Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Piece of Work Wednesday Furniture Link Party Number 73!

Happy POWW!  Before I get to the party I want to share with you a couple pictures from the space Sarah and I have just finished setting up at Wild Rose & Co for our new venture, Persephone!  We will have our grand opening this Saturday from 10-5, but the shop is also open Weds through Saturday!  And please note, you do not need to get your eyes checked.  I had to blue out one item as it will be in Annapolis Home magazine and I can't show pictures of it yet. :)

And we are proudly carrying some of the awesome pom pom garland's my talented and crafty friend, Ali, made!  Sarah and I had so much fun setting up and both laughed that even if we sell nothing we will have fun decorating it each month! :)  Of course, we do hope to sell stuff, too.  If you are local, please come out and see us this Saturday!  We would LOVE to have you there!

Ok, this is one of my absolute favorite pieces I am going to share with you today.  If I had room or the need I would keep it!  But I love the white midcentury dresser Chris and I already have and it fits more than this one.  So up for sale it goes.

I am sharing all the details, and the how-to's over at the DIY Club today, but will share with you a quick before and after.  Oh, and you will want to go check it out because I swear by the wood filler AND I tried out a new finishing wax that I love!  It was so easy to use!  Anyhow, here is the before.  All the screws had fallen out as I drove home with it, thus all the handles barely hanging on!  Plus, it makes the before/after even more dramatic! ;)
 And after"

To see all my projects at the DIY Club, just click on the button:

Also, wanted to let you know the new monthly DIY Club Project Party starts TOMORROW!  Click here to see the fabulous prize package!  And head over there tomorrow to link up your DIY projects!

So let's see what you have been up to!  Remember the RULES!!!
1. Your project must be a complete furniture project!
2. It must be a new link here- never before linked to one of my parties., though it can be an old post.
3. NO Etsy shops or the like!
4. You must be a follower!
5. You must place my button or a text link in your post or sidebar.

Leave others some comment LOVE!
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MirrorMate $200 Giveaway!

After I posted my own MirrorMate silver leafed frame yesterday, the lovely people at MirrorMate asked me if I thought my readers might be interested in a giveaway for $200 towards the purchase of a MirrorMate frame.  Well of course!  So many of you commented that you needed something like this for your own home, so here is your chance!  One winner will receive $200 towards your very own MirrorMate!

I went with the unfinished Soho, but if you don't like that there are several other options and finishes to choose from.

The Bellemeade...
Bellemeade Vintage Champagne
The Pacifica...
Pacifica Silver Sheen
The Tribeca...
Tribeca Burnished Brown

These are just a few of the many different styles to choose from!  This is the easiest and most efficient way to upgrade those builder grade mirrors!

So, would you like to win $200 towards your very own MirrorMate?

Here are the ways you can enter, and remember to LEAVE A SEPARATE COMMENT FOR EACH!

1. Be a follower of my blog!
2. Hop on over to MirrorMate and let me know which frame style is your favorite!
3. Like Primitive and Proper on Facebook.
4. Like MirrorMate on Facebook.

Giveaway ends Sunday 2/5/12 at midnight.  Winner announced on Monday 2/6/12.  Good luck!

Monday, January 30, 2012

$250 West Elm Gift Card Giveaway at Hometalk!

I recently signed up to be a member at a site called hometalk.   It’s a great community with lots of knowledgeable people on all topics ranging from building, to gardening, design and MORE! 

I recently shared one of my all time favorite projects over there.  This project was done about 2 1/2 years ago, so maybe some of you haven't seen it?  This is the piece: the turquoise French sideboard:

The lovely people over at Hometalk asked me if I wanted to select a diy/home decor type of store to giveaway $250 credit to!  So since I love you so much (and I know whoever wins will split it with me, right?  right? ), I chose one of my all time favorite stores for textiles... We own rugs, curtains, bedding, pillows, from this amazing place.  That's right, West Elm, baby.

Hometalk is giving away a $250 West Elm gift card to one of their members. It really is a great community, and the interface is very similar to FaceBook.  Hop on over and check it out, become a member and answer the weekly giveaway question about my project to be registered to win!  You know you want it!
How to enter:
Please note you do NOT enter here.  You enter on their site!  I am just informing you!
  • Become a HomeTalk member.
  • Answer the weekly giveaway question here for a chance to win a $250 The West Elm gift card. The hometalk weekly giveaway is open to both US and Canadian residents. Giveaway ends Sunday 2/5 at midnight.  HomeTalk announces the winner every Monday morning.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post.  The opinions shared here are my own, and I thought you guys would LOVE a West Elm Gift Card!

