Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Pink Playroom Tree with a Special Topper, courtesy of Jingle Bell Junk Swap


 A group of amazing women and I decided that it would be a blast to do a "Jingle Bell Junk Swap" as we so called it.  We each drew a name, and had to send that person some sort of vintagey junk that cost less than $5 and the recipient had to create a Christmas decoration of sorts.
Here is the whole group that participated so that you can go see what everyone else created with their junk!

Bliss Ranch
Five Days..Five Ways
Jane of All Crafts
Junky Vagabond
Nellie Bellie
Primitive and Proper
My Third True Love
The Bold Abode
The Thriftress
Vintage Drama
We heart DIY

I sent Bliss a sweet little vintage plastic horse and can't want to see what she made! Bella sent me a chicken feeder.  As soon as I received it I googled "chicken feeder Christmas" because I wanted to be certain that whatever idea I came up with was out of my own head, and not an idea I already had seen online.  So I can 100% assure you that my creation came out of my head (along with several other scary thoughts... ).  If someone has made one of these before I have NOT seen it.

OK, so my idea... make a silver tinsel snowflake tree topper in a rustic glam sort of look using only the chicken feeder and silver pipe cleaners!  Of course I also had to come up with a way to hang it, but that will be coming later this week at the DIY club.  (I will give you a hint... dischanger).

Anyhow, here is what I was working with: a chicken feeder, and 8 silver pipe cleaners, joined at the center of each.
I put the center of the pipe cleaners in the center of the chicken feeder, and wove the ends into the holes so they came out.  Then I cut 4 pipe cleaners in half, left with 8 pieces.  I twisted those pieces onto the ends, a couple inches down, so that I was left with a snowflake design.

Here is what it looks like on the top of our pink playroom tree, that is all about the kids!

While we were here, I thought we'd take a closer look at this awesome pink tree my kids decorated!  I strung the red beads for them and hung the high ornaments, but other than that, all theirs!  These ornaments are special to them, and they have made many of them as well.....
 Let's light that baby up!
 Yeah, that's what I am talking about!  But seriously, do you see how well spaced those ornaments are?  My kids did that!  So proud!
I want to share some of their special ornaments.  This one is the first one Sawyer looks for every year.  Even though he doesn't play with his Thomas trains as much anymore, he still looks for his Thomas (and Percy) ornaments.

Emmy has a couple of sweet fairies....

Every year my parents take the kids to Homestead Gardens to see the trains and get an ornament.  This year Emmy was too sick with the stomach bug to go, so Sawyer chose an ornament for her.  He chose this ballerina hippo... how cute!!!  She loves it, and loves that her big brother chose it just for her.

My mother in law made this one for me when Sawyer was a baby.  Here is my little baby, sent from Heaven.

Sawyer made this gingerbread man in preschool.  It's lost an eye as you can see, but it's still well loved here.
 Last year, Sawyer was loving Gnomeo and Juliet, so this was his ornament from Homestead... I happen to love it!

And this tree even features some heirlooms, passed down from me to my kids....  I was two when I got this one... you do the math.

I simply love that the kids have their very own tree to decorate.  Watching them unveil the ornaments underneath tissue paper and bubble wrap was magical!  The clung to the stories I told them behind each one, and I know that one day those stories will get passed on to my grandchildren.

Now, make sure you visit all the others and see what they have created!  I have seen a couple already and you don't want to miss them! :)

Bliss Ranch
Five Days..Five Ways
Jane of All Crafts
Junky Vagabond
Nellie Bellie
Primitive and Proper
My Third True Love
The Bold Abode
The Thriftress
Vintage Drama
We heart DIY

And before I leave you, I wanted to share a couple of pictures from this weekend's festivities, "Christmas in Myersville" which includes a tree lighting, parade, and Santa!  We had friends come visit for the festivities, and the kids all had a blast!  And I have to say, I think the real Santa was in our presence....
Maya, Emmy, and Sawyer

Our town's tree
 And here is the big guy himself!

We truly enjoyed the festivities.... I thank my lucky stars every day that we live in such an amazing place, and at times like this I sit back and watch my children beam, and think "This is what it's all about.  This is why I am here."


Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Your kids' tree is magical!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

I love that tree and the special meaning that each ornament holds! You are creating the most wonderful memories for your children! Looks like a great weekend! And way to get crafty with your tree topper!

Andi said...

