Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Piece of Work Wednesday Furniture Link Part Number 38!

Hi all! Do you remember yesterday when I told you I was painting a dresser the same color as my new yellow front door?  You don't?  OK, good.  Because it didn't happen.  Well, it happened, but a slight miscalculation took my yellow dresser from being happy and cheerful to being this stripped monstrosity...
Do you like the gray drawer?  I got really bored with stripping and decided to see what it would look like with gray stain.  I don't like it so it will be getting a totally new to be decided treatment. And hopefully I can finish stripping it so I can reveal it in 2012.  Every time I strip a piece I remember why I don't like doing it.  What a pain!!!

So stay tuned... maybe I will have something to show you later this week.  After today, I am not making any promises.  So what have you been up to! Can't wait to see your pieces.... I need some inspiration today.  All this stripping has got me feeling uninspired.

Here are the rules!
1. Link to your permalink for the post- not a general blog link.
2. Must be a follower.
3. FURNITURE revamps or builds only!
4. Include my button in your post or sidebar.
5. No etsy shops!
6. Your project must be new here!  It is ok if it is an old project, but this must be the first time you are linking it here.

OK, people, inspire me!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Cheerful Front Door, a Gallery Wall, and a Squirrel Bong

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope you have been enjoying the long weekend and have also taken time to thank in your hearts those who are serving and have served our country.

As I already told you about my Saturday... Sunday we went to a cookout with my team from the gym.  I coach a challenge team twice a year, and we compete by earning points for various activities, and for coming to the gym a certain number of times.  I have coached it for almost 4 years now, and I am the only group ex instructor who coaches a team.  Mostly trainers do it, but when they started the program I volunteered to help because it's so rewarding.  I have seen so many people reach goals, lose weight, feel better... it's what the fitness industry is all about.  My team this past session was the closest knit group and the best team I have ever coached.  We won the challenge, which was exciting, but we formed awesome friendships.  So yesterday was spent celebrating those friendships with a cookout, mostly healthy food of course!  My kids had a blast playing hide and seek with the other kids there!  Last night we all crashed.

Today was project day!  I have been wanting to paint my front door for some time, but had no time to do it!  Finally, Lucketts is over and I needed to get it done!  It was a pretty pink berry color that went well with the pale gray, white, and black of the house, but I wanted change.  And I didn't want red because it's too done... I went with a bright and cheerful yellow!  It still needs another coat which it will get tomorrow, but I couldn't resist showing you!  Here it is before...
In the above picture, we did not have our storm door on because it had broken.  We now have it back up, but I propped it open so you can see the door better.  Here is the front door now!
 It is certainly bright and I need to get used to it, but I think I like it.  Time will tell.
I also worked on the wall facing you as you walk in your front door.  I added the owls a month or so ago, and I loved the two big ones in the frame, but I wasn't feeling it was the right spot for the 4 small ones (I need to find a new place fro them... ideas?)  I took down the small ones, and created a gallery wall.  I clearly need to fill some of the frames, but I have some saved printables I plan to print out soon and add.  For now, it looks like this!
 Now onto a couple spray paint projects!  The other day when I went to Wild Rose with Emily, not only did we happen to get there on bulk trash day, but we also stumbled upon a barn full of vintage junk.  The dirty gross trinket-y kind, but if you are willing to search, you might find some treasures.  I found this adorable tree and squirrel vase for $2!
 Isn't it precious?  My husband kept trying to convince me that it was a bong.  I am pretty naive when it comes to things like that, so I started to question myself... I was thinking, "Oh my gosh, I just bought a vintage bong!"  He started to laugh, so I had to ask "Are you messing with me?".  Indeed he was.  Jerk.
Anyhow, I spray painted it white, and I personally think it looks lovely enough for flowers, not of the weed variety. ;)

 And finally, you may remember that Sharon gave me an adorable owl wall pocket as a gift at Lucketts.  I finally had the chance to get that painted today as well.    I had taken a print out of our bathroom to add the the gallery wall, so it was perfect for that spot, and I already had a nail there! :)  I just need to get some branches or something to stick inside of it.  Maybe I could make it my personal tampon holder.  Kidding- it is way to cute for such a task!

I also started working on a couple custom orders today now that Lucketts is over, and also worked on a dresser which I hope to reveal tomorrow.  Stay tuned, and enjoy what's left of the long weekend!
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kristy's office guest post

Happy Sunday!  I took the past week off from projects for a couple reasons.... recovery from Lucketts, and also Sawyer had no school Thursday and Friday (kindergarten parent-teacher conferences).  So I don't have nothing new to share with you, except that Sawyer is a very social child, eager to please his teachers and peers, and he needs to work more on writing and reading comprehension, and is exceptional in math.  :)  So proud of  him!  Anyhow, instead of keeping you high and dry, I have asked one of my favorite and friendliest bloggers to come over as a guest today!  Kristy from Hyphen Interiors is here sharing her gorgeous office with us!  Enjoy some tips and eye candy from Kristy!

