Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Walk of the Scarecrows 2012

First of all.... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  I am looking forward to trick or treating with my vampire and my Belle tonight!  Here is a picture of them from Sunday night's trunk or treat.  FYI my talented mother made their costumes.... Emmy's was made with a yellow leotard she embellished, and Sawyer's is an awesome vampire!  She added a little bat to his shoulder which you can't see in the picture, and also two glow in the dark bats to the bottom of the outside of his cape- it's so cool!  I did his makeup.  Not sure if he looks like a vampire or a TB victim....

We also just made it in time with finally carving our pumpkins yesterday!  Chris headed to work for a bit after lunch and the kids and I drew and I carved.  Here are our 2012 Jack-O-Lanterns!  We will light them up later, but I was able to get this picture for now....  Emmy's is the sweet face on the left, Sawyer is the crooked sneer in the middle (appropriately!) and mine is the peace sign on the right.  They were so excited to see their work after I carved them out!

We lit them up last night so Daddy could see them when he arrived  home from work...

Anyhow, if you have been reading this blog for over a year, you may remember last year's post where I shared the walk of the scarecrows in Middletown, MD.  Each year they are different, so I thought I would share again.

I actually went twice because the first time I brought my camera, but forgot my memory card- gah!  The first time my neighbor and I took our kids right after school.  It happened to be spirit week at school and "wear as much red as possible day".  i don't normally dress my kids in all red.  But I digress.

The second time we went was this past weekend.  My parents came to town for Emmy's last soccer game.  Emmy, my parents, and I headed back over to walk around and see them again before we headed to Sawyer's soccer game that afternoon.  So just take a peek and enjoy the Fall fun....
We salute our troops!

Feed me, Seymour!



Lowly Worm (from Richard Scarry books)

Jack Skeleton, and my crazy kids....

Minion from Despicable Me

A Fall Princess


My favorite!  Thing 1 and Thing 2

Look at that face- incredible!

Spok Scarecrow

Sawyer's favorite!

Love Yoda, too, Emmy does.
When I went back with my parents I took the chance to snap some quick Fall shots as well....

Emmy spent some time gathering leaves....

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and sound today!  Happy Halloween, friends!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

POWW 112: A Furniture Link Party

Happy POWW!  I am writing this post Saturday, just in case we lose power Monday... I want to make sure it's up and ready.  I am scheduling ahead of time because when natural disaster strikes, it's important to fill the bath tub with water, make sure all your laundry is done, stock up on non-perishable foods, and get your blog ready. :)

UPDATE:  All is well here!  We fared the worst of the storm and did not lose power!  We spent the day yesterday with all four of us home, and I spent a good amount of time working on Christmas crafts for the barn with my assistant, Emmy.  We also spent a better part of the morning looking for Jake.... if you have been reading this blog for a while, this is a repeat of what happened when I was at Haven.  Chris took the dogs out, Jake saw deer.  It was cold and raining and I was freaking out.... Chris drove around and looked for him.  I drove around and looked for him and after an hour I came home and said to Chris, "Your turn to go look. Don't come  home without my dog."  20 minutes later he called and told me to start a warm bath and have towels ready.   He spent the rest of the day resting and licking sore paws, but he is OK.  Thank goodness.  So that was the worst of it for us!  Kids are home from school again and we plan to relax today and stay home again.

Last week I found this dresser at one of my favorite thrift shops.  It needed some de-smelling and love.
 I aired it out with baking soda in the drawers for a couple days.  Then I used a solution of water and vinegar to wipe it down.  It still smelled slightly odd to me, so I repeated that process again.  Once it was clean and fresh, I got to work.

I started to remove the knobs, but It appeared that they had been reinstalled when the dresser had once been wet and I couldn't get them out without bending, so I decided to leave them in and paint over them.
I proceeded to use my orbital sander to give the dresser a light sanding all over to clean it and prep it for Old White chalk paint.  I gave it two coats, and then again used the orbital sander to distress it at the edges, and then finished off with a wet rag, which I have found works well for distressing chalk paint  I finished it off with a clear wax for protection, buffed it, and voila!

I love the green peeking through!

I have not painted a "shabby chic" piece in quite some time and I think this one fits the name perfectly!

Now it's your turn to share your own furniture projects!