Yay for pink trees!! The tree topper is so unique and clever! You managed to make it look sparkly without glitter! haha!! And knowing that you are really happy makes me happy...even though I don't get to see you guys as much as I would like. xo

Julia Konya said...

What a cool idea! And I love the whole Jingle Bell Junk Swap event too.
The kids are so cute!

The Far Fifty said...

I love your playroom tree, what a fun idea! Love all their ornaments and cute smiles!

The Far Fifty said...

I love your playroom tree, what a fun idea! Love all their ornaments and cute smiles!

Shari @ said...

That sounds like a fun idea! I'm jealous :) I can honestly say that I have never seen a pink three, that I can recall anyway. That is amazing!

Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

That is craziness!!! The perfect topper for you Pink Tree! Oh, that tree still gives me the giggles!!!

Thank you, Cassie, for being a part of our Junk Swap and for coming up with this totally rockin' name! You are THE best...

Andrea said...

So clever! It looks perfect on that gorgeous pink tree. Your little town is precious.

Mary said...

You are so clever! The tree topper is fantastic and I loved seeing your childrens special ornaments.

Dana Frieling said...

Ahh, they did great! Love the junk swap idea. Creativity at its best.

DecorandtheDog said...

Ooooooo, pink!! Very nice.

Love the chicken feeder ornament!

Bliss said...

You trend setter you! Every junk loving person is going to want a chicken feeder tree topper. I. Kid. You. Not!!! It's awesome.


Janel from NellieBellie said...

Chicken feeder tree topper??? You are just too much. I want one now. Your tree looks fabulous!

pam {simple details} said...

Could you be more creative?!! I can't believe you came up with a tree-topper! Love your fun traditions! :)

Angela @ Number Fifty-Three said...

That Kermit ornament really brings back memories! I remember having a bunch like that! Your tree topper is awesome and I love that your tree is pink. I may or may not have been in kindergarten in 1980. EEEEKKKK!


Dear Emmeline said...

how fun! i fashioned a pipe cleaner star for a paper christmas tree activity with our youth group kids last night! it was fun but not nearly as fancy as yours.

Kelly said...

What an awesome tree topper! It looks heavy though, I can't believe it's staying up there so well. Loved seeing all their special ornaments. It reminded me that we haven't picked out special ornaments for my kids for this year yet! I bet there's a thomas the train ornament in our future... :)

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

You are the funnest mama in all the world! That pink tree is crazy awesome! And your little munchkins are, as ever, the cutest!

Junky Vagabond said...

A Pink Tree? With a Chicken Feeder Tree Topper? We must be visiting Cassie's house :) I LOVE this little piece of junk - truly outstanding!

Brandy~GreyLaneHome said...

What an awesome idea. Love the pink tree and all the ornaments. Happy Holidays.

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I think I need to get a kids tree. We usually only have 1 tree and I love to use all the sentimental and handmade ornaments, I would love to have my own adult, glam tree as well. Love your new tree topper as well. Very clever!

Ali Richardson said...

LOVe this post friend. Of course I think the chicken feeder tree topper is genius, but I love even more the stories of your sweet kid tree, ornaments, and the love you have for your sweet family. I love u!!

Lisa @ Turning Tables said...

Your chicken feeder snowflake is super cool. I love it! and I love picturing your sweet kiddos faces smiling big at all of their ornaments. So cute and such a great tradition to let them have/decorate their own tree. They did a great job xo

amber-wills said...

Jingle Bell Junk Swap...too cute of an idea! You did a great job!

I love the pink tree! Your kids did an amazing job of decorating it. We are still at the breaking ornaments stage with our little one!

Amber @ Wills Casa

andrea@townandprairie said...

What a novel tree topper! You made that primitive feeder become so very proper and regal!

Anneke {RustiChic} said...

What a FUN playroom tree! And they did get them spaced pretty darn near perfect! Great topper! ;-)

~Anneke at

Renee said...

Great idea! I just love seeing what you creative gals come up have awesome creative brains!!!

Sarah AKA The Thriftress said...

Chicken feeder as tree star is pure genius! Too cute on the kids tree!

Brooke Larsen said...

I love everything!

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Genius with the pipe cleaners! I LOVE Homestead Gardens! When my grandmother was alive and living in Annapolis, that was her favorite outing for us to do. And they do Christmas beautifully.
xo Heidi

K @ Shift Ctrl ART said...

I love that pink tree. So perfect for the kids' ornaments :)

Claire Rose said...

Just wanted to let you know you are on my Saturday favorites-have a great holiday!