Monday, January 31, 2011

Calling All Locals for TWO Special Announcements!

Hi there!  If you live in the DC area, pay attention! If you don't you don't have to read this... sorry guys!

First of all, my friend Kate from Twenty-Six to Life just signed up frh te DC Race for the Cure 5k being held on June 4th.  I told her I would love to join her and form a team.  Who's in?  Shoot me an email at if you are interested so we can form a team!  I am not fast, and neither is Kate (or so she says...).  Run, walk, skip, sashay... I don't care how you race; just do it!

Secondly, I would love to have a get together of local bloggers... but before I plan it I want ot see how many of you are out there.  I am in Severna Park, MD, and I would possibly have it at my home if there are not a bazillion of us, but firecodes would prevent me if there are tons of us.  SO if there are tons, maybe we could reserve a room somewhere?  IN a restaurant- get your minds out of the gutters!  Who's in?  Email me at

And just because some of you might want a picture on this post... here are two pics from our snow day last week.  I made my kids colored waffles just for fun.  And because we hung out in my bed for a while and saw some rainbow pancakes.  So when we finally strolled out of bed at 10:30 and I realized I didn't have enough stuff to make pancakes, but did for waffles, that's what they got.  Sawyer likes PB on his waffles.  I can't explain that.

Monday Plans and Migraines

I had plans today.  I was going to drop Emmy off at school and have my first full day with both kid in school in over two weeks.  I have an order to work on and I was going to start it.  I as going to mail out Suzanne's giveaway gift, that I was so excited to mail out.  Then, shortly before I dropped Emmy off at school a migraine came on.  So I dropped her off and spend 3 hours in bed, sleeping on and off, chills on and off, and just plain miserable.  I had to find a sub for my spin class this afternoon.  I pick Emmy up and 45 minutes and naturally the migraine is starting to go away after taking away my first totally kid free day.  That's life for ya, huh?  Oh, and looks like school might be closed again tomorrow.

Emmy's New Vanity Revealed!

Want to see how I took this vanity from this...

to this...

with a little bit of this...

Click HERE to visit the DIY club and get the full tutorial!
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

How I Spent My Sunday

Yesterday I showed you my master bedroom closet that I organized.  Today I cleaned out my basement work area (no pictures of that because it is a DUNGEON.  But I also brought all  my craft supplies out to my new little area of the family room. I had not previously stored my crafts where my kids could potentially access them (I had fears of glitter everywhere!), but I decided they were old enough not to go into my things without asking.  Of course, that will only last so long and then they'll go into my things without permission when they get older again.  But for now, I have my own craft space.  This is what the area looked like...

See that above shelf?  It was pretty much a blank canvas.  So I hit Walmart and IKEA and got some new storage bins, boxes, and magazine files, and went to work.  Here it is now!

Everything is labeled and in its place!  I could not be  happier!!!  Crafting will be SO much easier now that I will be able to find everything.  Before projects took me more time simply because I had to search for my supplies.  Not anymore!
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Want to know More about VOC's?

Have you heard the term "VOC" but not sure what it really means? Head over to The DIY Club today where I am talking about VOC's and Mythic's zero VOC paint.  Oh, and there's a little glimpse of a coming project, too!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

How I Spent My Saturday

I can't even believe I am going to show you this little organizational project, but after seeing Ali's closet which was pretty similar to mine, I knew I could share.  I didn't pass judgement on Ali, so I know you guys won't pass judgement on me.  That and I forgot to take a real before shot.  So here is my master bitty closet, during... (The above shelves were a disaster).

Um, that would be all my shoes in the bottom.... I swear the heap is organized!  I mean, you can see that hte matches are at least in close proximity!
Oh, and imagine the closet you see above with all this stuff in it, too; becase in the real "before" it was in there...
So even though this closet is just tiny, it took me a long time to organize.  I parted with some clothes, and Chris did the same.  I have a giant trashbag ready to take to Goodwill, as well as a few items I know my friends will want that I just haven't worn in a while.  I switched around the order to make more sense, and I purchased a shoe rack from Target.  And here it is now.... like I said, not major, but better and we are going to keep it organized.  I know it. :)
 Hey, Ali, look- I finger spaced Chris' side! ;)  Ali and I both worked for Abercrombie & Fitch many years ago.  Well, not that many.  But if you ever worked there, you know just how vital hanger spacing is.  I mean, who is going to buy something if it isn't exactly spaced from the shirts behind it and in front of it???

 Yes, I know that my show rack is backwards, but I don't wear heels, so my shoes were sliding off the front, so I turned it around and now they just hit the back wall and stay in place.
See how awkward this closet is? It goes off to the right side of the door, so it's harder to reach that area and hard to see what's even back there!
I also worked on a HUGE project today that I will be showing you soon... it has something to do with that orange going on in Emmy's room.  He he he!

Domestically Speaking

Friday, January 28, 2011

POWW Faves!

I know I say this every week, but it just gets harder and harder to pick favorites.  You guys knock it out of the park week after week, and I am so excited that you share these posts here with me!  You inspire me...
I have to be perfectly honest... with the family room redo, Emmy's party, and then the kids going to school only 2 shortened days this week, I feel my mojo slipping away.  I thank you all for giving me such lovely pieces of work and inspiration so I can get my mojo back.

Onto the favorites!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece from Dwellings be Devore.  She always uses bold colors and does awesome things, but this is one of my favorites.  Go pay her a visit- you won't be sorry!

Check out this awesome hand-painted cabinet (right down to those lovely scrollies) from Molly Susan Strong.  I have the pleasure of erpsonally knowing Molly and she is just so sweet AND clearly talented!

And lastly, I love this mid-century modern piece that was painstakingly refinished by Meredith at Welcome to the Heardmont.  AND bonus, she made that awesome mirror above it!

Well, I just caught up on The Medium from last week and just figured out that it was the series finale.  And now I am sad.  First Ghost Whisperer ended and now this!  I need to find a new cheesy show about ghosts and the spiritual world- any recommendations?  And I am OK with the fact that I have just totally embarassed myself by my poor taste in television.   Justsoyouknow.

Valentine's Entry and a Sneak Peek

I don't really decorate much for Valentine's Day, but i like to add a few little touches, especially to the entry way of my house.  Here is a look at what I have done...
Please disregard the dog's tennis ball under the chair, and the dying birthday cupcake flowers Emmy received last week.  I would have cropped them out, but it would have looked weird to show you just the top!

I made the sign below, and you can see how in the DIY E-Zine located in my sidebar. ( <----- over there!)
And you can see how I decorated these bud vases here.
And this lovely garland was purchased from Target before I discovered my inner crafty self and my silhouette machine!
Also, you may remember that I will be starting up an Etsy shop to benefit my friend's daughter, who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.  My kids have been out of school  most of this week, but I had a little time to get some small crafty projects completed, so here is a sneak peek at some items that will be for sale soon!

I will be back later today or tomorrow with POWW faves.  You guys really linked up this week- Yippee!
Have a great weekend!
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