Saturday, June 30, 2012

POWW Faves

Happy Saturday! I have had a crazy busy week and now it is time to be a weekend warrior and bust out some projects!  Woo hoo!  I can't wait to finally accomplish something after this past busy month... I have had loads of fun, but don't have much to actually show for it, aside from some empty wine bottles and dark circles under my eyes.

Anyhow, you all linked up some killer projects this week and I am excited to show off my favorites!

I almost ruined my Mac by drooling all over it when I saw this fabulous dresser from Amy of The Salvage Collection.  Amy kills it every. single. time.  This piece does not break the pattern.

I just love the sweet and simple shape of the classic ice cream parlor chair in this lovely lilac from Stone House Workshop!  It makes me want a mint chip ice cream.  Can someone please get me one?

I am always a sucker for a campaign chest in a bold color!  Love this blue one from Reloved Rubbish!

How amazing is this dresser from Leone Design?  It is such a dramatic statement piece!  It says "Look at me because I am awesome and I know it!"
parcheesi, bold color

I don't know if I will ever tire of chevron.... love this adorable side table from Kayboo Creations!

Shari from Turnstyle Vogue always provides me with wonderful furniture eye candy!  Love the warm happy yellow she used on this hutch.... and paired with the wooden knobs- awesome!

Happy Saturday!  Enjoy doing whatever it is the weekend holds for you!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Guest: Lisa from Shine Your Light

Happy Friday!  I have been busy with my friend in town this week.... we went blueberry picking, fed the calves, went hiking, had ice cream, made blueberry crisp, had some wine, had a girls night.... all in all it has been a loaded but fun few days!  Anyone have any fun weekend plans?  I do!  Mine involve working on some projects around this place.
Today I have an amazing guest for you today!  I am a huge fan of Lisa's from Shine Your Light.  She is one of the sweetest, most genuine, down to earth, and gorgeous bloggers I know!  She is a mom before anything, and has one of the biggest hearts imaginable.  She shares awesome home projects on her blog (as she is about to share with you today) but one of my all time favorite features of hers is "Mangia Mondays" where she shares recipes and hosts a recipe link party.  Many of the recipes she shares are some that I pin to my recipe pinboards because they look so good!  and doable, even by my hand.
I also am a huge fan of her before/after parties.  At the beginning of each month you link up a project you want to work on and hope to finish that month.  At the end of the month you come back and share your finished project!  So fun and it motivates me to get crackalackin! Lisa is here to share with you an array of fabulous projects done with my favorite- PAINT!  Take it away, Lisa!

Hi Primitive and Proper Fan Club!  I am so excited to be here today because I just might be Cassie's biggest groupie.  In addition to being an amazing mom and one of the kindest bloggers I know, is there a more talented, creative or fun blogger on this planet?   This girl rocks - thanks so much for having me, Cassie!

I'm Lisa and I blog at Shine Your Light.  I am happily married, but I confess that I am having a passionate, wild love affair --- with paint.  I know all of you that work your magic on old furniture share this love affair too!

Two years ago when my husband and I were house hunting, I managed to talk him into buying a house that needed a good dose of TLC.  Our realtors thought I was nuts when we would look at houses and I would proclaim them "too nice", but there was just something about bringing an outdated, drab house to life that really lit my fire.  Can you see the potential?

Until we can afford to some major renovations, I have been on a mission to make our house prettier with the power of paint.

Here's our foyer before we moved in...
…and after I painted the trim and walls, added board and batten, and stripped and restained the stairs and bannister.

After I recently spazzed out and spilled paint all over the foyer floor, 
I discovered even the hideous tile looks better with a little paint on the grout!
{Someday I will joyfully take a jackhammer to that tile, but in the meantime, at least the eye isn't drawn to those dingy grout lines anymore.}

In this house nothing has been spared from a fresh coat of paint -
the pantry:
door hardware:
garage stairs:

the inside of closets:
all that sweet orange oak and peach walls:
a beat-up kitchen table and chairs, that I was inspired by Cassie and all you amazing readers to make over:

….even the curtains get painted around here!

