Monday, April 30, 2012

Guest Post & Monday Giveaway from Scentsy in Time for Mother's Day!

Happy Monday!  First of all, you can find me over at From Gardners 2 Bergers today! Becca is so talented, and I am honored that she wanted me to be over there to share some of my home with her readers!  And if you haven't visited her blog, you must!  This is my favorite scene from her home...

Anyhow, it's a Monday, and I have another fabulous giveaway for you!  And this one is just in time for Mother's Day!  You can treat yourself, or show your own mother some pampering with a gift from Scentsy!

Recently I was contacted by Scentsy to review their new "Layers" products.

I chose two products to try, the shower gel and the body butter, in the  "Quiver" scent, which had me at vanilla.  It smells amazing!  It's very warm and sultry, a spicy vanilla scent.  The shower gel cleanses and also helps to energize me with its rich scent.  After my shower, I have been using the body butter which is very rich and creamy, which is what my dry skin needs!  The scent lasts a long time which I love.  I am not kidding when I tell you that I find myself smelling my own arms throughout the day just to smell it.  That might make me weird, but it smells that good to me!  As I was writing this, I just went through the images to add them to my post and I kid you not, saw this AFTER I wrote it.  See people, it's that good...

The new layers products are designed to let you layer your scents with all different products, including hand cream, shower gel, body butter, even laundry products!  If you are interested in viewing their catalog, just click here.  And if you would like to purchase or find a consultant near you just click here.

Today, Scentsy is offering one of my readers the chance to win the two products I sampled, the shower gel and body butter, in the scent of your choice, though I strongly recommend "Quiver".

Here are the ways in which you can enter to win!  And remember to leave me a separate comment for each entry!

1. You must be a follower of my blog!
2. Head over to Scentsy and let me know which scent you would choose!

That's it!  You have two chances to enter!  This giveaway will be open until Saturday, May 5, midnight EST.  Good luck!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pictures from a Spring Walk, and Giveaway Winner

Happy Sunday!  Today, I am taking a little break from project posts to share some fun cell phone pictures I have snapped on my morning walks with Jake this Spring.  It's been so beautiful watching it for the first time in this area.  And because I am scared I will see a bear, I always carry my cell phone on my walks.  At least I can call Chris and the kids and just say I love them before I get eaten.  Anyhow, let's get back to happier thoughts and scenes from our walk....

beautiful poppy...

May apple- I just love these!  There is something magical about them  I think their flowers look like fairy hats.

Jake greeting the calves.  They moo at us sometimes, whereas the adults usually ignore us.

This photo cracks me up because all the poppies are facing the wall.  I call it "Poppies in Time Out".

My favorite walking buddy...

And finally, back home and up the loooong uphill driveway.  Perfect way to end the walk!

I love my morning walks when the air is fresh and Spring like, and I love seeing all the flowers bloom.  Perhaps the last picture ever taken on my cell phone will look something like this.....
Man Who Shot Grizzly in Self Defense Garners Huge Support

And now, the winner of the Blue Soul Designs giveaway....

Yay, Allison!  Shoot me an email to claim your prize! :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

POWW Faves & More Thrifty Finds

Happy Saturday!  YAY weekend!  Before I get into the POWW faves, I wanted to share a few recent thrifty finds that are for me.   I think the master bedroom may be next on the list, and this past week I brought in a few new touches.  Last week, I showed you our new quilt, and last Sunday we hit IKEA.  I was searching for some pillows with a punch of color, but didn't find any.  I did, however find two pillows that were meant for our bedding.  They couldn't be any more perfect!

Anyhow, I tried out Tuesday Morning this week, and found a great little pillow with the color I wanted to bring in, and it had a $9 price tag!  I actually bought 2 since they only had 2, and figured I could return the other one, but I don't think I need to and you will see why in a minute.
Here is a picture showing all the new pillows, the white with blue dot pillows are the IKEA ones, and the red and orange pillow is the one that came from Tuesday Morning...

I've been hitting the thrift shops this week, and Sarah introduced me to a new one (Thanks, Sarah!), which may end up being dangerous.  I found this chair there for $26!  I just love its curvy legs, and it is in great shape!  It now sits in the bedroom, and the spare pillow may or may not stay.
 Here it is in the corner of our bedroom, next to our armoire.  I also hung a couple family pictures in the corner.  Of course, this room has yet to be painted, and the trim will get painted as well!

