Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Refreshed Deck and Patio Set

First of all, I am over at The DIY Club showing how I gave my patio set's benches some sun-love....

 And now let's talk about the rest of the deck.... I don't have any true before shots because it was just so embarrassingly bad I never took any!  The below image is the closest thing I have to what the deck looked like.  Gross.  At least the frog ball looks happy.
 We also have a little "landing" off our sunporch that leads to the deck.  Over the past week, I have worked on these areas.  Starting last Friday, I used Sherwin Williams Deckscapes cleaner to clean the deck and scrub it as best I could.  That stuff is amazing by the way!  It needed to dry for two days, so I waited until Sunday to work again on it.
Sunday, I used my orbital sander to lightly sand areas.  I also spray primed some areas on the deck and railings that I couldn't get all the green off of with an exterior spray primer.
I waited a couple hours and then started staining the deck with Sherwin Williams Deckscapes stain in Flagstone, a nice dar gray color.  I gave it one coat Sunday, and one coat Monday.
Tuesday, I started painting all the kajillion spindly railings and the railings on the landing with an exterior flat white paint, also by Sherwin Williams.
Wednesday I finished painting all those kajillions of railings.
And Wedenesday night, I was able to put it all together and it now looks like a lovely outdoor entertaining area.  The deck is HUGE so it would even be great for a dance party. Woot Woot.  So if it doesn't help sell the house, then I will be throwing a big dance party, and you are all invited.
Alright, check it out now!

the landing area just off the sunporch

view of the deck from the landing

kids seating area with updated benches

Adult seating area with a bucket of chalk, because when I throw a dance party, you just might need sidewalk chalk.

other side of the deck
So, I know you don't have the full before, but trust me, this is a HUGE impreovment!  I am hoping it helps make our home look more inviting and ready for summer entertaining!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Friends and Shower Curtains

First of all,  you can find me over at The Eclectic Traditionalist today sharing some tips on getting started with a creative business.  Katelyn writes one good, honest blog, and dabbles in bit of everything.  Her blog is very refreshing, and I love it- you will, too!

Secondly, I haven't mentioned my shower curtain in a looooong time!  Remember this guy?
Thomas Paul - SC-0105-CHR - Bath Octopus Shower Curtain in Charcoal
I ordered it from CSN stores a long time ago, and it was due to be delivered on St Patty's day, which takes place on March 17th.  Well, a couple emails and telling me it would be delayed again and yet again, it FINALLY arrived on June 13.  Yes, you read that right.  I was pretty bummed about that.  Also, the color was listed as charcoal, and I assumed the background was a slight off white from what I could tell from the photo.  It is an ivory or cream in person and does not work with our white tile.  So I am just hanging onto it and hoping it will work in our next house.  Big fat bummer.

BUT, I did want to say a word about where I won my CSN stores gift card in the first place to order this.  It was from the lovely Michelle of Every Little Thing.... Inspired.  Michelle is super cute, and super talented and I have followed her from way back when.  You really need to go check out her blog and find yourself inspired.... Here is a dose of her projects...

So go over and say hi to both Katelyn and Michelle today, and make a new friend!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Piece of Work Wednesday Furniture Link Part Number 42!

Hi there!  It's been quiet around here as I have been hustling and bustling to get this house on the market one week from today!  I have stained the deck, painted the foundation, painted our cinderblock stairwell to the basement, started painting the deck's kajillion spindled railings and will finish that tomorrow.  My fingers are crossed that it is all well worth it.  Because I found a house I love.  Over budget.  But it is perfect for our family.  So fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyelashes crossed!

I have an insanely awesome dresser I need to work on, but need to focus on the house so have only been doing some smaller projects, like this entry table I picked up last week.  It is OLD.  It has hand cut dovetailing which means it dates to around the mid 1800's.  I think that is pretty cool!  Here it is in its before state- look at that fun little scallop!  It also had a matching oval beveled mirror.
 I didn't know what color to paint it, so I just mixed a bunch of colors I had little bits left of- gray, aqua, and blue.  I didn't have enough of each to do anything with, so together, they created a pretty dusty blue. Then I distressed it, went over it with "milkweed" solid decking stain,  added some fun green melon shaped knobs from Hobby Lobby, and voila... a fun little entry piece!

And yes, it is missing a little trim on the drawer, but I think if I were around 150 years old or so I'd be missing more than a little trim. ;)

Your turn!  Show me what ya got!


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Party on!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Shabby Apple Giveaway Winner!

Happy Monday morning!  I am feeling much better than yesterday, but still not all the way back to my normal self.  Almost there!  Just wanted to pop in and announce the winner of the Shabby Apple Necklace giveaway!  And the winner is.....

Rhonda, please email me at to claim your prize!  And remember if you are not the winner you still have 23 more days to use the coupon code PrimitiveandProper10off to receive 10 percent off any purchase from Shabby Apple.

