Saturday, September 29, 2012

POWW Faves

Happy Saturday!  I am so glad the weekend is here.... Chris was away all week for work, and I am beat!  I am looking forward to some R&R this weekend.  And some wine.  Definitely some wine.  I think I have earned it. :) Nevermind, I had my fill last night. ;)

You guys totally blew me away this week with your awesome creative projects!  Here is a round up of those that really made their mark on me.

This cherry blossom dresser from Make Me Pretty Again is stunning!  The colors, shape, and design all work together beautifully.

This bed from Birds and Soap is heaven for any little girl!  I can't show this to Emmy or I will have a new project on my hands!

Love this beautiful table that is finished just right from Diary of a Wannabe Domestic Diva.

Suburbs Mama shared a redo of an outdated console... check it out now!

Upscale Downhome showed off her fabulous burlap stools.  I love the graphics and ruffles- So unique!

My Third True Love shared this awesome rotating card display she painted gold!  How awesome is this to display family photos- so unique!

Reloved Rubbish showed off this painted vinyl chair!  How cool!!

Junky Vagabond gave a sad little table some TLC and bling.  I know I always feel better when I get TLC and bling.

Doubletake Decor shared a great way to add some detail to a piece of furniture.... isn't it lovely!

That's all!  Get out and enjoy your weekend!  I am off to some yard sales and then the soccer field, and then Emmy and I are headed to the Fall Festival at Ginger & Spice Marketplace in Walkersville.  Enjoy!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Guest: Kristy from Hyphen Interiors

Happy Friday!  I am so glad the weekend is here... You know when you have those weeks where you just are out of steam, everything you touch seems to go wrong, and you just want a break but you can't get one???  I have had one of those weeks.  Chris has been out of town for work, and I am ready to have him home.  Tomorrow will be busy as well, but Sunday, I think I shall lay in bed longer than I should.  And sadly, I have been looking forward to that since Monday. :)

Today I am going to send the kids off on the bud, head out for a bike ride, and then work on some furniture projects I started this week.  I need some "me" time.  Before I go crazy and you see me on the news.... "Lady goes ballistic and paints and distresses local school buses".

While I am off having me time, I have a an awesome guest for you!  Kristy, from Hyphen Interiors, is a pro at design and DIY, and is also a big sweetheart living in one of my favorite cities, Austin, TX!
Her painted chair tutorial has made it around the blog block and back again for a victory lap, but just in case you didn't catch it (Hello, where have you been?), here it is....

And she has been busy making their new house home.  I am loving her family room...
Family Room-218

Did you spy that awesome ceiling?  Love it!  Today, Kristy is going to take on a color many of us are afraid of using.... WHITE!  Enjoy!