Turning a New Leaf with MirrorMate & Winner!

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  Chris gave me some much needed time to work on projects this weekend, which was amazing and I feel like I got so much done.  And I even tried a new and super easy recipe for whole wheat pizza crust that I found on pinterest.  It was yummy a little healthier as far as pizza goes!  The kids made their own mini pizzas, and Chris and I made a larger one.  I love trying new things I find on pinterest!

Today, Sarah and I start moving into our space at Wild Rose and we are SO excited!

Anyhow, I want to share one of my weekend projects with you today.
I was beyond thrilled when Amy from Beach Chic asked me if I would like to review a MirrorMate frame for our home!  The only hard part was choosing which mirror as all 3 of our vanity areas have builder grade mirrors.
I could choose the guest bath....

Or the master vanity area....(this picture is from move-in week- the boxes are all gone! )

Or the kids vanity area....

So many ugly bathrooms, so many builder grade mirrors, but I had to choose one.  Well, since I hope to work on the guest bath this year, I thought I would start there!  It also is the bathroom on the main floor that most visitors see, so I thought it would benefit the most.

I ordered the Soho in the unfinished as I knew I wanted to paint it or finish it somehow.

I wasn't sure yet how I wanted to paint it... black?  gray?  aqua?  Then inspiration hit via a blog.   I KNOW I saw someone silver leaf a frame and I can NOT for the life of me remember who did it or where the post is, so PLEASE if you know tell me so I can link back!  Anyhow, I decided to silver leaf the frame.  Before that though, I had to put it all together as it came in 4 separate pieces and the hardware and glue to assemble it.
Assembling it was extremely easy and my corners all lined up beautifully.  Once it was assembled and the glue was dry (I waited 1 hour),  it was ready for the the finishing process.  There are several great tutorials out there for leafing such as this one from My Champagne Taste, but I found I sort of vaguely followed it while also making up my own as I went along.

I started by painting the frame with Rustoleum's glossy black oil based paint.  This is an important step as if there are any gaps, this is the color that will show through and black works best with silver.  One coat was enough though as it doesn't need to be perfect since it will get covered.
 I let the paint dry overnight, about 18 hours, and then I sprayed it with a special spray adhesive  (I purchased mine from Michael's).  Most tutorials said to wait 45 minutes to apply the leaf, but my can said wait two minutes, so I trusted my can and got to work after just a short time.  I went around, piece by piece, adding the leaf, using the wax paper to hold and press in place.  Then, most tutorials suggest using a soft brush to go over it.  I tried that but found that my fingers worked better, so I brushed gently with my fingers, and then also filled in any gaps by picking up little scraps and rubbing onto the gals with my fingers.  Here are a couple pictures during the process...

I made it around the entire mirror with one sheet to spare, after frantically calling Chris who had been out running errands and begging him to stop and get me one more package as I was sure I would run out.  Oops.  I will be returning that to Michael's.  Once it was all in place I did use the brush just to free it of any little scraps before I sealed it.  Then I sprayed it with 3 coats of Mona Lisa Metal Leaf Sealer (again, I got mine at Michael's).  Then I allowed it to dry.

Then it was time to follow my MirrorMate hanging instructions, which were super easy!  You do need one person to help while you hold the frame in place, but my husband was happy to help me out and it took all of 5 minutes.  Here it is hanging now.... Ooooh Aaaah... imagine the rest of the bathroom is as glamorous as the mirror!

I absolutely LOVE it!  Hopefully I will get to work in this bathroom soon so the rest of it looks as awesome as my MirrorMate frame!

I also was very happy about my silver leafing experience and now feel more ready to tackle my nightstands which I plan to gold leaf!

Please note that all opinions are mine and mine alone.  And I happen to think the frame is AWESOME.

Also, the winners of the Welcome Home E-books are....

Korrie from Red Hen Home & Deb from Twice Nice!  Ladies- shoot me an email! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Impossible: Complete! (and Last Chance at Giveaway!)