I hope the magic of paint in my house inspires you to look at what you have in a new light and see the potential!

Thanks for letting me dish with you today, and thanks again to Cassie for inspiring me every day with her furniture makeovers, home decorating and joy for living!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bloggy Olympics: Time to Link Up Your Paint Project!

Hello peeps!  I have company in town so I am going to keep this brief.  But if you have a paint project to share for the Bloggy Olympics, share it now!  Remember, I showed my butterfly bed last Saturday:

Now it's tour turn!  You can link up here, or at Katie's, or Gwen's!  The party will be open until midnight tomorrow night, and on Sunday I will feature two of my favorite paint projects!

And to give you a head's up of the next events, here is the schedule:
olympic schedule

Link now!

Summer School Blog Etiquette: Sourcing

Today is the final installment of Summer School on blog etiquette with me and Tiffany!  Head on over to Tiffany's blog today to read our thoughts on sourcing properly.

Thank you so much for following us along in this series.  Feel free to catch up on any of our other posts if you missed them:
Link Parties

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vintage Sheet Wreath: Part 2

You may remember last month I created a vintage sheet wreath.  Remember this guy?

Well, when Ali visited last month I told her "Everything you see inside this magical craft closet of mine is at your disposal!"  It was like that scene in Annie.  You know, we both started singing, we linked arms, and Ali said, "I know I'm gonna like it here!"  Ok, maybe not, but it was a happy moment.

Ali decided to make her very own sheet wreath, with some help from me and my supplies.  I am sharing it today over at The DIY Club, but here is a little peek....

So head on over to the DIY Club today for all the details on what went into creating this fun wreath!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

POWW 94: Furniture Link Party

Happy POWW!!!  I am over at the DIY Club today sharing all of the details of this little buffet.  But here is a quick before and after for you.


Again, for all the details, paint, finish, etc, head on over to The DIY Club today!

Now, let's see what you have been working on!

1. Your post must be a completed original project and must be a furniture redo or build.
2. Your post must be new to my parties- do not link something you have shared on this blog before.
3. You must be a follower to party here.
4. No etsy shops or the like!
5. You must place my button or a text link in your post or sidebar.
6. Leave others some comment love!


Monday, June 25, 2012

What I Took Home from Haven

Ok, I know some of you want to hear about Haven, so I am going to share with you my thoughts and what I took home, both physically and mentally.  And I was going to save this post for Wednesday since I didn't have it ready for this morning, but why make you wait?  I will find something else totally uninteresting to share on Weds.  Maybe a post about watching paint dry?  Yes.  Sounds good.

Physically, there was TONS of swag, and I came home with a sample pot of Annie Sloan Provence, Cutter's OFF natural bug spray, a peony stencil from Royal Designs stencils, a Purdy Paint Brush, a Kreg Jig, a wooden wine rack I put together using Ryobi tools, Minwax pencil filler, candy, a Ryobi hat, a Fish Foam Yo Yo.... and I am sure to be leaving some items out.  It as insane how much "stuff" we got just for attending!

Mentally, for me, the absolute best part of the conference was connecting with people who had been online friends only prior to this event.  Now I am so happy they are my real friends.  And I can honestly say, everyone I met was better, prettier, funnier, than I could have possibly imagined.   I was horribly lazy at picture taking (well, loads of others took pics so I knew I could borrow later!).  Here are just some of the people I was able to meet up with.

The night I arrived I hit the Cheesecake Factory with a large group of attendees and I actually took this picture!
From left, Skye, Mars, Lisa, Kim, Shirley, Heather, Vanessa, Karianne, Kelly.

These girls were amazing and definitely helped calm any nerves right away!  Oh, and Mars ordered a salad that came in two lumps, which I fondly refer to as the "Boob Salad".
Skye and Mars with the boob salad
Aren't those gals adorable?  I am thinking of moving to SC just to live near Mars because she is the sweetest and just emits radiance and positive energy.  Ok, so maybe I won't really be moving any time soon, but I sure wish I lived near her!