1. Your post must be a completed original project and must be a furniture redo or build.
2. Your post must be new to my parties- do not link something you have shared on this blog before.
3. You must be a follower or subscriber to party here.
4. No etsy shops or the like!
5. You must place my button or a text link in your post or sidebar.
6. Leave others some comment love!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Last Minute Addition to our Halloween Porch: Dead & Breakfast Sign

I have told you all before about my amazingly talented neighbor and the work he is capable of, such as gorgeous signs, beautiful furniture construction like my headboard, and more (coming soon, another project we collaborated on!).  When I saw the previous sign he created, I placed an order for a "Dead & Breakfast" sign, and showed him the one that has floated all over the internet from Better Homes and Gardens:
halloween sign

I have been wanting to paint a sign like this for a LONG time!  Travis was able to cut it out for me and even carve out the lettering.  We used MDF and he carved it to have the look of planked wood.  He brought it over unfinished, and I painted it with ASCP in old white, and the painted the lettering in a black acrylic craft paint.  To antique it I used Briwax in Golden Oak.  Something in the briwax made the acrylic paint bleed, however, but I just worked with it and let it give it an even more weathered look.  For now, we just used some hooks that were already attached to our porch ceiling and hung it from them, but it hangs exactly where I wanted it.

So without further ado, here is the version that Travis created for me, and I painted....

Isn't it incredible!?!  He does amazing work and can do ANYTHING in the form of a sign.  If you would like to order one, he can even ship them as well.  If you are interested just shoot me an email and I will put you in touch.

Now, the bad news is that I had to already take the sign down... along with the ghosts, the graves, and anything else that Sandy might huff and puff and blow down off our house!  Wish us luck as we hunker down!

I am linking to the pinterest challenge, as I pinned this project 3 months ago, knowing one day!  I do have the huge advantage of having a neighbor no one else does.... but hopefully it will inspire nonetheless! :)

The Pinterest challenge can be fond on these 4 amazing blogs:

Saturday, October 27, 2012

POWW Faves

Happy Saturday!  I have a busy weekend ahead, but all fun.  This morning my mom and I are off to a flea market, then back for Emmy's last soccer game of the season.  Later in the day we will head to Sawyer's soccer game, and then carve pumpkins!  I already have mine planned..... Hope it works out! :)  Sunday Sawyer's got another soccer game, and then we are headed to our neighbor's church Halloween event.  Lots of family fun this weekend, and lots of cheering from the sidelines.  Hopefully Monday I will have some carved pumpkins to share as well as another last minute fabulous Halloween decoration.  (I can say this because I did not make it!)

Anyhow, let's check out the features from this week's party.  Not only were there some awesome projects, but some great tips, too!

From Generation to Generation showed us how to preserve painting with liquid frisket!  Who knew?  She was able to salvage painting on a piece and still add to it her own look by painting the frisket over the area she wanted to preserve and then peeling it off when done.

I love the pop of pink in this desk from Simply Chic Treasures!

I love the transformation of this once washstand turned desk turned awesome useful piece from Forever  Decorating.

Betsy Speert is the queen of upholstery and this chair proves that!

Design Dreams by Anne made a tallboy look like an apothecary!  Way too cool.

Holly Do linked up a few amazing projects, but this one especially caught my eye... pretty details plus aqua equals big puffy heart kind of love.

Karen from Redoux is always redouxing awesome stuff, like these chairs.  They are leather that she painted on!  For real!

Another awesome chair makeover came from Blissful Bee.... I am in love.  So cozy!  So chic!

Shelly from Shizzle Design shared some great waxing and stripping tips, and showed the results on this awesome table.

And finally, Jessie from Nine Red always has super cool projects.  I love this colorblocked stool- navy and gold together are pure love!

There was so much awesomeness going around this week.  I hope you guys saved some awesome for the rest of the world! :)  Happy weekend!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Graphite Desk with a Pink Chair

A couple weeks ago, I picked up a dresser which I painted with Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint.  When I arrived to purchase it, the seller had out a desk he wanted to show me, and he also had out the table that became our playroom table.  Major score that day!  The desk was actually the most expensive item of the 3, but it was solid wood and had beautiful curves....
 Purists, avert your eyes.  Because I painted it.
I gave it two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in graphite.  I can't explain why I had not yet used this color because I pretty much love it.  Once it was painted, I distressed it lightly, waxed it with a clear wax, and to complete the look, I added some funky antiqued brass beetle knobs I purchased at Anthro on clearance.

Now, let's check out the chair I paired it with for this post.  A loooooong time ago, I painted a set of 4 chairs aqua with DIY chalk paint in a guest post I did for Kathleen.

There were 5 of those chairs, but one was in need of a little more love and glue, so it didn't get to stay with the set.  It sad in my garage, unloved, neglected, and lonely.  One day it looked at me and I heard a whisper... "Please.  Please let today be the day you save me."  And so I finally gave the little chair love and glue.  I had to clamp, glue, screw, fill, etc!  I wanted to give it a fresh and fun look, so I pulled out the Henrietta ASCP and gave it a couple coats, and distressed it and again finished with a clear wax.  Here is the chair now...

After I took the first pictures of the desk alone, I thought how funky it would be with this chair, so I pulled it out and took some more pictures.  Doesn't the chair look so happy?

Happy Friday, all!  My parents are coming to town tonight and Chris and I are going out for a date night!  YAY!