Have a great day!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Special Little Desk

Last Summer I met Melissa at a yard sale she was holding at her mom's house.  Her mom had passed away and she and her siblings were clearing out some items.  I told her what I did, and a month later, I painted a dresser for her that had belonged to her mom and was going to be used in her daughter's room.  They recently wrapped up clearing out the house with an estate sale (and she was so kind to give me a bunch if lovely items!).  In doing so, there were a couple other items they wanted painted.  I painted a dresser (which I forgot to photograph!) and this petite secretary desk that Melissa's identical twin sister Marina wanted to use for her daughter's room.  I forgot a before shot, but here it is with some paint on it...
I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White, and lightly distressed it to bring out its details.  The inside was spray primed and painted before I started the outside.  It was painted in Rustoleum's Almond gloss as we wanted a tone on tone look with a slightly darker shade inside, and I suggested gloss on the inside as it will be used as a desk, and easier to clean that way.  Here it is now!

I love that the hardware now pops against the creamy white!
Thank you so much for all the well-wishes!  I am definitely a step towards better today.... no more fever thankfully!  Just the sore throat, backache, and grogginess.  But I will take it if it means I will be better soon!  I also worked on my deck today.  Not as in I did some work while I was on the deck, but as in I restained our deck.  Hopefully I will be able to share it soon!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

POWW Faves! and Shabby Apple Giveaway Reminder!

Hi kids!  What a weekend... not in a good way!  I started feeling a wee bit of a sore throat Wednesday night, and Friday morning went to the Dr. thinking I had strep.  Fortunately it was not strep, but unfortunately that means there is nothing they can prescribe to cure me of this miserable viral cold.  For the second evening in a row, I am in bed with long sleeves and all the blankets, even though it's in the 80's outside.  YUCK.

But despite how I am feeling,  wanted to share my favorites from this week's POWW party.  And maybe it's because I don't feel well and I am cranky, but I had to delete 6 links this week... please follow the rules! I hate being a meanie, but I will if I have to!

You guys really make it hard for me to pick faves each week, but here we go!

This dresser from Twice Nice is so fresh and funky!  Classic with a fun twist, and I love it!

Love this DIY frame headboard from Fab Rehab Creations.  It has a very funky Anthropologie feel to me and is mixed beautifully with the patterns and colors in the bedding.

And I thought this dresser reinvention into a bar was pure genius from Artsy VaVa.  And the added mirrors are a glamorous bonus!

Lastly I loved this graphite colored French piece from A Few Good Pieces.  The color is so bold and masculine, and works so nicely on such a curvy and feminine piece.  It's a beautiful marriage, and perfect because Kathie is celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary this weekend!

I also want to give an honorable mention to Inspired Apartment.  Elle finished a beautiful desk and chair, and something is wrong with her comments.... I wasn't the only one who noticed I was unable to comment.  So Elle, please know that it is not that we didn't all love your project, but we were unable to leave you any comment love on this fabulous project!

I went to bed at 7:30 last night and I think I may do the same tonight.  Trying to get a house ready to sell is exhausting anyhow, but add being sick to the mix, and I. Am. Done.
Oh, and don't forget about my Shabby Apple Giveaway!  It ends tomorrow night, winner announced Monday!  Here is what you could win!
Silver and Amazonite pendant with sterling silver chain with lobster sterling silver clasp

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Guest: Kate from Twenty-Six To Life

I am sooo excited about today's guest! She is somewhat local to me, and it was her idea to run in the Race for the Cure earlier this month.  She is a vey sweet mommy to 4 (is that right now?) pit bulls.  Heidi was the latest addition who was a foster pup, but found a loving home with Kate herself!  Kate also has a wonderful eye for design.  The first project that really caught my eye was this anthro-inspired dresser...

and then she topped it with this desk!

I am so happy to have actually met Kate in real life, and can tell you she is as sweet as she is on her blog. The girl's got heart, and talent.  Pay her a visit and I promise you will leave her blog inspired to create, read a new book, or maybe adopt a pit bull.  Take it away, Kate!

First and foremost: Many thanks to the fabulous Cassie for having me as a guest blogger today! I've never been a guest blogger before so I'll try my best not to inadvertently stick my foot in my virtual mouth. It's great to be posting for a new group of people - who are obviously also fabulous by virtue of reading Cassie's great blog!

I blog at Twenty-Six To Life about my 101 goals in 1001 days project, my house, my dogs, and working out. It's a little bit of everything since I'm trying to accomplish a lot of stuff! One of my biggest completed projects is my guest bedroom. Like anyone, I want my home to be welcoming to everyone who comes to visit. I think it's easy for guests to feel strange in a new place, so I really want them to have a space they can retreat to when they stay with us.

Unfortunately though, our house was not pretty when we moved in. It's still not pretty (I'm slowly but surely working on it), but some rooms were definitely worse than others. Enter the worst room in our house: the guest bedroom.