I spent most of my time hanging out with Kathleen, who I stayed with.  She is awesome, as I mentioned in an earlier post.  Love this girl! And duh, she's gorgeous.
Me and Kathleen
Kathleen and I spent a good amount of time with Sarah as well.  Sarah is my business partner and I was SO glad she was there!  She is hilarious and we are always on the same page.  She. Completes. Me.
For real, the gal is awesome.  I am so glad Kathleen didn't kill her with this Ryobi tool she was trying out....
Sarah had no idea what Kathleen was planning....
Oh, and Sarah came away with a lot more than I did.  She won the big Annie Sloan prize package!  Here she is, still in shock.  I did enough crazy whooping and hollering for both of us- I was so happy for her!
Sarah with her prize package and Lesli behind her. 
Speaking of Lesli, here is a picture of Sarah and I with her.  This lady is amazing- I love her creative and eclectic home, and she is one heck of an artist.  I would love to have a painting of hers in my home- they are colorful and happy, and when you meet her I think it makes total sense.  She exudes happiness, dresses colorfully, and oozes style!
Me, Sarah, Lesli

And this girl.  Kelly.  This girl I freaking love.  We have the same humor.  The funny one.  I think I was laughing every time I was with her!
Me and Kelly (photo hijacked from her blog)
I shamelessly stole these next few 2 photos (one is a collage) from Michelle of Ten June.  Michelle could not be any sweeter and cuter.  I am only sad there was not karaoke at the event because I am fairly certain we would have brought down the house with our rendition of OPP or maybe Things that Make Ya Go Hmmm.  And she is one of the most adorable pregnant ladies ever.

I got to take a design class with one of my faves, Sherry Hart.  Not only is she a talented designer, but she is hilarious.  I could listen to her make jokes all day!
I was reunited with my good friend Carmel, who I adore.  This girl might win the most beautiful girl at Haven award, but she is beautiful on the inside and out.  The real deal.
And I met Andrea for the first time, who is funny, sweet, and also gorgeous!

Andrea, Sherry, Carmel, me

Not sure who everyone is, but of course you recognize Kate, and Michelle is the cute pregnant one!  And of course, Carmel and Andrea with me and Michelle.

I met Francine from SkyBluPink She is adorable, creative, and smart.  She has heart- I love that!
Francine and her friend Brandy.

One gal I was so excited to meet was Anna.  She is one of my favorite bloggers- real, down to earth, funny, sarcastic... awesome!  She also is a huge pet lover and has a fur-kids of her own, so when Jake went missing she was the first person I texted because I knew she would understand how I was feeling.  Plus, we are practically related.  She is cuban and from Miami, and I married a cuban from Miami, so we are practically sisters already.
Anna and Me.  Anna didn't get the memo to look stupidly silly.

Another gal I couldn't wait to meet was Ange.  We have so many late night email chats, and I won't share with you the details because we both are a little silly sometimes, but I knew I had a kindred spirit in her.  I didn't get any pictures of us together, but here is a group shot from dinner one night at the Twisted Taco, and she is the adorable brunette with the short hair.
Andrea, Becky, Andrea, Anna, Kelly, Kathleen, Sabrina, Sarah, me (Carmel was on the other side of me), Mars, Karah, Ange (Photo courtesy of Kelly)  And that's Keith Urban singing in the background.   Or maybe Sting.  Definitely someone totally famous.
A couple of the gals pictured above that I really got to hang out with and haven't yet mentioned are Karah and Sabrina.

Karah is awesome!  Just plain awesome- she is my kind of gal.  We both showed up in comfy clothes and flip flops....that is how we roll!  I only wish she didn't live on a beautiful island, because I know we would have so much fun hanging out more!  I may just have to make travel plans for Curacao!

Sabrina is so warm and friendly and her blog is relatively new.  We both paint furniture, too!  She was so fun to hang out with and get to know!