Another recent find was a GIANT map.  I have been collecting several maps (I need frames for more), and wanted a large one to serve as the center piece of a map wall in the playroom.  So the wall has been started now, thanks to this find, one I purchased at the Elizabeth and Co tag sale, and one of many I received from my friend Kathy.  Here is where it stands right now...

The giant map had a price tag of $15 and was already mounted and ready to hang!  I was thinking it would have been nice if it was more vintage as opposed to only 10 years ago, and then I realized that 1992 was not just 10 years ago, but 20.  Really?  1992 was 20 years ago???  Ugh.

Moving on, let's check out this week's POWW faves!

This stained Union Jack table from Domestic Imperfection is, well, perfection!

Love this sweet play kitchen from Dans Le Townhouse, and it is accessorized beautifully.  Emmy would love playing here!

The Junk in Our Trunks shared this fun chalkboard dresser, with paper dolls painted on it!  Emmy would love coloring this girl in, too!  It's such a fun idea!

The Charmed Nest shared this awesome black dresser.  I love the combination of the black with the natural baskets.

Shari from Turnstyle Vogue shared a great idea for spindles on chairs- wrap them in twine!

Kammy from Kammy's Korner shared this beautiful dresser. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
That's it folks!  Happy weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Guest: Sharon from Elizabeth & Co

Happy Friday!  I hope you have all had a great week.... we have another somewhat busy weekend.  I have been working on helping with my neighbor's 50th birthday party, which we are throwing tonight. I am so glad that even though I have known her for much less time than all her other friends, I am still included. We are looking forward to celebrating with her tonight!  Saturday, I don't have too many plans thankfully and need to just take a day "off".  Sunday we are heading to the March of Dimes walk as a family, with the same neighbor who is having a birthday.  Her daughter (who is in Sawyer's class) was born prematurely, so this organization is near and dear to them.  We are walking with their family to show our support.  Then we head to DC that afternoon for a birthday party! Fun weekend!

So, it's Friday, which means I have an awesome guest for you!  Today I have an amazing and talented woman and friend, Sharon from Elizabeth and Co.  I met Sharon before I even started blogging at the Lucketts Fair, maybe the second year I was there as vendor.  She bought a piece from me, and then when I started blogging, she started following me.  She told me she would be at Lucketts again 2 years ago, and I told her to make sure she came and properly introduced herself.  We were able to chat and have formed a friendship.  I consider her one of my biggest supporters, and I was thrilled when she started blogging, too!  It's a great way for us to keep in touch.  Anyhow, aside from being a fabulous friend, she and SO talented and has a small team of women she works with to host a tag sale, which happens to be this weekend!  If you are local to the Westminster MD area, you MUST check it out!  It is a sale well worth attending!  Visit Sharon's blog for all the details, but here are a couple of sneak peek pictures to entice...
Love this cabinet...
Happy colors!
How cute is that little wheelbarrow?
I hope you will check out her blog and sale if possible! Take it away, Sharon!

Hi everyone! I'm Sharon from Elizabeth and Co. and I'm thrilled to be hanging out at Primitive and Proper today. If you follow along, you know that Cassie is one of my favorite people and a real world friend! I've learned so much of what I know about furniture painting from Cassie, so I thought it would be fun to share one of my furniture projects here.

Good furniture finds are getting harder and harder to come by and my garage has been looking a little empty. Well a few weeks ago, Cassie was sweet enough to forward me a listing for this beautiful table and set of chairs from Craiglist. This one was right around the corner from my house, in great condition and reasonably priced - triple yay!

I had a can of oops paint in a soft buttery yellow that I was anxious to try, so I mixed it up with my chalk paint recipe. I was happy to be able to skip the priming step on this one.

I did two coats of paint and a light distressing.

And finished with two coats of wipe-on poly.

Pretty, don't you think?

I always forget how long it takes to paint chairs - it feels like forever!

But these chairs had such pretty details, they were worth the effort!

I replaced the padding and picked a preppy blue and yellow fabric for the seats.

Recovering seats is fun and really transforming, once you get rid of all the old staples. It doesn't look so bad at first.

But then there's the second layer of staples.

And eventually you end up with really sore fingers and a big pile of nasty staples! I highly recommend recruiting a helper, thanks Megan!

I'm thrilled with the end result. I think this sweet little set would look so cute in a cottagy kitchen! And I have Cassie to thank for sending it my way!

This is the kitchen of the little house where we girls at Elizabeth and Co. host occasional vintage tag sales. And this just happens to be a tag sale weekend. If you live in the Westminster, Maryland area, we'd love to see you. If not, I hope you stop by our blog and say hello! We also host a Be Inspired Link Party every Tuesday morning, come join us! ..... Thanks so much for having me over Cassie!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chris Says....