Cassie, thank you for having me here today. Hello to all of her readers! I was so excited when Cassie said she needed a break and asked if I could guest post! The thing that stands out to me about Cassie is not just her amazing furniture redos, and they are awesome, but the way she interacts with her readers. She takes special care to reply to every comment and to sincerely interact. She is so personable. And, with a blog of her size, I can only imagine that being a challenging task! So, kudos to you – I want to be like you when I grow up!

There is a room in my home that is finished, but that I have not yet talked about on my young blog. Well, there are a few. But, today, I want to share my office with you.


Two of the most important parts of design are function and colors.

When designing a room, it is important to understand the needs of the person(s) using the room. How do you use the room? What do you need from it functionally? So, this is the first thing we thought about. Function.

This room in our home is technically an upstairs den. It’s a 15x13 room with double doors and no closet. My husband works from home as a software architect. Therefore, he knew he'd be spending
days in this room. (That’s my better half, below.)


He was very specific about what he needed from this room in order to have a good work space. His requests were:
- A very long desk so that he could put multiple monitors on it and still have some extra room.
- A huge white board so he can draw out his software design plans and ideas.
- A recliner to take breaks in and think in.

Well, those are some mighty clear parameters, huh?

I got right to work sketching out designs for built ins. Built-ins that worked with the flow of the room and allowed the room to be used for other purposes in the future, should that be necessary. A custom closet company turned my sketches into those below with exact measurements.


We envisioned a wall of adjustable shelves on the right side of the room. For the left side of the room, we wanted a wall length desk that included five total filing cabinets, six drawers and a cabinet on a hutch over the desk. All in white. Part solid wood, part melamine due to cost and durability.

Color Scheme/ Design.
Once you understand function and create a layout that works for you and your family, you will want to consider colors and overall design.

Some important questions to ask yourself are: What colors do you like? What mood do you want to create? What style elements will make you want to be in the room?

Chris uses the office the most so we went with colors that weren’t too feminine. We also wanted a calm yet not too relaxing feel. We chose soft gray walls with a charcoal stripe around the top and that same charcoal behind the wall of white shelves as the backing color.

Plan your work. Create sketches and a design board if possible. Some of it may just be conceptual, but it gives you a clear direction.


Our Office – How It Turned Out.
We went with blue curtains for the window for a bit of color to an otherwise fairly monochromatic room. They are blackout curtains from Overstock, just in case we ever want it dark in there.

Without curtains and pillows, the room would be way too hard. It definitely needed to be softened up. The flowers, along with the curved lines of the wall decal, juxtapose the masculine with some feminine to keep the space in balance.


We chose this leather recliner with contemporary lines for the space. It has a masculine feel, yet we could easily add throw pillows to balance that out. On the chair is a pillow I made and a zig zag pillow I happened across at Target.

On the wall decal is a damask pattern which is a classic pattern. However, the large scale of it makes it more contemporary.

We got these metal letters from Razamataz. They were green and black. We painted them a similar color to the curtains, but with a metallic glaze. The W's stand for “World Wide Web” since my husband works on software. I chose to sit them on a black and white polka dotted box for added whimsy. I also love Mr. Elephant, as he’s made from leather and just adds a traveled yet fun feel. The texture of the storage baskets keep the room from being overwhelmed with smooth finishes.


My favorite part of the space may be the white board. It’s a 4 ft by 8 ft piece of clear acrylic. We painted the back white. This gave it a white board appearance, but with shine, much like a glass white board which can run you up to $5000. However, we only spent $225 on our diy project.


We then hung it with 1 inch stand-off mounts so that it sits just off the wall. This takes up the entire space over the desk.


Here is the bulk of the closed storage. It is a hutch with adjustable shelves inside, a shelf under the cabinet, and a space for the printer. Under the desk top are file cabinets and drawers. Note that the flag belonged to my husband’s grandfather.


Shelves run the entire 15 feet length of the room on the right side. The center portion sticks out a few more inches than each side so as to bring a little focus to the middle. We topped them with crown molding. All shelves are adjustable. We had fun filling them with things we already owned along with a few new things. It’s not perfectly styled yet, but it’s getting there.


Not Done Yet.
Is any room ever truly finished? If you love designing, let's be honest... probably not! I’d still like to add a rug to the middle of the room to detract from our ugly carpet, but I haven’t decided just what type or color yet. I'm open to suggestions! I’d also like to switch the doors out for french doors eventually.

Even though I’d say no room is truly ever finished, my husband would say he loves this room.  I’d love for you to visit my blog!


abirdlantern adeskcorner

awindowclose agreenvase

clock IMG_5537

I am currently doing a giveaway for a hand painted “Keep Calm and Carry On” sign.  It’s a little vintage looking.  Awesome art for any room!  Be sure to come over and enter!  You don’t even have to be a follower to enter.
Thank you for having me, Cassie!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

POWW Faves & A Field Trip to Wild Rose

I had been looking forward to today all week.  Emily and I had planned last weekend when we were at Lucketts to take a trip to Wild Rose & Co. in Walkersville, MD. Lynette had a fabulous shirt I wanted to purchase, but I also just had to see their shop after seeing their booth at Lucketts!
Oh, and can I add, we happened to show up the morning of bulk trash pickup in Walkersville.  We "found" a cool stool as well as an awesome frame before we even got to the shop!  And when we got to the shop, well, just see for yourself how gorgeous it is!  And Lynette is the sweetest and most gracious shop owner!