I also got to meet the crew below in person after we have emailed before several times!  It was fun to get to know them all, and I enjoyed Darlene's class!  And we somehow managed to coordinate colors just for this photo!
Darlene, Carrie, Kelly, Me, Natalie
I met up with Deneen who paints furniture as well!  She was just as sweet as I had imagined and she was a lucky winner of a miter saw! I might be a tad jealous over here. ;)
Deneen and Me
There are so many others that I met that I didn't get pictures of....
Debbie, Gail (I felt like it was about time we finally met- love her and have "known" her for a few years!), Roeshel, Heidi, Kirby, Angie, Jessica and if I am leaving anyone out I am SO sorry.... awesome blogger overload!

So like I said, for me, the best part of it was meeting all of these awesome people.  Having so much creativity and talent in one place was amazing!

I took several classes: power tools, carpentry, design studio, advertising, diy your blog design, photography.

I learned that Beckie is a freaking genuis, but I also learned that being a "professional blogger" is not for me.  I took her class and was so impressed with her talent and the workings of her brain, but I know that it's not what I want to be doing.  I want to blog for fun and keep on keeping on, enjoying it.  I know that there is money to be made, but I walked away knowing that I didn't want to make my money blogging. (So if you have any other ideas for me, I am all ears... ha ha!)  Carmel and I chatted about this and she shared on her blog as well and I think she and I felt the same about that.  Carmel also shared a fabulous roundup of what she learned.

I also enjoyed the photography class very much- Kevin and Layla were entertaining and cute!  I especially learned some great staging tips from them.  And it was great as a refresher for me- my dad had taught me everything they did, but it had been a while, and I needed the refreshing, because I had honestly forgotten much of what he taught me!  I came home and practiced in my yard....

Oh, and I cannot forget to mention John and Sherry who gave THE BEST keynote speech.  They are funny, adorable, and everything you think they will be and then some.  And for those of you who were there, I definitely don't think they smell like a fart, did you?

All in all, I had a wonderful time connecting with the people behind the blogs, sharing some laughs, sharing some wine.... sharing some more wine....

I wish there had been an extra day at the conference titled "pajama day" where we could have all hung out in our pj's and chatted all day long.  Because I walked away wanting to spend more time with so many of these girls, and I miss them already!  Thank goodness they are bloggers so that I can keep up with their lives online!

Chalkboard Bookcase (Or What's Black and Green and Written All over)

I am back home safely after a long drive with the kiddos yesterday.  We all survived, so that is a plus!  And I was happy to be reunited with my pups.  And Chris, too, I guess. ;)  I will be here for a couple of days, and then have a friend visiting for the remainder of the week, so again my apologies if I disappear.  And again, hope to share Haven pics with you soon.

Speaking of which, I did not attend the "I like big blogs" class at Haven, but I heard that one of the tips offered was to title your post exactly what it was, rather than doing a silly or fun title for your SEO (search engine optimization).  Therefore, you have the "Chalkboard Bookcase" title, and in parentheses, what I would title it.  :)  I am going to stick with my fun titles, but thought I would pass on that nugget of information.

I got this hard rock maple bookcase off of craigslist recently and loved its simple shape and sweet details.  It's hard to find cute inexpensive bookcases these days!

I painted it with a playroom in mind and wanted to go with a fun gender neutral color.  I chose "Emerald Isle" by Benjamin Moore in Aura satin finish (I had it on hand).  I did not have much left so I thought a tinted primer would be great.  Well, I am cheap with my paint these days, so I made some DIY chalk paint in a spring green that would work well as a tinted primer.  I sanded the entire piece lightly and then gave two coats of the DIY chalk paint and 2 coats of the Emerald Isle to all but the backing.  I knew I wanted to use chalkboard paint on the backing.  I used an angled brush and applied two coats of Rustoleum's brush on chalkboard paint.  I allowed it to dry for an entire day, and then wrote all over the backing, wiped it off, and then wrote on it again to take these pictures.

What?  You have't met a chicken that reads?  Well this one can.

I didn't distress this one.  Most likely it will end up in a child's room and be naturally distressed over time! ;)

Also, I am over at Denise's fabulous blog, The Painted Home, sharing what's in my beach bag this summer!  Check it out (it will be posted at 7:22 am).  And while you are there, check out Denise's gorgeous home!

Happy Monday!

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