First of all, today is your last chance to enter the giveaway for the Welcome Home E-book!!!!

As you can see in my sidebar, I am taking part in the "Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge".  My impossible was the tast of painting Emmy's closet doors.  This may not seem that bad to some of you, but I can't stand painting trim or doors- especially cheap brown hollow doors.  In our last house, it took me forever to paint any doors (the trim was already painted), and even then I only ended up painting the doors to our master bedroom and then grew tired of painting doors!  I wish it was more fun, but oh how those doors daunt me!

Emmy's closet doors are those ugly hollow doors, and to make matters worse, someone had thought it would be a good idea to shellac the crap out of them so they were nice and shiny.  I thought I had a proper before picture, but I do not have one that shows them closed, so here you get the idea.  This picture was taken the week we moved in and shows that they are brown brown brown.

I was inspired by a fabulous idea I saw on Pinterest to give them some life!
Pinned Image
How fun is that with the chalkboard grass?  Of course, Emmy's room is headed more in a woodsy direction, so lions wouldn't work for me.  And her bedding is very patterned and floral so I wanted to keep the doors free of pattern.  I ordered a fawn vinyl in light brown from the etsy shop tweet heart because I loved the style and the size was perfect and the price was very fair.  I also cut out two shimmery gold vinyl mushrooms by hand with some vinyl I got in a Pick Your Plum giveaway I won from my friend Anna.
So I had the vinyls on hand, and now came the unfun task of painting!  I sanded the doors by hand since they were so shellacked, and then primed them with two coats of Zinnser BIN water based primer.  I then put n two coats of Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue as that will be the wall color.  Then I drew a chalk line of where I wanted the grass.  I used an angle brush to follow that line and then painted under the line with Rustoleums chalk paint tinted in Pea Pod Green.  Once it was all dry, I added my vinyls, and it was DONE!

NOTE: Before you see these pictures, please note that the room and trim will be painted soon.  I know the trim is ugly.  Yes I do.  Also, her room has one window at the north end of the house, so we don't get  the best light.

The rest of her room is a little more "big girl" so this side is all fun for her!  I am really happy with how it turned out and happy to have one set of doors checked off my daunting list!

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The DIY Show OffLink Party UndertheTableandDreamingDomesticallySpeaking

Visit thecsiproject.com

Saturday, January 28, 2012

POWW Faves & Giveaway Reminder!

Happy weekend!!!  We had fun "National Pie Day" party plans for tonight, but we can't get this cold out of our house, and our friends throwing the party have a new baby... so we will be staying away from the party.  It was going to be so fun- you bring your favorite kind of pie to share!  We are sad to be missing it, but would be sadder if we made anyone sick, especially a baby.  So instead this weekend is going to be "project weekend" for me!  YAY!  I do love me some projects!  Yesterday Chris had the day off, so I spent the day conquering my "impossible" (see button in sidebar for details).  I am also working on finishing a MirrorMate frame (I ordered the paintable, so I could put my spin on it), working on some artwork, and maybe getting to some furniture if I have time!  I love having the weekends to work on projects!  Wht are you doing this weekend?  I hope it's fun for you!

So let's get to my faves from this past week!
Katie from Craptastic (I always love saying that... craptastic craptastic!) shared this FUN hot pink chair with a nice fluffy seat!  Don't you want to sit in it and feel like a star?

Kristen from Sophia's Decor shed this fabulously gorgeous bed!  What princess would not love sleeping here?

Betsy Speert also shared some very girly and pretty beds she made beautiful with new paint!

Wow, I must be feeling girly, huh?  Should we keep it girly? Yep, that's what I thought?

How bout this modern girly ombre dresser from Catherine at Paisley & Polka Dot Threads?  Do you love it?  I do!  You really need to see where it started to see how far it has come!

And I love this Moroccan stenciled desk from Savvy Young Something... for the grown up glamorous girl!

And finally... I just LOVE the color and hardware on this desk from Melissa at Shabby Loco.  Isn't it gorgeous?

That's all!  I will be back tomorrow with the reveal of Emmy's closet doors!
And don't forget to enter the giveaway for the "Welcome Home" Ebook!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Guest: Kim from Keller-Creative (and Find Me at lemondrop Dreams!)