Thank you for having me here today, Cassie! For those of you who don't know me, I’m a decorator living in Austin, TX where I relocated this year from Phoenix.
I love being on Cassie’s blog and having her on mine as well. One of the most popular posts on my blog is where she shared her furniture painting tips! And, later, she participated in some fabulous Q&A on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint here.
I have to confess, I don’t have any hugely exciting projects to share right now, mainly because I am working on painting all of the common areas of my house lately. I’m taking that builder beige in this newly built house right out! I’m staying neutral, but extinguishing the orangey-yellow tones that the builder put on walls and ceilings.
If you’ve ever painted such a large area, you know what a huge job it is! So much so that I finally broke down this week and hired a painter for the ceilings and upstairs common areas. And, I’m so excited that I did! But, we did manage to save a good amount of money by doing most of the downstairs common areas ourselves. Let’s just say we got pretty good at cutting in.
I have some great Painting 101 info on my blog, where I shared all of the basics that you need to know before painting a room (as opposed to furniture like Cassie posted about). Then, that is followed up with 20 of my best tips! Let’s face it, I’m a little nerdy - I like info.
What color is making a big come-back in the design world right now? White.
Even if you don’t like white walls, let’s face it, everyone uses white somewhere in their home. On cabinets, trim, or doors, for instance.
Yet, not every white is the same. It can be so confusing to pick a white and to know when it works in a room. So, let’s talk about all of that today.
When white walls work in a space.
1. When the space has a lot of “clean” bright colors. What I mean by clean is not muted or “muddy”, but high in saturation like those shown on the swatches earlier in the post. White balances brights. Without white, the brights quickly become overwhelming.
image image image
This is a great rule to remember when doing bright colors in children’s rooms - break them up with whites in the form furniture, walls and even lots of trim when the walls are a vibrant color.
2. When you have tons of natural light coming in through windows. White can look dull in a darker room. It’s always more classic, and modern to use it in a light filled room.
image image image
This works well in lofts and beach houses, but can be used in other spaces as well.
3. On ceilings when you don’t want to constantly repaint a ceiling each time you change up the wall color. It’s a great neutral that disappears on some level.
image image image
Having said that, a burst of color on a ceiling is also a wonderful thing and it’s more and more popular. Don’t forget that as an option - instead of changing the walls, just change out the ceiling color. My family room ceiling is navy blue!
image image image
4. On cabinets and trim for a fresh, clean look. Nothing is more trendy right now than a white cabinet. And, there is no better way to say clean in a space that easily gets dirty than with wipe able semi-gloss paint.
image image image
5. On lots of trim and architectural features. Lots of trim can be painted all white for a fresh and airy feel that still accentuates the architecture.
image image image
This works rather well due to all of the texture and interest that is already there.
If you have ever painted anything, you know how hard it can be to choose just the right color. I think it’s just as hard as the actual painting sometimes. The same color can appear different in different rooms depending on how much outside light you get, if the interior lights are warm or cool, the surrounding colors and even the color that you are painting over (it impacts the color on top if you don’t prime).
Choosing a White
Have you ever tried to choose a perfect white? It can drive a person insane. But white is white, isn’t it? Heck no… it can have blue undertones, red undertones, and so on. It can be too crisp or too muddy. There are billions of whites out there, people.
One of the most important thing to consider is the undertone. This applies to any color that you are choosing, especially white. What is an undertone?
An undertone is simply what other color shows through besides the dominant color. So, maybe the color is gray, but when put up against another gray, you can see that it has a hint of green. That’s the undertone. All colors have them. See this post for more information, though it pertains strictly to greige undertones.
Pay attention to undertones in paint colors. They will become more obvious when the paint goes up in the room. This is why so many people think they are getting beige but end up with a pink tone once it’s painted, or think they got gray but it looks blue once painted.
How can you tell what the undertone is? Compare it to another “white.” Put them side by side. Do this with a few whites and you quickly begin to see those subtle undertones. This is the same way that you can tell if a color is warm or cool - “warm” is actually a term of comparison.
White Suggestions
Warm White - The most commonly used warm white is “Swiss Coffee.” It comes in a few brands and is all very similar, but the one I tend to go to is Behr’s Swiss Coffee. It will not look white on the swatch as it’s up against a stark white border, but when you get it on a wall, it’s white. However, it’s a warm white. It’s creamy. It’s great for those who don’t want too stark of a white, but want it to appear white in general. The best thing is that it will not be too cold. This is the white that many builder’s use on trim.
Swiss Coffee is on the ceiling in the room below.
Crisp White - A suggestion for a more crisp white would be either Sherwin William’s Pure White or Behr’s Ultra White.
Creamy White - Sherwin William’s Dover is a good choice for an even more creamy white than Swiss Coffee.
Now, if you are still not sure what white to get, here is a trick.
Find a non-white color you love that has just the right undertones. I just did a serious on blogger’s favorite greiges and listed them by brand here.
Let’s say you love Hardwick White by Farrow & Ball. It has all of the right undertones. See it below on the cabinets and doors. I'm in love with this color right now.
image image
Use it for your white! How? Well, if the color you love has a white base, this should be easy. Tell the clerk at the paint counter that you want it at 5%. That means just 5% of the color added in. That will be a white with a tiny bit of a Hardwick White undertone to it. Then, you know for sure. Just a little inside tip!
And, did you know that most paint stores such as Sherwin Williams carry other brand's formulas/ color matches? That way, you can go one place for several brands and colors.
What are your go-to white paint colors? What about not just walls, but with spray paint?
kristysig Photobucket

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Which Way to the USSR? (A Map Wall in the Playroom); And Something I Won't Paint

I know it's a wordy title, but I have a lot to say today!  First of all, I want to share with you what I worked on Monday while the kids were in school.  If you follow me on Instagram, you have already had a sneak peek.

