Monday, February 28, 2011

A Virus and Random Custom Orders

First of all, a huge thank you goes out to my husband who SAVED MY LAPTOP from utter demise!  Saturday night, I was laying in bed with my laptop (I know- real romantic!) watching one of my all-time favorite movies, Zoolander.  All of the sudden a huge warning message took over my screen and told me that my computer was infected.  I tried to restart but the same message showed up again.  I brought the computer to my husband, who was catching up on the Fringe episode I had already seen.  He told me it was done, kaput, good as dead.  I cried over the pictures I was losing of my kids (I have since bought some USB storage- so please don't yell at me!).  Chris went to work trying to save photos for me, and meanwhile kept at it and told me to go to bed since I had to get up the next day to teach spin.  I laid in bed unable to sleep for fear of everything I had lost, and kicking myself over being so stupid to not back up some of those files.  I finally fell asleep.
Sunday morning came, and Chris woke up as my alarm went off, and said "Do you want the good news, or the bad news first?"  I replied, "Neither," very grimly.  The he said "Well, the bad news is that the transfer of photos is going very slowly, but the good news is that I think your computer is restored and safe.  And since then, it has been working fine!  My hero!  I do want your opinions though as I will be purchasing a new laptop this Spring, and wonder what your recommendations are.  Chris thinks I should get a Mac, but Cheri strongly recommends a Toshiba.  I currently have a Dell, and I am not in love with it, so I don't think I will get another Dell.  Would love your input!

What does all this have to do with random custom orders?  Well, I cleaned out all my photos yesterday and deleted those I really don't need.  In doing so I found several orders I had completed and never shared, so here are some of those!  Just the afters- sorry!

Happy Monday! CSN Stores $65 Giveaway!!!

Happy Monday!  What better way to start the week than with a giveaway!  I recently won a $65 credit to CSN stores as well (more on that later- thanks Sara!).  Today though, I get to pay it forward and give one of you lucky readers a $65 credit to CSN stores!

As for my own credit, I haven't yet decided what to use it for, but have you seen the wonderful selection of flat panel TV Stands they offer?  Currently our playroom is the last room left that doesn't have a flat panel TV.  I say this like we have several TV's.... only in the family room and in our master bedroom!  My husband would love to upgrade that TV as it's the room we use to play WII games with our kids!  And the flat panel will allow for more room with my flailing arms when I do "Just Dance"!  Our TV sits in the corner, so here are a few that I am loving...
Home Styles - 88-5530-07 - Naples Corner TV Stand in Rich Multi-Step White
Wildon Home - DTO3890 - Ventura Walnut Corner TV Stand
I just love the stoage these offer!  The bottom one would be great because we have books out the WAZOO!

So wouldn't you like to win a $65 credit to CSN stores?  Here's how you can enter....

1. Be a follower of my blog and leave a comment that you are: 1 entry
2. Blog, Tweet, Facebook, put a banner in your front yard letting people know about the giveaway! (1 point for each that you do, but you must leave a separate comment for each).

Giveaway is open through Sunday March 6th at mindnight... winner to be announced Monday March 7th.  You must check the post to see if you won.  If you see your name there, then you emal me!  Easy Peasy!  Good Luck!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

You're Invited to a Local Bloggers Brunch! POWW Faves! and a Table!

I have a lot to say and rather than split it up, just read the parts you are interested in please! :)

You are cordially invited to a local bloggers brunch to be held on
March 26th, 2011
at 11 a.m.
in Arlington, VA

Come mix, mingle, and network.  Put faces to names, and make new friends, too!
You will be asked to bring a dish or beverage to share.
Email me at to RSVP and obtain the address.  Also, let me know what you would like to bring.  If too many people are bringing similar dishes, you may be assigned a different type of dish or drink.  Also email what you're wearing so we don't show up wearing the same thing. ;)  kidding!

Love this rehabbed combo of two pieces into one beautiful union at 4 the love of wood.  Isn't it amazing?
Forever Decorating always comes up with something unique, but this is my favorite piece by Terry to date.  I love the beauty of the wood grain on the drawers.
And you guys know I am a sucker fro a bird!  Love this armoire makeover from Sarah, aka The Thriftress.  She used a Homegoods vinyl for that lovely design!
One of my favorite clients who lives right here in town brought me a table to paint for her.  It is not just any table either.  Her husband built it back when they were first married, and he did a beautiful job.  It is solid, well made, and has wonderful lines.
That picture was taken just after it was sanded.  Bridget at first said she wanted a bright blue and we were going to add red or coral knobs as we were coordinating with fabric she had.  Then she emailed me and said she was thinking about the darker coral and wanted to know what my thoughts were... I said, "YES!"
I took her fabric with me to Benjamin Moore and when I got there I realized what we thought was a darker coral in her fabric was more of a cranberry red, so I went with my gut and chose another color that I thought coordinated and fit the dark coral mold.  It is called Ryan Red by Benjamin Moore, and we went with a glossy undistressed finish.  I should also mention that the table was primed first with a tinted primer which is always necessary when working with a red.  As you can see in the above pics, the table had no knobs and needed some.  I just happened to have two in my stash that I thought were perfect, so I added those and then emailed this picture to Bridget as a little teaser!
She was at work when she saw the picture and told me it brought a smile to her face.  So now are you ready to see the whole thing?  Good.

