Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Guest: Shannon from AKA Design

Happy Friday!  We are gearing up here for some real Fall weather this weekend, perfect for soccer games, morning coffee and walks, and sleeping with the windows open a crack!  Love it!  I might just have to hit Einstein's this weekend for my favorite of the season.... Pumpkin bagel!  YUM!  Anyhow, how bout I introduce a wonderful guest!  Today I have the lovely and talented Shannon who makes up one half of AKA Design. (Her husband, Dean, makes up the other half).  The first project that lured me to their awesome blog was this headboard....

You are drooling, aren't you?  Well wipe it up and check out more of their home...

Super talented and super stylish, they are a dynamic duo!  So excited to share them with you today!

Hi! I'm thrilled to be guest posting here at Primitive & Proper today!

I don't know about you, but I love a good project. Hubby and I do loads of big projects around here like gutting our kitchen, building a bedroom, and of course plenty of furniture face-lifts. But much like John and Sherry we like to tackle small projects in between to get our mojo back.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

I have a quick and easy, although I must admit, not entirely original idea to share with you. I've written a little tutorial to make some cute little flowers out of 'admit one' tickets.
I first saw these at Timeless Southern Home back in February. I bookmarked Traci's post, but I didn't get around to making them until now. I also really wanted to do the tutorial with photos of each step. DIY is so much easier that way, don't ya think?!
All the supplies you need are a roll of tickets, some buttons and a hot glue gun. I have a button jar with a bunch of odd buttons and I bought the roll of tickets at Dollarama. I'm sure you could find them at the party supply store if there are none at your dollar store.
Step 1
Tear off a length of tickets (I used 30) and fold accordion style (back and forth, back and forth). If you have a double roll like the one pictured above, just tear in half.
Step 2
Hot glue along the short edge of each ticket on the fold and press together.
Step 3
After all the edges are glued, fan around to form a flower and hot glue remaining seam.
Step 4
Hot glue a button onto one side in the centre of the "pinwheel".
And that's all! Four easy-peasy steps!
You could display these on a side table, or tucked into a Christmas tree or along with some candy corn and pumpkins in a fall gathering!
What do you think? Pretty easy - yes?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thank Yous and a Move-in Date!

I owe some thank yous!

First, thank you to Kahli of Design Par Deux for sending me a yard of ultra cool fabric!  I told her how much I loved the fabric on this chair redo she did, and she offered it to me.  I can't wait to have a vanity stool or chair to use it on soon!
Double Take: Pink Floral French Side Chair Before & After

 Thank you to Ali of My Third True Love for some awesome and fun decor!  I ordered these items from her shop, and LOVE them!

Halloween Spiders!
Halloween Spooky Spiders - Book page paper decorations

I also had her make me a white one of these pom pom garlands for my new fireplace!  LOVE it!  You will get to see it hanging form the new mantle soon enough.
Jar-o- Pom Pom Garland - CHIC

Thank you to the following people for the versatile blogger award:

Mandy, aka, The Project Queen, who has come up with such brilliant projects as this one...

and this one...

And also to Deb of Twice Nice whose own gorgeous work includes these pieces...


And one last thank you for now, to my own parents.  They have put up with my family of 4 living with them for the past 5 weeks.  I know I can be rather difficult when I am stressed out; and let's face it, this last month has been stressful!  So thank you so much, Mom and Dad, for loving all of us unconditionally and putting up with all of us and all of our stuff and noise.  We appreciate it more than I can say!

Which leads me to move in date news, finally!!!!  Everything has now been scheduled and we will be in our new home on Weds, October 5!  HOORAY!  Stick around so you can see the tour of all before photos of course!

And please don't forget to enter my fave things GIVEAWAY and take your chance to ask me anything you want to know from me!  Personal, creative or business.... ask away!

Til tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Piece of Work Wednesday Furniture Link Party Number 55!

Hey there!  Happy POWW!  Ok, so technically it IS still Tuesday, but it's my party and it begins when I want to.  And I had planned to run some errands today, but the day started out with a less than healthy Emmy, so we've been home.  We have practiced reading comprehension, writing words, cutting them out, and we are about to go paint.  Ah, another day in the life!

Hope your week is off to a good start.  Heather called me to let me know that we raised a good bit of money for Cora on Saturday, so that started my own week off right.  I also started reading The Happiness Project this past weekend.  I am a generally happy and content person, but lately I am feeling a need to just let go.  Let go of worry.  Let go of the stress that "things" cause.  Let go and get back to basics and find the truth.  I am ready to embrace a little more simplicity and find the real joie de vivre, which doesn't come from stuff, or appearances.  It comes from within.  I have a very strong desire to be a good role model for my kids, and raise them to be strong, confident, and aware that stuff is just stuff.  Moving out to the country will certainly help me slow my life down and I am looking forward to that.  Oh, but don't worry- I will still go full force with what I love, and that is making the new house a home.

Also, speaking of finding happiness, don't forget to enter my 2k Follower Giveaway, where you could win a few of my favorite things, which might help you with finding your own happiness.  You never know.