Happy Friday!  Can you believe I am guesting at another blog today?  I feel way cooler than I really am this week. ;)  You can find me today over at lemondrop Dreams sharing my design for our master bedroom!  Want a sneakity peek?  Of course you do!  A portion of this gorgeous room inspired me!
Pinned Image
And you guys should really check out Colleen's blog if you have not already!  One of my all time favorite projects was this vanity!  She uses such fun happy colors in her home and has a fresh take on vintage!
So go check her out!
Now, I also have an awesome guest for you today sharing a fabulous and fun DIY project!  Kim is the mastermind behind Keller-Creative.  Kim has a very fun and eclectic style!  I love this glimpse into her office (the little pictures hanging on the wire are awesome!)

And check out this view into her laundry closet!  I love the aqua stripe!

She is here today to share the details of a fun furniture transformation!  Take it away, Kim!
Hi Primitive and Proper readers! I'm Kim and I write over at the blog Keller-Creative. On K-C I run a little series called Behind the DIY. Cassie participated this time around with an amazing reveal of her striped dining room (which I'm still trying to recover from that awesome-ness) and I'm so excited for the tables to be turned so that I get to share a little of my own Behind the DIY on one of my favorite striped projects.
What is the project you will be sharing today?
I'm talking all about my 1940s utlility cart turned monogrammed outdoor bar cart.

Did anything inspire this project, or did it all come tumbling out of your head?
I had seen lots of great bar carts around the blogging world and while I love the look of the faux bamboo and glass ones, I had no room inside my house for one, however I did have a perfect spot on my screened in porch for an outdoor version.
When I saw the cart at an old antique store I orgianlly had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I thought a pattern could be nice and my orginal thought was chevron but since I had just done that I decide to go with stripes instead. I'm wild and crazy, I know.

The idea of making a circle in the center for a monogram didn't come to be until I saw a plastic bowl sitting in my garage. I thought it would make the perfect template.  And I'm a girl who loves a good monogram so it was the perfect fit.

Did the project stay on the original track, or did it evolve on its own?
Like most of my projects, it  evolved as I went. The towel bar was a pretty late addition in the game.

What did you love about doing this project?  What did you love not-so-much?
I love how it's a functional piece and it fits perfect in the space between my door and window on the porch. That was pretty much dumb luck. But I do have to admit the one thing I don't love so much are the colors!

I like the green stripes but I think I went a little too preppy with the pink "K". Interestingly enough the "K" was orginally yellow but I changed it with the first color paint I could grab. The green and pink is cute but it doesn't really go with the rest of the porch. I've considered changing the pink but can't decide what color it should be....
And if you could do it all over, would you?  Or do you love it so much you keep walking by it just so you can look at it? (oh come on, I know we all do it!!!)
I would definetly do this project again! I had so much fun transforming a 1940's utility cart into a bar cart. I think next time I might just plan my colors a little better ;)

Thanks for having me Cassie! You can see the entire tutorial (plus more before photos here).

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's Mantle and a Guest Post

I am so excited because I got to do another very fun guest post this week!  Today, you will find me over at White Lacquer sharing "things I wants".

And while you are there, be sure to check out Patience's blog, if you have not already!  I love her eclectic and dramatic style.  Here is a peek inside of her own home!
Um, hello... check out that headboard!  So hop on over to White Lacquer for a visit!

And now I want to share a little Valentine's decor with you.
As soon as Emmy's party was over, I was ready to take down the rest of the Wintery decor, and get out the Valentine's Day decor.  In doing so, I discovered that I barely had any!  My most precious Valentine's decor I keep out all the time on my bookcases, but I moved it to the mantle for now.  It's a ceramic heart that Sawyer made for me in art class last year.  I also gathered some aqua glass pieces, milkglass, a pink frame with scrapbook paper in it, the heart that Anita gave me, and I made some pipe cleaner hearts on pipe cleaner stems, so I have my very own jar of hearts. :)

But it needed something more!  So I consulted my Valentine's pin board and found just the inspiration I needed.

I am sharing all the details of how I made my new banner at The DIY Club today, but here is how it looks on my Valentine's Mantle!

And here is the look all put together...  I love the colors against the gray.  I still don't love the TV getting in the way of my mantlescaping, but I have to admit I enjoy sitting in there watching TV at night with a fire going!

To see this and all my other DIY Club projects, just click on the button!

The Shabby Nest