This was one very fun project to work on!!!
Sharing the table here:
SAS InteriorsJoin us Saturdays at for
 the weekend wrap up party!UndertheTableandDreamingmmm buttonThe DIY Show OffPhotobucketMakingThe Girl CreativeMy Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Huge Thank You to My February Sponsors!! (and I have a hot date!!)

February was the first month ever for sponsors over here, and I want to thank all of those who joined me in taking that step so that the link parties could continue.  Special thanks to....

(Love this new memo board she has!)

Upcycled Vintage Memo Board - Aqua & Sweet Bird Fabric - Handmade Pushpins

(loving these pretty gray candlestick- wouldn't they be lovely with some spring green candles?)
Pair of Cottage Style Gray Candlesticks

(Just because you feel cold and wintery doesn't mean you can't wear a little Spring color and keep warm!)
Butterfly Floral Infinity Scarf, Fashionable Pink, Salmon, Chocolate Brown Flower print Flannel Cowl Scarf

(Who doesn't always want a constant reminder of how sweet and angelic their kids can be... at times!)
Custom Photo Charm 2 Sided

Happy Baby Designs
(How awesome are these  new washcloths she has??  Cute and very helpful at bathtime! Use them to cover your childs face at hairwashing time, and no more tears!)
Bath Cloths - Bugs, Set of 2

(Rita has a knack for pattern- look at this little lovely vanity seat!)
My Floral Stench

Ooh La La Company
(You don't have to be Irish to wear a lucky charm!)
Four Leaf Clover Charm Necklace - GOOD LUCK

Thank you, ladies!!!  I am so excited to have had you as sponsors this past month!
And now, do you want to hear about the hot date I have tonight?  I will be scoping out some of the local talent tonight on my date.  Chris is travelling and won't be home til late, Emmy is headed off to Gramma and Papa's house, and I have a date with a handsome fellow with big blue eyes, beautiful lashes, sandy brown hair that falls just right.  He may be missing some teeth and stand at just about 3 1/2 feet tall, but he sure is sweet, charming, funny, and handsome.
Sawyer's school is putting on a talent show tonight, so he and I are headed there, and then to the local hibachi restaurant!  I am really looking forward to my date.  Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boyish Blue Dresser & Your Opinion on a Headboard Makover PLEASE

I picked up this dresser last week while Chris was away.  For being such a little guy, it is solidly made and super heavy!  Since I didn't have Chris to help me get it inside, it sat in my driveway until he came home as I was only able to heave it out of my car!  It was a free find, and not mny favorite style at all, but in town and free, which you just can't beat.  I also got a nightstand from the same people which will be made over soon, too.
Because this is not my favorite style, I was not very inspired.  I will be honest here- I do not like dentil molding on furniture.  That's the trim there just under the dresser top.  Not a fan.  I had no idea where I was going with this one, so I primed it with my blue tinted primer, and just picked a color that went with that.  I had some "Champion Blue" on hand by Ben Moore.  It's a very boyish blue, I think.  I painted it with 3 coats of that, and then searched through my hardware stash (and yes, Cathy- I do have tons!  I should take a picture one day and show you, but it's rather embarassing how much I have!!).  I kept the top knobs, and found some with a more nautical feel that complemented the original knobs well.  They were the winners!  Here is the dresser now with its new coat and jewels... I think it would be just perfect for a little boys nautical room, don't you?  And I will admit, it is still not my favorite dresser in the world, but I always do girly and more grown up, so I thought maybe I should do this one with a little boy in mind.

Ok, and now onto where I would like your opinion.  Maybe you saw this project the other day over at The DIY Club.
headboard DIY 1
Amy from The Idea Room created this headboard and used a Cutting Edge Stencil to add the painted detail.  Emmy already has a bed I love, but the headboard is nice and solid and I think it would look super with a stenciled design.... I am totally drooling on my keyboard now, just as I look at Amy's bed.  The colors in her room now are pink, blue, and orange.  So here is the question... what color would you do the design?  Here are my choices:
1. Pale Pink like her walls which are Rosily by Sherwin Williams (might be too pale?)
2. Brighter Pink like her bedding
3. Orange like her vanity which is Orange Delicia by Mythic. (might be too much orange for me now)
4. Blue like her dresser which is Fairytale Blue from Ben Moore (This color gets my mom's vote hands down!)
Here are a couple recent pictures of her room... I would love to hear your opinions! (And I know these pictures are not the best quality, but they were already on my computer and I am too lazy to go take new ones. )

Linking here: