Friday, November 30, 2012

Wrapping Up the Christmas Tour: Exterior, Bedrooms, and Small Spaces

I actually had another post planned today about some hand made gifts, but that will have to wait until next week.  I am having too much fun sharing my holiday home tour with you.  This will be a photo-heavy post, so be prepared!  I am also planning to condense it all into one post later on with links back, and just the really important photos. (Because, hello, I will need a single tour page ready to link to Nester's party!).

Today we are going to take a look outside, and a peek into the bedrooms and little spaces in the house! They are not as decorated as the dining room or living room, but I thought it would be fun to share those little touches.

Here is the side entry which we most commonly use, adorned with garland and lights.
 On the door hangs a yarn wreath I made a couple years ago at a Wine and Design at my house.

To the side of the door sits a bench with a sweet Christmas dog pillow my parents gave me, a coffee sack pillow, and a sweet pillow I bought last year at the Elizabeth and Co sale.  And of course a small stash of firewood ready to go sits under the bench with a crate full of shoes. ;)

On the brick stack, I used a few grapevine wreaths to create a snowman.  I know tis idea has been pinned before, but we had a family in our old neighborhood that did it every year, and I saw that long before I was ever reading blogs, so I credit them for my inspiration!
 To the left of the bricks, a foot locker which houses our balls features Sawyer's old radio flyer scooter with a vintage bucket with a little tree in it.  When Sawyer saw this little vignette, he gave me a huge hug!  He loved seeing his old scooter like this!

Our little table and chair set has a little tiny tree...

By the front door, my chair planter has some faux greenery in i.  I've added an old sled, a simple twiggy wreath, a German glass glitter sign, and a candy cane striped picket that I painted.  This is my favorite part of the outside decorations!

I bought this snowflake at a craft fair a couple years ago, and am hoping it brings us some snow for Christmas! In my industrial bin turned planter, the mums are still alive. Sorta.  So I added some greens from trimming our tree to it.  You can also see some greens next to the trunk the scooter is on and in a blue basket in the background.

Here it is lit up!  I was really proud of myself because I did the lights all by myself this year while Chris was at work, trying to take advantage of the one warm day we had.  I am officially a big girl.

Heading back into the house, here is the entry... (eew avert your eyes from the monstrosity on the dining room ceiling)
 These little trees came from Target's post Christmas clearance last year and the little deer I have had for a few years.

A simple and small yarn wreath adorns the top of the mirror.

Going up the stairs, a couple sprigs of greenery are tied up with ribbon, and along the stair rail on the other side is a yarn tree garland my mom made me.

And on the backside of the door a snowy wreath I have had for a few years with a "peace on earth" German glass glitter sign from Pottery barn clearance a couple years back.

Finishing up downstairs I have added some simple touches to the guest room and the guest bathroom.
The guest bathroom has a simple "Wish" banner I created last year, and some silver sparkly touches as well as some greenery.

And I love my sequin Christmas bulbs from Andi.  Did you know they were featured in the Better Homes and Gardens Holiday craft issue?

The guest room also features some simple silver sparkle and greenery.... (And yes, I owe you a post on that new mirror!)
 The cute little tinsel tree shows off some sparkly sand dollar ornaments my dear friend Yanet made.
 Fresh greenery always makes it feel cozy and welcoming!

And of course my favorite part is this little glitter deer house I made a couple weeks ago.

And in the window I hung this sheet music cone my mom made me last year.  See the cute owl in there?

Upstairs, the bedrooms just have some simple touches.

In the master bedroom, I added a cool Scandinavian looking garland my mom gave me last year.  I love its rustic look.  See it hanging on the mirror? (And ignore the plaid flannel ball on the floor... that would be my pajama pants that I forgot to get out of the picture!  Yes, I could have cropped it, but keeping it real).

Emmy's room was so much fun to add touches to since it's very woodsy and whimsical in there anyhow.... my Christmas look is right at home there!

I removed her dreamcatcher from her antlers for the time being and added a small tinsel wreath, and of course, lights!

Her shelves have some more colorful elves with woodland critters I found at Goodwill (The white elves that are normally there will return after the holidays.  They had to head to the North Pole for elfly duties.)

We made a "string of lights" out of vintage bulbs tied to a string and hung them from her tree banch curtain rod.

I added a little doodle to her closet doors....

And this little scene sits on her dresser.

Sawyer's room is all in blues and reds and grays, so I thought colored lights would be more fun in there.  When he came home from Gramma and Papa's last week and saw the lights in his room, he again ran into me full force for a hug.  He was just so happy!

I created a string of lights for his pipe curtain rod with red vintage bulbs which have been glittered red and again tied to a string.

And I gave him a little "Ho Ho Ho" in his window.

And finally, the last thing to see.... the playroom!  Thanks to Treetopia, I have a pink light up tree.  I thought it would be perfect for the kids!  I strung it with red shiny beads and let the kids go to town with all of their ornaments and then some.  They did a fabulous job of placing them evenly on the tree!  I will have more pictures of this on Monday.  For now, you just get my instagram shot of how happy they were after decorating it....

 We had to wait a few days to decorate it since Emmy had been so sick.  They were thrilled to finally decorate it, and it was so fun to hear them recalling ornaments from the past, and also telling them the stories they couldn't remember as well.

And that concludes my Christmas house tour!  Now I can just relax for the month of December, right? ;)  Nope.... I have shopping to do, gifts to make, gifts to wrap... and I will be sharing along the way!

Again, I will be condensing the tour into one post just for link party reasons, so if you have already seen it all, feel free to ignore that post when it comes.

I am headed off to a Pinterest party tonight and am so excited, and then we have friends coming to visit for the weekend, and we're heading into town for Christmas in Myersville.  Yay for Friday!  Yay for parties!  Yay for friends!  Hope you have an awesome day!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas in the Living Room

Yesterday I shared with you what Christmas looked like in our dining room... today it's time for a tour of the living room!

The dining room this year was done mostly in blues and golds... Our stockings which my mother--in-law needlepointed for all of us and are very special to us, are full of color and the one color that really unifies them all is red.  So I decided to bring on the red in the living room!  I went with red as the main color with some accents of white, silver, and green.  Come on in and grab a seat by the fireplace....

Pardon the weird angle- I usually like to get both couches and the whole mantle in this shot, but my regular go to lens crapped out on me, so I am stuck with another lens for the moment...

The mantle features the gorgeous handmade stockings as the focal point.   I found a skinny silver and colorful garland for 25 cents at the Salvation Army and strung that in between.  

Here is a closer look at the garland as well as the beautful needlepoint.  I love all of the stockings, but is it wrong for me to say I think mine is the best?  Sssshhhh don't tell the others.

Lollie, our elf, is not usually on the deer, but that was where he landed the night before I took these photos, and I can't touch him, so there he stayed. :)  On the right side of the mantle, I have white flocked deer I found at a yard sale, and a white enamel pitcher from Ikea with silver branches and red vintage ornaments.

Just look at that smarmy elf... who does he think he is?

On the left side, I have a mercury glass tree, and some vintage candlesticks and a white penguin, all thrifted finds.  (You may recall the candlesticks have hung in there for both my Halloween mantle and Thanksgiving mantle).  And of course I have lights on the mantle as you can see.

To the right of the mantle is our little "for now" cable box stand.  On top of that I have a gorgeous huge white vase I won from a giveaway from Sherry Hart.  I kept the Halloween branches I had in there (from my neighborhood), and hung more vintage red balls.  Next to it sits two milk glass vases, with little sprigs of greenery, a brass deer I thrifted, and a brass owl, which was a gift from my sweet friend, Carmel.

Above the stand hangs my birdcage my mom gave me for my birthday.  I already showed you the deer inside of it, but Dana suggested I add a tree, and I love that idea- thanks, Dana!

The crowning element of the room, of course, the essence of Christmas, is the tree.  We always go as a family to get our tree, but this year Emmy was so sick, so I sent Chris and Sawyer to pick it out and told them I wanted one that was a little sparser than we usually get, sort of Norwegian looking.  They did a beautiful job of selecting and cutting down our tree!!!  (And if you are wondering why we didn't just wait so we could all go, there literally was not another weekend we could do it all together).
I decorated the tree with my great grandmother's red wooden beads, my favorite white star, and red, green, white, and silver vintage and special ornaments.  Many of the vintage ornaments on this tree were passed down in our family, and I love having them!

To the left of our tree is our big picture window, which I filled with artwork of Christmas past from my kids, and the sill features little cardboard houses, 2 vintage and 3 replicas.

Continuing around the room, our paris gray and gold desk and chalkboard are decorated a little as well. My besty, Ali, made me this awesome pom pom garland last year when we moved here, and I strung it so it looks like my gold hummingbirds are putting it up. :)

On the right side of the desk I added some greens in a silver tarnished vase that was thrifted.
And on the left side a retro handmade snowman I found on ebay several years back, a jar of my favorite meltaway peppermint candies, and a snowglobe that was a gift from Sawyer the first year he shopped the school Christmas shop.

On the coffee table sits the vintage firetruck planter I found with a bottle brush tree, milk glass filled with glittered vintage bulbs, and vintage ornaments.

And on the other side, a white fawn, and a book by L. Frank Baum (Wizard of Oz author) titled The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus.  I found it recently at a thrift shop and knew it would be perfect for Christmas... I can't wait to crack it open and read some of the stories to my kids!

Our bookcases also got slightly decked with a few little decorations, glittered pinecones, an fresh greens.

I love that photo of Sawyer in the Santa hat... he was just 3 1/2 months old when I took that picture.
And finally, one more addition for the holidays.... Can you spy it in our gallery wall?

Here's a closer look....

I saw this idea to create a deer head mount with a paper mache deer over at Dimples and Tangles.  LOVED her idea!  Jennifer framed hers and I loved it....
I already had a paper mache deer with silver glittered antlers, so I knew he was perfect for this project!  I bought a wood plaque at Joann's, painted it white, and Mod Podged red plaid paper onto it.  Then I used a razor to behead my deer, and I used hot glue to attach the head to my plaque.  I added a picture hanger to the back, and it was ready to mount on the wall. Easy and cute!

Come back tomorrow for some handmade gift ideas!

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