Today, I have a special furniture redo to share.  My brother Dana has the most wonderful girlfriend, Viri.  If they ever broke up, I might be more heartbroken than him, because I want her to be a part of our family.  She just fits.  And she's funny and a good match for him.  Anyhow, I digress...

Dana's birthday was in August, 6 days before mine.  He wanted nightstands.  I found one on craigslist (It actually has a match, but they want mismatched nightstands).  I emailed him the link and asked if I could get it for his birthday and paint it for him.  Well, Viri loved it so he decided he wanted to buy it and have me paint it for her birthday.... so I still owe him a present!  Here is the before....
My mom had made them a bedskirt and some pillowcases and still had the fabric, so I coordinated with that.  I painted it one of my favorite colors, Newburg Green by Benjamin Moore.  When I was in Califorina a couple weeks ago, I showed Viri the tables I did with the dipped leg look.  She loved it, so we decided to add that look to her table with an accent of mustard yellow.  I used the same method as before with DecoArt Americana in Marigold Souci, which my mom had on hand.  Then I distressed the table, and gave it a coat of Minwax polycrylic.  And here it is now... It will be trekking across the country later this week via UPS. :)

I am so grateful that I get to help out with my brother's home, even though I am miles away.

So, what projects have you been working on?  I love seeing your furniture makeovers each week!

1. Must be a furniture makeover or build.
2. You must be a follower of my blog.
3. Add my button or a text link to your post or sidebar.
4. NO Etsy shops!
5. No repeats- your project must be new to my party.
6. Leave others some comment love!

I am sharing here:
Altar'd Furniture Creations BlogDomestically SpeakingPhotobucketFurniture Feature Fridays

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sponsor Highlight Monday!

Today I want to highlight another fabulous sponsor, Happy Baby Designs!  Rebecca, the shop owner and creative mastermind, offers all sorts of wonderful products for babies and tots.  Here are some of my favorites from her shop right now!

I love this retro flower binky bag!  Rebecca came up with the idea of binky bags, and I wish I had these when mine were babies.  I can't tell you how many binkies I picked up off the floor when we were out and sucked on myself to "wash off"... EEW.  I could have had an accessible clean stash right there on my stroller!
Binky Bag-Retro Flower

Emmy would LOVE this pink French kitty apron.  She loves to help me in the kitchen, and this would be so cute on her!
Child Apron - French Kitty

These bath cloths are the CUTEST ever!  and so soft and easy to use!
Bath Cloths - Birds, Set of 2

And I love this soft baby blankie, perfect for a baby boy!
Baby Blankie - Blue with Dots

If you are going to be having a baby, or need a shower gift, be sure to check out Happy Baby Designs!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Musings and 2K Follower Giveaway! And ASK ME ANYTHING!

Happy Sunday!  So far, this day has started off well.... Sawyer and I went for a little jog together (by little I mean 5 minutes, but it's a start for him and I am looking forward to having a little running buddy).  Then I continued enjoying the weather by going for a walk, with The Avett Brothers on my ipod to keep me inspired. A few weeks ago, Rene introduced me to them on her blog and I loved their music and downloaded a CD.  This song is the one that got me hooked (Thanks, Rene!)....

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying the entire CD.

Today, our family is off to West Elm for some couch shopping.  Chris and I have decided to get coordinating his and hers couches since I like firm, and he likes the kind you sink into.  So we've decided we should each get what we want and be happy.  Of course we won't order anything until we are in the house at some point next week, but we want to be ready!

Now onto the fun with a giveaway and a chance to ask me anything!  Somehow (I say somehow because it has been slow going and I have lost many followers over the past couple months of not many projects due to having no house!), this blog has acquired 2000 followers, which I find astounding!  To celebrate, I am giving you the chance to ask me anything you want.  Just comment here with a question. I will compile my answers into a post and answer them all.

Also, I am going to give one reader a few of my favorite things....

Up for grabs:
A CD of my favorite tunes
Swedish fish
Swedish fish
A Purdy Paint Brush

A $25 Target Gift Card
target frame Target Expands Grocery Offerings
A Bag of Dunkin Donuts Coffee

I can't live without these things, and one of you won't have to either! (And pardon the photo alignment- I have been trying for about 20 minutes and for some reason the darn brush and dunkin donuts image are not agreeing with blogger!)


1. Must Be a Follower

Not Mandatory Extra Entries:
2. Ask me a question or multiple questions in one comment.
3. Like me on Facebook.

Giveaway will stay open though Friday September 30, winner announced Saturday October 1.  As a note, we are moving into out new house either 10/3 or 10/5, so if you win your prize might not be mailed out right away.  But I didn't want to delay the celebration!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

POWW Faves!

Well, what a week it has been over here.  Craziness.  I still don't yet know when I will be closing on my house but it will be October 3rd or 5th at this point and we will move in at that time.  Thankfully, though we miss our dogs greatly, they are well cared for with friends at the moment.... so well cared for that I don't even think they will want to come home to us!!!!  In the meantime, I have a little more time just to dream up ideas for our new home. Yay!