I am participating in "Bring Your Plus One" over at Bird and Branch Redesign.  I showed Chris a series of some of my favorite design images and had him comment on them.
adorable kitchen nook!

Chris: Fear the deer.  There is a deer staring at you while you eat breakfast.  It's a little creepy.
Crisp and clean
Chris: I like it but the walls could use more.
multi-color chairs add a pop of color
Chris: Wow. (not in a good tone) Well, I like the floors.
pink- love it in this room!
This color isn't nearly as bad as the one before.  I like that color pop. (Insert my shock at his like for the pink table here).  I like the chest, too.

Fiddle leaf fig tree
Chris: The only thing I don't like is the frame.
Me: I really like that rug  (trying to draw more out of him).
Chris: Eh, it's ok.

Rustic Dinning room with aqua chairs
Chris: It's not a good camera shot.  I mean, I like it.  The chairs don't look comfortable though. #bedroom #gray
Chris: No thanks.  I mean, really. (Insert my sad face here) I don't like that room.

Dining room
Chris: Oh my God!  I thought the first deer was worse.  No other comments- I can't get past the deer.

aqua love
Chris: Well I know what you like about this room.
Me: What?
Chris: The chandelier.
Me: Yes, and the color.
Chris: I like the faucet.  I would ditch the rug.

quilt & florals. love the pops of color.
Wow.  The pillows are bright and the quilt is way too busy.  It's just too busy on the bed. (Insert snarky laugh from me.)
Me: Bow chicka bow bow.

Thrifty Finds to Spruce up the Porch

I shared a couple weeks ago a little bit of our porch freshening.  Well, since then I have had a couple more thrifty finds, so I thought I would revisit the porch.  We have a Cape Cod style home with a wrap around porch.  There are two exterior doors on the porch- the side door that leads to the kitchen, and the front door.  We don't really actually use the front door since the driveway is closer to the side door.

As I shared last time, I had added a ladder with sap buckets by the side door, and brought out a bench where we can take off our shoes.  Well, I found a crate that fit perfectly under the bench at a barn sale last week, so that is now under the bench to store shoes.  And yes, those are my dumbbells.  I like to work out on the porch when the weather allows it.  And clearly I did not style this photo for you.

When my mother-in-law was here she pulled out a yellow bench I had in the garage to use as a table.  I loved that idea!  And it helps to hide the pipes that come up where our oil gets filled.  At the same barn sale I found the crate, I also found a pair of vintage shellback chairs for $25.  The blue adds a nice pop.

On top of the yellow bench I added some pots I had on hand and potted some impatiens- as you can see I still have more impatiens left!  I told Chris to get one flat of coral and red.  I meant mixed.  He came home with one flat of each.  Oh well.  Anyone need any impatiens?
The kids painted these pots a couple years ago.  I think I painted the blue and green one.

Of course, as you saw on Sunday, I also added the chair planter to the front door...

Also on the front of the porch, I have the yellow bistro set I bought last year to help sell my old house.  We potted a geranium and I added one of my clay toadstools to it.   The kids like to sit here and eat their lunch, dinner, or ice cream. :)

And finally, here is a view of the entire porch...

I have purchased a door color, so some changes will be coming soon!  And we have some fabulous things in the garden in front of the porch about to bloom.   I can't wait ti share!  It's been fun to see what pops up since this s our first Spring here.

Sharing here: CRAPTASTICRemodelaholiceclectically vintage

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Placemats & ROYGBIV

Sorry for two posts this morning, but this one was scheduled, and then I had Sawyer's room finished and ready to share and not a day to share it!  So if you missed that post which went up an hour before, be sure to check out the reveal of Sawyer's Room!

First of all, you can find me over at A Place 2 Call Home today, sharing my "Wednesday Wishes" (a series Jen and I started a few weeks ago).  I will give you a hint....


You all know by now that I love toadstools, deer, anything woodland fantasy.  I just eat it right up.   Well, I have been doing most of those types of projects for Emmy's room, but today, I am over at the DIY Club sharing how I created these fun painted placemats...

Sawyer's Room: The Reveal!

First of all, I apologize for the crazy amount of posts this week- 2/day for a few days in a row, but I have lots to talk about!

