Thursday, February 28, 2013

Duck Egg Dining Chairs Create Dilemma in the Dining Room (and cute baby sheep!!!)

Happy Thursday!  Hope you all have had a great week so far!  I survived my first R.I.P.P.E.D. class at the gym and really enjoyed it, as much as one can enjoy exercise I suppose.  I could have done with less push-ups though. :)  After class I spent the afternoon working on the chairs I am about to share.  And finally, when the kids got off the bus we visited some friends who recently welcomed a bunch of new babies into their family....

Aren't they all the sweetest?  My kids were in heaven petting these little guys!  And their little "baaaas" are the cutest!  Anyhow, I just had to share these pictures because you can't look at a lamb and not melt just a little.

Yesterday I shared a cool Duck Egg console piece with you and also told you that I was working on some dining chairs in the same color.
Here is what the looked like when I purchased them,,,
I gave them two coats of Duck Egg chalk paint, used my wet rag distressing method, and finished them with a clear wax.  I recovered the seats in burlap.  And here is what they look like now...

Now.... I am going to be honest.  I painted them this color because I thought I may want to keep them to bring some more aqua into the dining room.  Also, I liked their scale better than my current chairs.  (My current chairs were given to me by a friend and were meant to be used until I found "The chairs".  I had to replace the modern chairs I had that Chris couldn't stand.)  As a reminder, here is what the chairs look like in my dining room....

Now, I switched them out for the photo shoot and I think I am going to keep these new ones.... what say you?

I love how they tie in the aqua from the front door, now that it was recently painted.

These also have higher backs and I think the scale better suits our table.

So, what do you think?  Which chairs would you keep??? Would you forget about the chairs, and just go snuggle a lamb?
Hi, I am an adorable lamb and I love you.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Duck Egg Bookcase/ Console

In the spirit of my latest posts, I thought I would share some random photos as well as my furniture redo today!  I love random.  I thrive on random, non-sensical ways of doing things.  So here's a couple of glimpses from the last couple of days...

Monday I had the pleasure of meeting Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design in person!  We had an awesome time thrifting together in Harrisburg, PA.  Neither of us found anything wonderful, but we had a yummy lunch and good conversation.  The beauty of blogging is that when you technically meet someone in person for the first time, you feel like you are visiting an already-friend!  Julia is beautiful, funny, talented and sweet, and I am really happy to have gotten to know her even better.  Here we are just before heading back to our own homes.  Isn't she gorgeous?

If you haven't visited her blog, you need to.  Take a little peak inside her home....
Ikea Strandmon, grey horizontal striped curtains, grey Overstock rug

And since I didn't find any furniture while out with Julia, I stopped at my local thrift shop and picked up these chairs.  They are almost done and I am hoping to share them tomorrow if all goes well!  Clearly you can see I've already recovered the seats with lighthouses and sailboats.  Just kidding.  Unless you like that sort of thing in which case I was dead serious.

And last week when I was at the thrift shop I spotted this sofa for $25.  If I had a place for it I would have snatched it up so quickly.  I don't, so instead I just snapped a pic and admired it.  I loved its shape, tufting, and funky green color.

When I returned home on Monday, it was 45 and sunny, so I took this guy out.  Spring was in the air and he was happy.... can you tell?

Oh, how I love my Jake!

Anyhow, now onto the furniture makeover.  I found this piece last week and LOVED its shape and details...

It had beautiful details but they were hidden in the drab painted brown finish.  And yes, I brought it into my heinous kitchen to paint.  Lovely floors, huh?  I am on a major Duck Egg chalk paint kick, so I gave it two coats of that.  Once it dried, I used a wet rag to distress it.... You rub it on the areas you want work just as you would with sandpaper, but it gives a more natural look.  Finally, I used a wax brush to apply clear wax it and then buffed it.... and voila!  I just love its curved shape!  What a versatile piece!
Oh, and I had plans to stage it beautifully, but it was freezing and windy, so sorry!  Didn't happen!

This piece will be available at the barn sale in just a couple weeks! :)  Now, I am headed in to Emmy's class for the morning and then going to attempt a R.I.P.P.E.D. class with a friend at the gym.  If you never see another post from me again, you will know that I did not survive the butt-kicking I am about to receive.  Happy Wednesday!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Washed Dresser and Some Randomness

Happy Monday!!!  I am so excited that today is Monday the 25th.  This date has been on my calendar for over a month..... I am meeting up with one of my favorite bloggers, Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design for some thrifting adventures and lunch!  I am so excited to meet Julia in person!  She has great style and seems like my kind of girl.  :)

Today I want to share with you a subtle dresser makeover, but before I do I have a couple fun photos to share with you from this weekend....