This morning, I am off to the Crofton Craft Fair in Crofton, MD, to sell bows, ponchos, tees, jeans, that my friend Heather crafted.  She has been a vendor at craft shows for about 6 years now, and she is also Cora's mother.  So right now we are working to sell her existing inventory off, with all proceeds going to the Cora Dalik Fund.  If you love locally come see us there!  It's right off Rte 3 and there will be signs- you can't miss it! It runs from 10-4, rain or shine.

So let's check out this week's picks!

Christie from Rambling of an Ophelia really wowed me with her compass table.  I can so see it in a baby boy's nursery next to his mama's glider.  Pretty amazing, right?

Another Christine of Three Pixie Lane painted this fabulous secretary.  And hello- love that banner!

Courtney from The Apprentice Extrovert painted this awesome table!  LOVE those stripes!  It's a fabulous color and update!

Emily of Emily's Upcycled Furniture created this awesome rustic piece.  Love the colors, warmth, and finish.  It sings happy Fall to me!

And lastly, how fun is this chair from Rasha of My Champagne Taste?  Adorable!

Ok, folks, happy weekend!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Guest: Laurie from Little Blue Chairs

I am so excited to introduce you today to Laurie from Little Blue Chairs.  I had the opportunity to meet Laurie back in March at our local bloggers brunch.  She is hilarious and sweet- I loved her instantly!  And she is adorable, with the cutest hair ever.  And she has great style, mixing in some of her Swedish heritage (another thing we share in common, though mine is on a lesser level).  My favorite project of hers made its way around the blogosphere, so you may have seen these awesome painted floors....

And more recently she has used salvage wood to create an awesome wall...

She is one talented lady who does not disappoint.  And now, here's Laurie!

Hello Primitive and Proper readers, this is Laurie from Little Blue Chairs, and I am super excited that Cassie asked me to prepare a guest post.  I had been hoping to have some super wonderful project completed to reveal today, but sadly, I didn't finish.  Instead I have something different, something a bit more revealing.  I hope you enjoy it.

Meet my little blue chairs, these chairs were an important part of my childhood and something I inherited from my Grandmother, but I have slowly started to realize they have a larger significance.  In their own little way,
they sum up what I am all about.

In simple words, they
are old, blue, painted, hand-me-down, simple, small, useful,
decorative, well worn,  hand crafted & quirky.

And I
love old things, painted things, blue painted things are even better.  I
love well loved and handed-down things, useful and decorative things,
and quirky, whimsical things.  It is what I am about and in the end what
Little Blue Chairs is about.

have always loved old things, I have a touch of the romantic in me.  I
love the idea that others have touched, used and loved objects before
me, and that the joy they had has imprinted on the object.  And if I can
have things that have a personal connection to me and my family, even

That is why using the barn wood in my parents
bath was such a joy for me.  The barn had been long destroyed, but I get
a pleasure knowing that, at least part of it can still be enjoyed.

There are many pieces I
am still dying to get my hands on.  Like this highchair used by my dad
and his brothers. Yes it needs work, but I think I can handle it.

Or the trunks my
grandfather emigrated from Sweden with (and yes I get the chairs as

It actually makes me sad
they are sitting out there, just waiting to come home to me. (Can
you hear them crying out too?)

I am a sucker for
blue paint, Ok, maybe paint in general, but blue is my favorite color
and has been for most of my life.  It makes me happy, and if something
makes you happy, then I think you need to treat yourself to some of that
happiness.  For me the blue makes me happy in my kitchen.

It is not my dream
kitchen, but it is a place that makes me dream in the mean-time.  It is
just happy an unexpected.  I also like blue on my floor.  OK I LOVE the
blue paint on my floors. I really want hardwood floors, but I want to
paint them blue and white.  Really, I do, but I don't think I can get
away with that one.

I love hand-me downs, again, especially if
it is from the family or someone I adore.  The closer the connection the
more I treasure it.  Like this desk.

It is the desk my
husband and his dad made when my he was a young boy.  It has now been
updated and is being used by our daughter.  It has been re-imagined, but
all that love and the story is still there.

I am a big
believer that the things used in everyday life should be beautiful and
feel good.  I go for wicker baskets over plastic bins, wood spoons, and
glass jars.  I don't ever spend a fortune on these things, but if I have
a choice, I chose the pretty one, even if it is only me who sees it, I
am just saying.

quirky, yes I am quirky, and I think you are all quirky too. By quirky,
I mean those things, characteristics and hobbies that make you unique. I
believe we all need to bring the quirk in and proudly display it.  If
you love to knit, then you should have your knitting out, If you collect
star wars figures, then yes, find a few places here and there
(unexpected) that Yoda can reside.  Of course the key is moderation, but
let people know they are in your home and not a model home.  I kind of
like rocks, so I have them around me.

and we have
invited fairies to come and stay with us in the back yard.

And yes I even have a
gnome living in my kitchen.

But in the end all of the
things used to describe my beloved chairs, also describe much of what I am about, and in the end it all comes back to those Little Blue

So, again I am sorry I did not have a super fabulous reveal to share, but I thank you for letting me share my love of the simpler things.