 These little numbers are awesome!  My pal Gail sells them along with other awesome goodies!

 The shop is located in such a quant section of town!  Emily and I drove through the town eyeing the bulk trash houses, and spotted one in particular that we thought was adorable!  It happened to be Lynette's very own home we soon discovered, which just so happens to have been featured in Better Homes & Gardens!  Really!  It's awesome!  So I came home with a few goodies... a fabulous soy candle, a fab bar of soap, and of course, the top I planned to purchase.  But upon arrival I was overwhelmed with color choices!  I had planned to get the white, but I ended up choosing the lovely bluish purple!  And I changed as soon as I got home and wore it out to dinner with my husband! (By the way, that's Jake, my dog, not my husband, and a rose in my hair my husband picked from our "Oprah" rose bush).

Now, how about some faves from POWW?

Love this vanity from Heritage Home Creations,  The color is stunning!  She also has a dresser in the same style and finish that is awesome!
I also love this fresh white china cabinet from Birdhouse Family.  Stephanie staged it beautifully!
My friend Gail from My Repurposed Life doesn't much care for painting furniture, but did a great job with this piece!
And I also loved this fresh white desk from Simply Chic Treasures.  I love the soft aqua of the room with the white desk, and pink flowers.  All together, doesn't it just make you happy?
I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  My new Mac is at the shop getting all files transferred from my old Dell.  So I am using my husband's HP at the moment and it took me way to long to write this post. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Guest: Natalie from Beach House in the City

I am so excited today to have Natalie here today from Beach House in the City.  I stumbled upon her blog when I caught a glimpse of her nursery in a room by room house tour party my pal Melissa from Houseography hosts each Monday.  Here is the glimpse, if you want to see....
Well, after seeing that room, I had to go to her blog and see the rest.   And. I. Was. Blown. Away.  Her home is stunning- the colors, the textiles, all of it!!!!  I soaked it in and just kept browsing!  I emailed her and asked if she would be willing to share her fabulous master bedroom with us, so that is just what she is going to do today.  Take it away, Natalie!

I'm thrilled to be featured this Friday for Cassie's fabulous blog! I wanted to share with you all how a boring bedroom can be transformed into something incredibly custom with some really simple ideas!

This is what the room looked like, when we toured it the first time:

(i realize there are worse bedrooms...but it was just simply boring!)

so with some paint, wallpaper and a little "light and bright" color scheme....we got:

(wallpaper and sheers - home depot)

(euro shams and frames - ikea)

(capiz shell chandelier - west elm)

I made this headboard because I was having trouble finding one that was simple, white and inexpensive, especially needing to fit a king sized bed

I didn't take pictures while assembling this....oops! However, it was quite simple:
1.) measure and cut a piece of mdf to desired size
2.) add trim, miter corners, nail or staple onto mdf
3.) fill holes, paint (i used a semi gloss bright white)
4.) divide the space left into two. created two padded panels using, thin plywood, a layer of foam, a layer of batting, and a white denim fabric. staple.
5.) because the panels were light, i glued them onto the headboard using silicone
6.) attached to wall using keyhole hooks from the hardware store (approx .60 cents each)

Found this in the "as is" section of ikea. repaired the scratches. Lightly sanded. Primed with Bull's Eye Primer. Topped with Benjamin Moore's "Arctic Blue" semi gloss. For extra protection, you could add a clear coat, especially to the top.

It's really close to the famous Tiffany box blue! Love it!

I changed the knobs ($6 from Home Depot) Or you could add a different colors and use the beautiful knobs from Anthropologie!

Liked it so much, I bought another dresser and did the same thing! Perfect size and weight for bed sized tables to a king. Plus tons of storage for all your stuff!

a few beachy details (excluding the little eiffel tower!)

I love this little corner! This was an old ugly brown chair, dinged up with dirty, dated fabric. I primed, painted and reupholstered it. I'm far from an upholster! But it's 'good enough' to sit in my corner!

The small plantstand was brown and it got a coat of "arctic ice" as well.

The one pricier item we purchased was the new flooring.....as the old stuff was looking horrific!

The other side of the room houses a dresser with an old ugly tv on it! I won't feature that! Eventually we'll get something slimmer and sleeker, but the budget doesn't justify that at the moment, when the one we have works perfectly fine! However it's not blog worthy! :)

Thanks for touring! And thank you to the generous Cassie for inviting me to share a little piece of my home with you! Please visit me and see more of my home at my blog: Beach House In The City!
Have a great weekend!


What did I tell you?  Now I know you are all on your way over to see the rest... you won't be disappointed!