Sawyer had a basketball game this weekend, and my parents came to watch.  My dad has been teaching Sawyer how to use his camera and let him take some pictures of his teammates...

I also worked on some projects last Friday including some frames that are ready for the next barn sale, and this piece which is almost ready.  Here's a little peek.

When I saw my parents they brought me this fox pillow that was a Christmas present from my brother and his fiancee (I love saying that!).  They know me so well, don't they?  It looks PERFECT with my other pillows!  If you are interested in ordering your own or seeing what else this fun shop has to offer, check out Robin and Mould on Etsy.  By the way, the other side says "F is for Fox".  So cute!

And as I mentioned, Project Hallway plans included a gallery wall of the kids art.  I headed to Ikea yesterday to gather my frames and got busy as soon as I got home.  I was slightly excited about it!  I'm hoping to get some better pictures for you soon, but for now, here is it in our hallway!

Anyhow, that was fun with random photos.... now on to our post!

A few weeks ago I picked up this dresser from a friend of mine.

It really was in great shape, and the finish was nice, but it was just too "golden oak" for me and needed an update.  I planned on painting the body with French Linen chalk paint and keeping the drawers as they were.  I applied a coat of the paint and was devastated that after a day I could just scratch it right off.  I decided to give it a sanding and just paint it all over.  But first to remove the paint I decided a wet rag would be easier removal than scraping.  I set out to work and ended up loving the look that was achieving.  So I still sanded it lightly, and then mixed French linen paint and water and brushed on and wiped off to give the dresser an overall rustic wash.  Finally I finished it with a clear wax.

I don't think these photos show it off to well, so I grabbed a picture of it staged in the barn as I think it makes it look better.

I really love how a simple change took it from a little outdated to updated with a rustic look. And I love how sometimes, things just work out by accident!

And now off to meet Julia- YAY!
My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Friday, February 22, 2013

Project Hallway: Baa Baa Black Sheep Wall

Happy Friday!  Before I get into my project reveal today, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom!!!!  Thank you for all you do, and for choosing to spend your birthday weekend hosting Emmy. :)  I love you!

I am so excited because I finished the patterned wall that was part of project hallway!  Yesterday I was able to reveal the chalkboard wall and front door color, and today I get to reveal this little wall!  This is where it started:

The desk, shoe basket, and mirror are there to stay.  I needed to paint the trim, paint the walls, and then decide on a pattern for it.  There were so many awesome choices I was contemplating.  Here are some of those choices....

This Otomi stencil from OMGstencil:
Wall Stencil Kids Room Mexican Otomi Pattern Wall Room Decor Made by OMG Stencils Home Improvements Color Paintings 0055

It's pretty freaking amazing, isn't it?  And the price was not bad, but it was a price.  Meaning, I had to buy it.  And I would have to sit and wait for it to come....

Another amazing option that Kelly from A Swell Place to Dwell told me about was a patterned roller such as this one from The Painted House.
No. 6 Patterned Paint Roller from The Painted House
Again, I totally loved it, but I would have had to order it and wait.

Here is my dilemma.  I am impatient and poor.  So I decided to work with what I had.  And you know what I had.... don't ask why.... farm animal stencils.  I had a cow, rooster, goat, pig, and sheep!  And one of my very favorite inspiration walls came from this one from A Beautiful Mess that I had pinned....

Horse wall made with stencils!

Isn't it just amazing????  Love it so much!  I knew I wanted white walls with a pattern, so I painted the entire hallway (aside from the chalkboard wall) in Benjamin Moore's Cloud Cover... my all time favorite white.  I used my sheep stencil and a black sharpie to create my images, carefully measuring each sheep, eyeballing and approximating as best I could with each sheep.  I wanted it to be a little quirky, so I added one black sheep facing the other way.  Ready to see it?

Jake says, "Come see my new sheep wall!  Hurry up and get in.... that sun is blinding me!"

Quirky and fun and it totally suits where we live!!  And do you see how my kids shove every pair of shoes they own in that basket, rather than having to put them away in their rooms?  They just wear Jake out, as you can see.

Anyhow, I really love my black sheep wall.... at least for now!  You know how it goes; a year from now I might be doing something totally different here!

Happy Friday!  Hope you all have an amazing weekend!  I am going to try to pick up the frames I need for the kids art wall, and maybe start to tackle the pesky doors.  Maybe.  We have company coming next weekend, so cleaning has to happen next week at some point, too.  :)


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