Yes, that is an air mattress on the floor.

I still shake my head about those yellow walls sometimes... This room gets lots of sun - maybe the previous owners were trying to make it blend in somehow?

At any rate, obviously something had to be done. This was a far cry from the kind of space that I wanted to enter for 5 minutes, let alone have guests stay in overnight. The Big Bird yellow walls weren't going to soothe anyone to sleep. The room practically blinded people when they walked in, so the idea of it being a restful spot was laughable.

In a Trading Spaces inspired move, I gave myself a budget of "as much less than $1000 as possible" and got to work. The first thing to go was the paint (for *literally* glaringly obvious reasons), and then came a dramatic wall-encompassing decal. Right away it made a huge statement in the room and I knew I was on the right track.

Paint color: Behr's Sparrow

To give guests a place for their things, I brought in the very first piece of furniture I ever refinished: a $40 craigslist find that is still my most very favorite project to date.



Redoing that piece spurred me on to tackle a bunch of other DIY projects in the room, including the headboard, refinishing the nightstands, and sewing pillow covers. I also brought in some thick black waffle curtains to block out the bright sun that this room gets. When they're closed it's pitch black in the room so guests can sleep in as late as they like.

A lot of hard work and a lot of projects later, I finally had a guest bedroom that was actually fit for guests.

I love how you can see the wall decals in the mirrors on the opposite wall.

The total cost for the entire room redo was about $800. Not a bad price to pay considering the room was empty in the beginning! You can see the entire cost breakdown and source list here.
Since then we've had a few guests stay in there and it's worked out great. I love being able to give them a space they can relax in while they stay with us.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Sunporch Reveal, AKA Plywood Never Looked So Good

So if you have been following me for a while, you may remember the video I made of my sunporch to share how awful and in need of help it was.  Old crank style windows that didn't work, a leak that had caused water stains on the ceiling, and nasty linoleum flooring that was peeling up in some spots.  It was AWFUL.  I don't have before pics because I never shared pictures of it on the blog because it was that bad.  So if you want the before, you can see the video.

Since we are getting our house market-ready, these repairs needed to be made.  With limited budget, we had put it on the back burner since we didn't need to use the room.  We had gotten a new roof last year to prevent further leaks, but the interior was yet to be fixed.  My husband thought we could DIY the ceiling and the floors, and maybe we could have, but I wasn't sure and we needed it done like yesterday.  So I called my contractor, who by the way is AWESOME if you live in this area and need someone.  Happy to pass the info on!!! He came by, looked at it and we talked about what we could do.  We decided on wood laminate floors, and new stock windows that would framed out inside the old frames.  When it came to the ceiling I assumed we would just do the same old beadboard style ceiling, but he made a suggestion... luan plywood.  He told me he could poly it and it would look like a rich cherry or mahogany finish, and that it wouldn't warp, and it would be cheap.  I totally trust this man, so I said, let's do it.

He and his helpers finished the project in 3 days.  ALl that was left was for me to paint the room and the trim.  I chose a very soft blue.  I can't give you a name because it was a mistint I had on hand.  I didn't want to spend any more money on the room, so I worked with what I already had a gallon of!  And it is exterior grade paint which I thought was great for a sunporch.  This room actually has ductwork, so can now be a totally usable year round room if one adds a regular door to it rather than the storm door we now have.  Are you ready for the afters, and are you ready to see the plywood ceiling that rocks my world?  OK, here you go!

 That table was my first ever antique purchase from a store in New Braunfels, TX when we lived in Austin.  It was $93 and was already painted and I loved it!  Plus the legs come off and I only had a Jetta at the time.  When we bought our first house in Louisiana my mom refinished those chairs and wove the seats as a housewarming gift to us!  The chairs were purchased at an antique shop in PA.  And there is a little white bench on the other side of the table I bought for $5 at the auction a couple years ago.
 The trash bin is IKEA and it is actually where we put our recycling.  The hutch was a craigslist purchase a couple years ago.  I think I paid 50 for it, a table and some chairs.  I painted it and added anthropologie knobs.   The chippy aqua and white cabinet was a craigslist purchase a few years ago for $40.  It is where we store dog supplies and all my spray paints (since I spray paint outside!)  By the way I have the pink, coral, and orange in the fiesta ware, too, but I was keeping it cool and blue and green back here.
 The green trunk/bench came straight out of my inventory, and the cushion on top came from another piece in my inventory, but they both worked well for that spot and suited the blues and greens I was going with in the room.  And now the ceiling....
 I mean, really, who knew?

I am sooo so happy with this room, and so thankful to Jimmy, our contractor for suggesting plywood.  I love it!  He is so wonderful that he has even offered to drive over an hour to our potential new  house once this one is sold so he can inspect it and he will also be able to do any work we need to it.  It's so refreshing to find a contractor I trust, get along with, and who is so kind and helpful.  I don't even know if he knows what a blog is, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Jimmy!