Last month I was able to reveal Emmy's room.  I worked on Sawyer's room at the same time, but was held up by vinyls I ordered from etsy.  More on that in a bit. :)  Anyhow, here is what I was working with.... (pictures from moving week)

Sawyer is a regular old 6 year old boy, loving all things lego, trains, Star Wars, and more.  I wanted his room to be a retreat for him and reflect his passions.  I was not yet sure what I planned paint wise, until I saw my friend Carmel's son's fabulous Star Wars inspired room....
YES YES doing this for sawyer's room!  thank you carmel of our fifth house for the best inspiration ever!
I loved what she did to the ceiling and the angled wall.  Sawyer's room also has an angled wall, so I decided to make that side of the room his "galaxy wall".  I chose two paint colors for the walls, as well as Simple White for the trim.  I knew I wanted to overall color scheme to be navy and gray with pops of red and hints of green.  The navy I chose was Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy, and the gray I chose was Smoke Embers, which is a warm earthy gray.  I also ordered tiny glow in the dark stars from this etsy seller,  and I ordered a Star Wars battle scene in silver from this seller, who has since closed shop, thank goodness.  I waited and waited and waited more foe the battle scene, which never came.  I ended up filing a dispute and got my money back.  Of course, that was frustrating, but even more so was the fact that I could not get the vinyls I wanted or anything like it anywhere else.

So came plan B, which I think Sawyer likes better anyhow!  I ordered two lego Star Wars characters from this shop in white, and they came SUPER FAST and are awesome.   If I ever need another lego character vinyl, I know where to order!  I had everything ready, and the vinyls arrived Monday.  They went immediately onto the wall, and the room was photographed.  Are you ready to check it out?  Here is the view standing from his doorway....

Here is the R2 side of his nook....

 and the clone trooper side of the nook...

And this was a paint it and put it together yourself solar system mobile my parents gave Sawyer for Christmas.  He and I did it together.  He did all the big planets and the Sun, and I did the smaller planets.  It also glows in the dark.

And of course his nook, complete with chevron curtains and industrial pipe rods....

Inside the nook, he has "Play" artwork I created a long time ago...

And across from that is a posted we got free at the local Trolley fair.  Do you see which constellation we chose?  "Cassiopeia"- I told Sawyer it was sort of like my name.  So he chose that one.

On the side of the room that his door sits, Sawyer has a closet (where the tall dresser now resides) and a small crawl space door.  I painted these with chalkboard paint and had a little fun with quotes....

The awesome vinyl company also sent this small bonus "Star Wars" vinyl, which I added above his closet door.

And in between his doors are these framed train photos my brother took and gave to Sawyer a few years ago.

Sawyer's room is big enough for the two beds we have that went with his set (inherited from my grandparents).  I painted the dressers blue a while back, and the low one sits in between as a nightstand.   Sawyer and Emmy love to have sleepovers in here since there are two beds.  The quilts came from Pottery Barn Kids, and were the biggest splurge, but seeing as Chris still loves Star Wars, and legos, I feel these quilts will last a long time! :)  The bedskirts are just white inexpensive ones from target.  Frankly, I don't love them, but have you seen all the legos on Sawyer's shelves?  Well, there are bins under his beds, too.

And here is another shot so you can see the pipe curtain rods with it.

My mom made the fabulous lego Star Wars character pillows....

The poster that sits on his dresser is a vintage poster that belonged to my brother.  I framed it in a red IKEA frame.  The lamp is from IKEA as well, and there are a few treasure boxes.  One came from Hong Kong when my brother was there for work, another he made at a pirate party, and another came from Ali's son, Noah.  The owl was a gift from my friend Nicole at Home for Hire.  I painted it glossy red, because each of my kids needs an owl in their room!  And tissues, of course, because it is allergy season.

Next to his bed, there is a little chippy blue antique child's chair that he uses when he puts his shoes on, and a green bin filled with all of his stuffed friends.
Sawyer came home from school Monday and I informed him that his new vinyls had come and were up on the wall, and that his room was now done.  He went upstairs to see it, came down and said... "Mom, that. room. is. AWESOME!"
That right there made all the work, and all the vinyl issues and waiting worth it.  I am so happy that Sawyer has a room that is all about him and expresses his personality and loves. Sharing here: {Primp}A Diamond in the Stuff52 MantelsPhotobucketPhotobucketThe Shabby Nestfive days five ways | feature friday free for allMaking LemonadeShine Your LightI Heart Nap TimeIt's OVerflowingDIY Show OffUndertheTableandDreamingMy Uncommon Slice of SuburbiaMy Uncommon Slice of Suburbiaa href=" ">Thrifty Decor Chick
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