never be able to let those go.
We put the tree in the sitting room off between our kitchen and dining room.
 I removed the chairs for now, and the dogs have the best viewing seat in the house!
 I added the bench that used to be in our entry so the kids could sit and look at the tree.
 And I added this cute little pillow to the bench.
 Here is the star, oh how I love it!
 Sunlight shining on sparling beads and vintage ornaments.... so pretty!
 Guess who made this ornament last year?
 And this is from 2 years ago, when Sawyer was 3.  Sniff sniff.
 I just love the lights sparkling on the ornaments.

Now here is the china cabinet all dolled up for the holidays!  I kept all my white milkglass in it, and just groupled teh vintage ornaments by color this year.

It's really starting to feel like Christmas now!!!  I will be sharing the rest of my decor later this week as a guest blogger on Designer Garden!
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Friday, November 26, 2010

POWW Favorites!

I was up at 5:15 am, though not to go to any Black Friday sales.  I used to work retail, so I tend to avoid malls in general, let alone on Black Friday!  I do like to shop, don't get me wrong, but I am not my happiest in a mall.  I had to get up this morning to teach spinning, and after yesterday's race, my legs were so sorry I had volunteered to sub that class.  I survived, but man, I am tired!  Tomorrow we will be getting our tree, relaxing, and enjoying the smell of fresh Christmas tree.
Now onto POWW faves!
Well, now, I have got to love this little dresser from Allison at Fab Rehab Creations .  She asked me some questions about a recent dresser I had done, and voila... reproduced it in her own style, and it looks amazing!

Also love this table from Rambling of an Ophelia.  Would you believe that she FREE-HANDED the birds and branches???  Well, believe it!

Lastly, my friend Barb at Knack Studios learned how to link up and joined the party!  If you have not visited her site yet, you need to.  She truly has "the knack" for painting, choosing color, distressing, staging and much more!  She uses some of the best colors, and awesome knobs, too.

That's it folks!!!  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and hope you get to relax a bit as well!  I am actually laying in bed now and watching "The Kids are Alright".  Chris is watching football, so I picked a flick I knew he wouldn't miss.  And I have a huge crush on Mark Ruffalo- that voice!!!  Swoon!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Did It!

I did it!  I turned left! (Tell me you have seen Zoolander!)  If not, you need to- you will get my reference and you will laugh.  Ok, really, what I did was ran my first ever 10K!  I ran this morning in the Camp Letts Turkey Chase.  All the money raised through donations and registration fees goes to putting disadvantaged kids through camp there.  It's a YMCA camp and it is just beautiful and offers wonderful opportunities for those kids.  As for me, I was just really excited to run my first 10K.  I was never athletic in high school, and only recently really started running, so I am by no means what you would call speedy.  But I ran the entire rather hilly, but pretty course on this rainy day, and finished in 1:05:30.  Here I am giving my dad the thumbs up as I approach the finish line!
My mom did the 5K, and she did an awesome job and beat her time from last year.  It was so great to have my parents there to cheer me on as I approached the finish.
We returned to our homes, showered, and then my parents came over for a simple Thanksgiving meal with the 4 of us.  My brother lives in Los Angeles, so he missed coming home, but we look forward to seeing him for Christmas.
I also did one other thing out of my norm today.... a tablescape!  I am usually a plates, silverware, and napkins thrown on the table, and don't put much effort into the actual tablescape.  It's just not one of my major concerns, I guess.  I wanted to set the table nicely for the first Thanksgiving meal we had in this house, but I also didn't really have any money to spend on it, so I used things I already had.

The placemats were all labeled- Sawyer just got a little overzealous with writing the p's and a's in "Papa".

And Emmy did this one, writing "Daddy" at the top after she attempted a series of letters at the bottom that she told me spelled "Daddy".  Maybe in Swahili.

Here is where everything came from....
Brown Paper Placemats- cut from packaging paper I already had, and decorated by my children
Cake Pedestal Centerpiece- Marshall's (in my collection)
Vintage square mirror- bought at yard sale for $5
White burlap square- leftover scrap
Glittered Pinecones- Michael's on clearance 2 years ago
White gourds- leftover from Halloween decor
Clementines- already purchased from grocery store as they are delicious!
Napkins- Wedding gift, tied with scraps from my ribbons
Silver candlesticks- wedding gift
Ribbon around candles- from ribbon scraps
Green plates- our IKEA everyday dishes
Decorative salad plates- Home Goods on clearance for $1.49 each
Wine glasses- made from recycled wine bottles (last year's Christmas gift)
So while some of this stuff has cost me money in the past, I didn't buy anything new to set this table, and was pretty happy with the outcome.  Enjoy this tablescape as you will most likely not see another from me in a long long time.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope that your life continues to be bountiful and blessed.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Exciting Announcement!

I have some exciting news that will effect this blog and its contents in the first half of 2011.  I have been asked to be a resident blogger on The DIY Club!  I am so befuddled with how they came to ask me... I have entered their monthly contests before and been in the top 10, but never won.  I am honored, and so excited!  So how will this effect you and the blog?  Well, I will be posting more crafty and creative tutorials (they will be posted on the diy club site first).  I will be trying to think even further outside the box and hopefully have great tutorials to share with you.  And in case you are wondering just what The DIY Club is, it's a blog that has awesome product sponsored ideas and contests, and is run by these fabulous ladies...

Cheri at....
DIY Club

Jen at...
Join us Saturdays at tatertotsandjello.com for the weekend wrap up party!
Roshell at...
The DIY Show Off
Amy at...

and Holly at...
504 Main
And now meet the team of resident bloggers... and when you see all these fabulous people, you will see why I was wondering how they came to ask me!
Rayann at...
Amanda at...
Crafts by Amanda
Fawnda at...
Mandi at...

Jami at...
Maryann at...

and Gail at...
My Repurposed Life

I just can't believe it and am so honored and excited to be working amongst the likes of all these fabulous ladies!  Be sure to check out The DIY Club and become a follower so you will get the projects I am doing as soon as they are up, rather than waiting for it to be posted here 2 weeks later.  I hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving.  I know when I sit at my table, holding my childrens' hands and giving thanks for family, friends, health and home, I will also be giving thanks to the many bloggy friends out there who have welcomed me into this world.  I look forward to many more happy, inspiring, and creative times with you all.  My life is truly full of joy.  Thank you.