Let's backtrack to a few weeks ago.  I was out and about running errands, even though I was supposed to be home with my feet up; but I had things I needed to do and figured I would be ok for a couple hours.    On the way home, I spied a "Yard Sale" sign with an arrow.  The car just turned as fast as it could and followed the signs- I couldn't stop it if I wanted to!  I pulled up to a huge barn sale.... at the end of a huge driveway.  I hesitated, knowing I should probably just go home and put my feet up.  But what if there were loads of treasures I would miss?  What if????  So I hobbled down the long driveway.  I did not find much at this sale, but I did find a huge Rand McNally World Atlas from 1954.  I purchased it for $12, and carried the beast while limping back to my car.  I had been collecting some maps and framed them, plus I had added a couple that were mounted on wood, and was in the process of creating a gallery wall in the playroom.  Well, with this atlas I knew I could create an entire map wall!  I purchased some map pins at Joann's and got to work!  There was no rhyme or reason, but I did pull out several states and countries that hold special meaning to us.  I just got to work pinning them all up.  Now, I know I could have used adhesive or Mod Podge, but I wanted something less permanent.  I also decided to keep a few that were mounted on wood or in a frame just to add some interest to the wall.  Ready to take a peek? (Bear in mind there is not much if any natural light here).

I love the visual interest it adds to that wall!  I am thinking of painting the door with green chalkboard paint leftover from Emmy's closet doors.  And yes, we like to organize our crayons by color.  And I think the chairs I am saving for the playroom will tie into this wall beautifully.  Still need to find a table!

I also wanted to share with you today a piece you got a sneak peek of in Monday's Mohawk rug giveaway post. remember this picture?

Last week I replied to a craigslist ad for a free antique secretary.  There was no picture, but I assumed it would be a glass door hutch atop a drop down desk with a few drawers, and would be a perfect piece to paint.  Well, when I arrived I discovered it was a beautiful oak arts and crafts secretary.   The lady giving it away was wonderful, too.  She told me the story of how it was the the first ever antique piece she bought herself.  She also told me she was moving in with her boyfriend and it was very hard leaving that house.  You see, she had been married and her husband had died from cancer.  The house held many memories and he had put much of his handiwork into the house.  When I left, I gave her a big hug and wished her the best.  (Oh, and she was moving to the area I used to live in and had just joined the gym I used to work at the day before!).  Anyhow, I came home with the cabinet and told Chris there was no way I could paint it, or sell it.  I appreciated her spirit and generosity so much so I was determined to find a place for it in my home.

It ended up being perfect for the dining room as a liquor cabinet!  We had a "bar cart" in there, but this piece allowed me to display my grandmother's glasses which have been in storage.  And I was able to use the bar cart for my grandmother's beautiful lenox dishes which  have also been in storage!  So now I am calling it a tea cart since it houses tea cups and saucers with the dishes. ;)  So it all worked out perfectly, and now I have a new special piece of furniture which holds things that are special to me..... wine and liquor.   Oh, and Nana's glasses.

Here it is, all decorated for Halloween, too!

I had to add a little of my own personality to it, and added these fun brass snail knobs I purchased on clearance from Anthropologie.

Nana's beautiful glassware.... 

The kiddos' Halloween tree...

Sitting atop the left side, I placed the "Class of '97" (1897) photo I found last week, my "31" also from clearance at Anthro a few years back, and a cool tarnished trophy style cup I found at Goodwill.

Here is a better look at the cup.... 

And here is the bar cart turned tea cart, which now houses Nana's dishes...

But oh no!  Who is that in my terrarium!!!  It's haunted....

It's most likely the ghost of the two plants I killed in there.... back from the grave to terrorize me!  RIP plants.

So there you have it, a very wordy and picture filled post.  This is what happens when I have a week with a giveaway and two guest posts.  When you actually get me, I have LOADS to say!  Happy Thursday, y'all!


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